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Software Licensing and Compliance for IT and procurement professionals. Best practice, news and discussion from the world of Software Asset Management

Licence Management Today Kay Williams

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Software Licensing and Compliance for IT and procurement professionals. Best practice, news and discussion from the world of Software Asset Management

    LMT Episode 08 - Interview with Alex Andrew

    LMT Episode 08 - Interview with Alex Andrew

    Today we have an interview with our guest Alex Andrew, Managing Director of Lime Software.
    This is the third in a series of interviews with prominent experts in the Software Asset management software tools arena.Alex will also feature in our latest

    podcast ‘Licence Management Today – Episode 08′

    The interview is by Kay Williams.In this interview Alex discusses the two products offered by Lime Software, namely Lime Inventory Tool and Lime License Manager. Both products are license management systems just for Oracle. The tools’ key focus is on databases but also supports middleware, and e-business suite.Alex gives a good explanation of the significance of being part of the group of Oracle verified Tools; which in summary means the customer can be certain that they have the same data Oracle would use in an audit.The interview runs through the main pros and cons of agentless versus agent-based discovery tools. There’s also some good advice on how to be prepare to deal with an Oracle audit.Listen to the interview for an insight of the speed and flexibility Lime Software offer customers.

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    LMT Episode 07 - Interview with Ann Sjokvist

    LMT Episode 07 - Interview with Ann Sjokvist

    This is the first in a series of interviews with prominent experts in the Oracle world.

    For me Oracle Database is just the Database – “Crème de la Crème”. The Standard Edition Database is like a Rolls-Royce or Maserati Ghibli without the air-condition. This database edition is still a “wow”. The Maserati I do not yet have, but the Oracle Standard Edition (=SE) Database I know how to “drive”. Ann Sjokvist
    In this interview, Ann shares her vast experience of using Oracle Standard edition over the years. Ann shows that with some creativity the shortfalls in not being able to use the enterprise options can be overcome. Ann sees Oracle Standard edition as a very viable option that should be considered by large and small enterprises alike. Unless the customer really needs Advanced Security most other requirements can be handled through additional scripting or the use of third-party tools. The price of Oracle Standard Edition plus the potential cost of additional people hours and third party tools still provides excellent value for customers.

    Ann also shares some useful tools and sources:

    Carlos Sierra. EDB360 provides a number of reports giving a 360-degree view of an Oracle Database

    Toad for Oracle Database admin and development tool

    DBVisit – replication and standby solutions

    Tanal Poder’s Snapper, provides superb trouble shooting scripts.

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    LMT Episode 06 - Interview with Certero

    LMT Episode 06 - Interview with Certero

    Today we have an interview with our guest John Lunt, Managing Director of Certero.
    This is the second in a series of interviews with prominent experts in the Software Asset management software tools arena.

    The interview is carried out by our very own Jane McCulloch and hosted by Kay Williams.

    It was a pleasure to talk to John and learn about the new version of Asset Studio.

    To contact John please visit Certero.com

    See the full transcript at http://madora.co.uk/oracle-software-asset-management-interview-with-john-lunt-of-certero/

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    LMT Episode 05 - Interview with Easytrust

    LMT Episode 05 - Interview with Easytrust

    Today we have our first ‘Featured’ interview with our guest Maxime Pawlak, Managing Director of Easytrust.

    We have lined up a number of very interesting people over the coming months to share their expertise and knowledge in the areas of Software Asset Management, Oracle Licensing and influential IT trends in general.

    Maxime will also feature in our next podcast ‘Licence Management Today – Episode 05′.

    The full transcript of the interview between Kay and Maxime is on our blog. It was a pleasure to talk to Maxime, who is extremely knowledgeable about the Oracle Compliance marketplace and provides a lot of experiences and know how.

