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The Klaviyo Design podcast serves the broader world of design and the creative community navigating through conversations about graphic design, digital design, career advice, and other topics that are sure to be of interest to designers looking to grow professionally in their careers.

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The Klaviyo Design podcast serves the broader world of design and the creative community navigating through conversations about graphic design, digital design, career advice, and other topics that are sure to be of interest to designers looking to grow professionally in their careers.

    19 • Copywriting in Design

    19 • Copywriting in Design

    A good design is centered on clear communication and words are one of the key vehicles to achieve it.

    Acting as the bridge between minds, words can excite, motivate, and guide people when used right.

    However - words can frustrate, confuse, or worry users about not doing things the right way if they are not used properly. In this episode of the Klaviyo Design Podcast, we have special guest Karen Muller - Klaviyo’s Senior Copywriter - to talk about the importance of copywriting in design, myths around the job of a copywriter and tips for anyone interested in becoming a better writer. We also touch upon brand identity and how language in social media is changing the way we communicate IRL.

    === Links ===
    Twitter's... Twitter account • https://twitter.com/twitter
    Wendy's Twitter account • https://twitter.com/Wendys
    Duolingo's April Fool joke • https://push.duolingo.com/
    The Reformation • https://www.thereformation.com/
    Spreadsheet that tracks terms across languages • https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EBNCqbiK-X-DljBD1WhfmsLXaO4iJYGe0Mi5yTuiUb0/edit
    Simple English Wikipedia • https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

    === Recommendations ===
    Hanabi • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanabi_(card_game)
    The Last of Us Part II • https://www.thelastofus.playstation.com/
    Grammarly • https://app.grammarly.com/
    Roam Research • https://roamresearch.com/
    Because Internet • https://www.amazon.com/Because-Internet-Understanding-Rules-Language/dp/0735210934
    Blue Land cleaning products • https://www.blueland.com/
    Fonts for Instagram • https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kz.nur4i.ifonts&hl=en_US

    • 49 min
    18 • Working from Home Special

    18 • Working from Home Special

    From our home to yours, it's the Klaviyo Design Podcast!

    In our first remote episode in the midst of a pandemic, Klaviyo designers Don Ton, Guilherme Schmitt, Griffin Drigotas, and Sara Reich have a candid conversation about the struggles of working from home - what is working during this transition and what still needs some help. We dive into all the ways we are trying to keep sane during these crazy times and reflect on how things could be different in the future #NewNormal.

    We recorded this via Zoom so we figured it would be a good opportunity to make this available in video as well!

    Watch it here: https://medium.com/klaviyo-design/klaviyo-design-podcast-ep-18-working-from-home-special-94aed19816a7

    ✨ Recommendations ✨
    Monopoly for Figma • https://www.figma.com/file/Na6Hxgd0aE8vy26xcupkhT/Monopoly-for-Figma?node-id=0%3A
    Figma Catan • https://www.figma.com/community/file/834302905869835373
    Figmabble (Crosswords in Figma) • https://playfigmabble.webflow.io/
    Sporcle • https://www.sporcle.com/
    Bookshop.org • https://bookshop.org/
    Some Good News • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOe_y6KKvS3PdIfb9q9pGug
    Niche Plant Shop • https://www.nicheplantshop.com/
    Animal Crossing: New Horizons • https://animal-crossing.com/new-horizons/

    🐦 Follow us on Socials!
    Klaviyo • twitter.com/klaviyo
    Don Ton, Product Designer • https://twitter.com/ccdonton
    Griffin Drigotas, Product Designer • https://griffindrigotas.com/
    Guilherme Schmitt, Product Designer • twitter.com/guischmitt
    Sara Reich, Product Designer • https://sarareich.com/

    Edited by: Aaron Goeglein • https://www.linkedin.com/in/aarongoeglein/

    • 39 min
    17 • Working with Engineering

    17 • Working with Engineering

    What is the role of an Engineer?

    In the second episode of the "Working with X" series, we interview engineers Noah Durell and Jordan Griffin on how development has evolved, the challenges of collaborating via lines of code, and the thrill of finding solutions to hard problems. We also dive into how engineering and design relations should unfold for an outcome that works for everyone.

    ✨ Recommendations ✨
    Tame Impala - The Slow Rush • https://smarturl.it/TheSlowRush
    Genius Verified video series • https://genius.com/shows/verified
    Drawing 101 Skillshare • https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Learn-to-Draw-Daily-Practices-to-Improve-Your-Drawing-Skills/1948270521
    Figma • http://www.figma.com
    Maze • https://maze.design/
    Drawabox • https://drawabox.com/
    Parasite • https://www.parasite-movie.com/
    American Factory • https://www.netflix.com/title/81090071

    🐦 Follow us on Socials!
    Klaviyo • https://twitter.com/klaviyo
    Guilherme Schmitt, Product Designer • https://twitter.com/guischmitt
    Julie Lungaro, Design Manager • https://twitter.com/juliedigsdesign
    Noah Durell, Senior Mobile Engineer • https://twitter.com/ndurell
    Zack Breakstone, Product Designer • https://twitter.com/zbreakstone

    • 58 min
    16 • Working with Product Managers

    16 • Working with Product Managers

    In the first episode of our new "Working with X" series, we interview Klaviyo Product Manager ( a.k.a. PM) Hansen Liang (https://www.hansenliang.com/) on what product management is and what it isn't, how strategic product management can make or break a product's outcome, and how designers and PMs can collaborate effectively. We talk through Hansen's journey to become a product manager and share tips for finding out if product management is something people would like to do for their careers.