    Some Highlights below:

    We’re part of the software asset management market, we are specific on that market because we only address Oracle. Usually people, they separate the software management market in the inventory tools and the software management tools and some tools which can do both of them. We can do both of them, we do inventory and we do software asset management but we just do it for Oracle and we can do it right. We can bring up value audits around Oracle licenses problems and solutions. In terms of industry customers we address, we address every single industry who are Oracle customers so it concerns every industry.

    Kay: Okay, as a non-technical person could you explain to me what the differences between the inventory tools and the software asset management?

    Maxime: Of course, yes. The inventory tools, it’s all about discovering which are the software installed on the laptops or the servers of customers. It’s about with agents or agent-less technologies connecting to that servers or to that laptops and grab some information about the presence of the software installed or not. This is the inventory part of the market and there are some tools in the market which just do inventory. They are especially focused on that feature.

    The software asset management part of the market is more about consolidating data which can be provided by inventory tools but it also can be provided by CMDBs or different tools which are already installed in the companies. They provide different features like the ability to put into the tool all the contracts, what other licensing that I have bought. It also provide the ability to get the data from the inventory tools and work on that data in order to reconsolidate this data with the contract information. Most of them, they have catalog with SKUs, which is the unique identifier of the software, and they are the SKU catalog and they can match this SKU of the software which has been bought with the software which has been discovered. Providing that, they can provide some compliance position by comparing what you have bought and what you have deployed. They also provide some capabilities about optimization, the software and the licenses. Sometimes they provide some process and processing of your software asset management policies in terms of workflows or integrations with third party tools. It’s a little bit different on the market.

    Kay: It sounds like an inventory tool like yours should be part of any SAM programme, would that be correct?

    Maxime: Yes, the software asset management programme could be run without any tools, but as you know you need to have correct data in order to be able to do software asset management so you will definitely have a question of “should I buy an inventory tool” or “do I already have some tools in my company that I can use or extend in order to grab this information I already have somewhere, but I don’t use?”

    Maxime: Well, yes, what’s important to understand about the Easytrust tool is that it has been verified by Oracle, so we’re part of support vendor verification program.

    Kay: What does that mean as opposed to a

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    LMT Episode 04 - 10 Oracle Negotiation Myths

    LMT Episode 04 - 10 Oracle Negotiation Myths

    News Roundup and one of our most popular articles "10 Oracle Negotiation Myths"

    Oracle CEO issues warning to competitors
    Mark Hurd, Oracle’s CEO was very bullish about the future of Oracle in an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street”, given on Thursday the 29th January. CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street“

    The interview on CNBC.com can be found on this link http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000350362

    In the interview Mark Hurd talks about his Cloud strategy, providing best of breed SaaS solutions for Marketing Automation, Human Capital Management in their own right as well as suites of applications.

    Larry Ellison CTO announces the new generation of Engineered Systems – Exadata X5
    On January 21st Oracle’s CTO Larry Ellison presented Oracle’s strategy for reducing customer costs and increasing value with a new generation of engineered systems, including Oracle’s new Virtual Compute Appliance X5, Oracle FS1 Series Flash Storage System, and sixth-generation Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5.

    Software licensing trends present significant risks for unprepared businesses
    Oklahoman Published: February 1, 2015

    I came across this very interesting article in the Oklahoman. Drew T. Palmer, an Oklahoma attorney with Crowe & Dunlevy’s Intellectual Property group, explains some pitfalls for businesses in licensing.

    Oracle and Samsung joining forces for mobile cloud collaboration?
    The Korean Times reported a meeting between Oracles’ CEO Mark Hurd and Samsung’s mobile chief Shin Jong-Kyun.

    10 Oracle Negotiation Myths – Part 1

    Myth – “A widely held but false belief or idea.”

    In the Oracle eco-system a number of myths and misconceptions have grown up around purchasing from Oracle. These are myths I’ve heard from talking to customers regularly. Perhaps you also know a few you can share.

    Here are our top 10 Myths:

    My company is too small to get a good discount.
    Oracle say their products lines are not connected and won’t give me discount across all products.
    Oracle say I need to buy a ULA to solve a non compliance.
    I am told I can’t have products on a price hold that I have not bought.
    I want to do an annual true up like Microsoft but told I can’t.
    I want to buy licences using a non standard metric.
    I am told if I don’t buy this quarter the discount agreed will go.
    If I wait to the end of the quarter I will get a better deal.
    If I buy through a partner I will pay more.
    I can’t decrease my support and maintenance below 22%.

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    LMT Episode 03 - 5 Fatal Licence Mistakes

    LMT Episode 03 - 5 Fatal Licence Mistakes

    So news last month of Thomas Kurian, Larry Ellison and Flexcube in the cloud.
    The featured article this episode is one of our most popular posts, “5 Fatal Mistakes of Oracle licensing.”

    For all you kind people who have downloaded, please provide feedback and questions. We would love to address any questions on the show.

    I am currently reaching out to a bunch of very interesting people to have on the show. If you would like to be on the show please get in touch.

    Thomas Kurian Promoted to President
    Almost four months since Larry Ellison handed his CEO title to both Safra Catz and Mark Hurd, he has now promoted Thomas Kurian to President.

    The forty-eight year old was EVP for product development having started his Oracle career leading the Middleware strategy. He helped take Oracle to a leader in the Middleware with the suite of Middleware tools.

    Larry helps the critters
    Larry is clearly a busy man and is putting some of his substantial wealth to helping establish a Wildlife breeding and animal rehab centre in the Santa Cruz mountains. Read more at NBC The Bay Area News

    Oracle Cloud runs a new UK Bank
    Hampden & Co. will be running Oracle’s core banking solution Flexcube on Oracle cloud. Oracle will run the application as a managed service on Oracle Sparc T5 out of the UK Oracle data center in Linlithgow, just outside Edinburgh, Scotland. Hampden Group run a diversified set of services in the insurance and finance sectors. They announced last year that they would be taking a significant stake in a new bank for private clients called Hampden & Co plc.

    oracle licensing rules – 5 Fatal Mistakes

    “Five Fatal Oracle License Mistakes”, alright the title is a bit dramatic, but the following 5 mistakes crop up on such a regular basis that we at Madora believe they are worth reiterating.
    For those experienced with Oracle, they will know the following as classic gotchas and will keep an eye out. IT professionals and Procurement Officers new to the ways of Oracle may get caught out – so be warned. Let’s walk through some of the five common areas that often have disastrous consequences.

    The Five Fatal Mistakes are:
    1. Virtualising without fully understanding the implications.
    The issue we see time after time is misunderstanding Oracle licensing on VMware. So why is this? It’s to do with server partitioning. Server partitioning can be very confusing; it is designed to limit the amount of processor resource available to a program; it is nothing to do with the Oracle Database Partitioning extra cost option – that is a means of partitioning data tables.

    Oracle simplifies server partitioning into two groups; the methods that it refuses to recognise as valid, known as “Soft Partitioning”; and those it accepts really do subdivide servers, known as “Hard Partitioning”.
    Probably the most popular server partitioning method is VMware, a very flexible form of partitioning and a great means of managing a datacentre. Guess what? It is soft partitioning for Oracle; this means that it is incredibly easy to fall foul of Oracle’s licensing rules. How your VCenter is set up, the clusters, the VMs, the storage architecture all have an impact on licensing. VMware publish guidelines on how to license Oracle but Oracle don’t support their view; great fun when it is your turn for Oracle’s regular license audit!

    Oracle’s approach to VMware has changed even further since the release of VMware Version 5.1 with its more advanced DRS/VMotion capabilities and its shared storage functionality. Seek independent help to review your architecture and any planned changes; don’t assume anything!!

    2. Disaster Recovery scenarios not licensed correctly
    This can be a complex area with technologies changing all the time. We highly recommend you speak to Madora Consulting if you have any doubts as to whether you are correctly l

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