    The Short Game • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRpG00kNdF4
    Renting digital books and Libby app • https://libbyapp.com/welcome
    Apple Archive (UPDATE: it's down ☹️)•
    Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind •https://www.amazon.com/Sapiens-Humankind-Yuval-Noah-Harari/dp/0062316095
    Brief Answers to the Big Questions • https://www.amazon.com/Brief-Answers-Questions-Stephen-Hawking/dp/1984819194
    HBO's Watchmen • https://www.hbo.com/watchmen

    • 42 min
    15 • Share Your Gear!

    15 • Share Your Gear!

    Klaviyo designers Alex Korth, Don Ton, Gui Schmitt, Julie Lungaro, Marissa Mac and Zack Breakstone share their top recommendations across a wide selection of categories, including design gear, desk accessories, drawing essentials and favorite apps! 
    We have links for all items discussed below if you'd like to learn more.

    === 🎒 Favorite Non-design Related Gear? ===
    Grovemade Walnut Stand • https://grovemade.com/product/walnut-monitor-stand/?initial=64
    hWool Felt Desk Pad • ttps://grovemade.com/product/wool-felt-desk-pad-dark-grey/?initial=321
    Material Dock • https://www.studioneat.com/products/dock?utm_source=Studio+Neat+Newsletter&utm_campaign=4d2bf83fca-cybermonday_2019&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b3825429c8-4d2bf83fca-311952561&goal=0_b3825429c8-4d2bf83fca-311952561&mc_cid=4d2bf83fca&mc_eid=0eca82354b
    Instax Camera • https://www.fujifilm.com/products/instant_photo/cameras/instax_mini_90/
    Errant Pack by Boundary Supply • https://www.boundarysupply.com/products/errant-pack

    == 👩‍🎨 Favorite Design Related Gear ==
    Boss Lady Pen Set • https://www.sweetwaterdecor.com/products/boss-lady-pen-set
    Erasable Pen Set • https://www.amazon.com/Pilot-Retractable-Erasable-Assorted-Disappear/dp/B009QYH644
    Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens • https://www.amazon.com/Paper-Mate-Flair-Medium-Point/dp/B00T3BNPV8/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=papermate+flair+black+pen&qid=1575570376&sr=8-2
    Mark One • https://www.studioneat.com/products/markone
    Pano Book • https://www.studioneat.com/products/panobook
    Baron Fig Squire Stainless Steel Rollerball Pen • https://www.baronfig.com/products/stainless-steel?variant=1637501239321
    Copic Markers 9-Piece Multiliner Inking Pen Set • https://www.amazon.com/Copic-Markers-9-Piece-Multiliner-MLB2/dp/B000MRSUZ8
    MUJI Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen Set 6 Color 0.5mm • https://www.muji.us/store/gel-ink-ballpoint-pen-set-6-color-0-5mm-4550182132410.html
    Mastermind Desk Pad • https://www.baronfig.com/products/mastermind?variant=31145053580
    Field Notes Pitch Black Note Book (Dot Grid) • https://fieldnotesbrand.com/products/pitch-black-notebook

    === 🗄 Desk Accessories ===
    Disney 2020 Daily Calendar • https://www.amazon.com/Disney-2020-Daily-Calendar/dp/1452159416
    Magic Trackpad • https://www.apple.com/shop/product/MJ2R2LL/A/magic-trackpad-2-silver
    Gather • https://ugmonk.com/pages/gather
    Grovemade Felt Coasters • https://grovemade.com/product/wool-felt-coaster-set-dark-grey/?initial=337
    Bot Classic • https://classicbot.com/store/Classicbot-Classic-p90868388
    LG Ultrafine 5k Display • https://www.apple.com/shop/product/HMUB2LL/A/lg-ultrafine-5k-display

    === 📱 Favorite Apps ===
    Pigment app • https://www.pixiteapps.com/pigment
    Notability • https://www.gingerlabs.com/
    Moleskine Draw • https://us.moleskine.com/smart-writing-system
    True Skate • https://trueaxis.com/trueskate.html
    VSCO • https://vsco.co/
    HUJI • https://apps.apple.com/us/app/huji-cam/id781383622
    Foodie • https://apps.apple.com/us/app/foodie-camera-for-life/id1076859004
    Citymapper • https://citymapper.com/
    Dorsia • https://www.dorsia.io/
    Superhuman • https://superhuman.com/
    Otter • https://otter.ai/

    === ✨ Recommendations Encore ✨ ===
    CityLab • https://www.citylab.com/
    Knives Out • https://knivesout.movie/
    Aggretsuko • https://www.netflix.com/title/80198505
    Jake and Jonathan Podcast • https://productbreakfastclub.simplecast.com/
    High-Resolution Video Series • https://www.highresolution.design/
    Dark Matter • https://www.amazon.com/Dark-Matter-Novel-Blake-Crouch/dp/1101904240

    • 53 min
    14 • Live From KlaviyoBOS 2019

    14 • Live From KlaviyoBOS 2019

    The Creative and Brand design team at Klaviyo reflects on designing Klaviyo’s conference for year 2 - with special guests!

    • 40 min

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