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Maid of Steel is a podcast discussing the CW Show Supergirl. John and Karen talk about the show each week, give some background information about the characters, and share listener feedback. If you'd like to join in the fun, you can do so by calling 304-837-2278 or visit www.goldenspiralmedia.com/feedback.

Maid of Steel: A Supergirl Podcast Golden Spiral Media

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Maid of Steel is a podcast discussing the CW Show Supergirl. John and Karen talk about the show each week, give some background information about the characters, and share listener feedback. If you'd like to join in the fun, you can do so by calling 304-837-2278 or visit www.goldenspiralmedia.com/feedback.

    MOS 114 - Supergirl The 1984 Movie

    MOS 114 - Supergirl The 1984 Movie

    The Omegahedron is gone. Without it Argo City will die. Kara Zor-El leaps into action. She takes a space pod to a whole new world following the glowing balls flight through space. A world where she discovers all new abilities given to her by the light of a yellow sun. A world where her cousin has become a hero. She will need all her strength and skill to get the Omegahedron back from the evil Sorceress Selena who wants all the power for herself. Kara will not give up. Even imprisonment in the Phantom Zone does not weaken Kara’s resolve. She will save what is left of her home planet. Join Silver Vox and Green Butterfly as we dive into this high flying adventure.

    • 2 h 7 min
    MOS 113 - A Supergirl Podcast Roundtable

    MOS 113 - A Supergirl Podcast Roundtable

    Season five may be over but we are still talking about it. Now that Crisis on Infinite Earths has combined our worlds it is easier to hang out with our super friends. Silver Vox and I are very excited to talk to the hosts of Supergirl Radio, Pod Off Course, and Supergirl’s Attic. We will explore what went right, what went wrong and what it is like to chronicle the adventures of Supergirl. Let’s view the season with new eyes. What would we like to see as our Paragon of Hope soars into season six? Pull up a chair and listen in as we talk about what happened and speculate on what is to come for our Maid of Steel.

    • 1h 44 min
    MOS 112 - News and Hiatus Plans

    MOS 112 - News and Hiatus Plans

    Season five is over, but the super summer of fun has just begun. It may be next summer before our high flying heroine takes to the sky again but we would never leave our super friends for that long. Supergirl has now filmed over 100 episodes and we want to know which ones are your favorites? We hope you join us for a trip down memory lane to highlight the shining moments of the last 5 years.
    Another topic we plan to explore is a one true pairing for our leading lady. Does she need to be part of a power couple like Barry and Iris? Do you think we have met Kara’s true love or is he a character the writers have yet to invent?
    We had a season of superwomen on Sundays now Batwoman is exiting her show. What does Ruby Rose’s exit mean for Batwoman? They have worked hard to build the Kara and Kate friendship. What will happen if Batwoman is no longer Kate?
    Crisis made Earth Prime. I thought it would lead to cool interactions between all of our heroes. What if our show airs isolated in the summer making it hard for our stories to intertwine with others? So many questions and a whole year to talk about it with all of you.
    We will kick off the summer season with a movie review of the Supergirl movie. You know the one where Helen Slater aka Eliza Danvers takes on the role of the Maid of Steel. While you wait for Wonder Woman 1984 to hit theaters in August 2020 check out Supergirl the movie made in 1984. This is your eye in the sky Green Butterfly. Let’s make this the kick off to one super summer.

    • 1h 3 min
    MOS 111 - S5E19 - Immortal Kombat

    MOS 111 - S5E19 - Immortal Kombat

    It is the day that Lex has been waiting for.  He got his invitation to the Leviathan ship. He doesn’t have to take down Supergirl himself.  He can put the job in the hands of gods that are indestructible. Lex has given them the knowledge and the tools they need. He only has to sit back and enjoy the show. Kara texts Alex 911 and assembles the team to rush to her side.
    Lena is not the threat here. Hopefully there will be time to talk more later about the events and choices that damaged their friendship. There is no time to talk about the past when the future is so uncertain. All the super friends must work together before these element wielding immortals destroy this world. Kara cannot join the fight until the new suit is finished to protect her from the kryptonite that Rama Khan stole from the DEO. Luckily Alex has a new suit and has mastered the Martian weapon that J’onn has given her.
    Agent Dox cannot sit around and let Lex Luthor hurt his friends. He must get on the Leviathan ship and upload the mortality code before his friends are destroyed. Getting on the ship is the easy part but the ship has a radiation force field protecting it from intruders.  Agent Dox will not destroy Leviathan but trap them in a bottle where they will not be able to harm anyone ever again.  Agent Dox is determined to finish this mission even  if it is the last thing that he ever does. He collapses under the effects of the radiation.
    J’onn and M’gann use their shape shifting abilities to impersonate Supergirl in the hopes of giving Lena and Kara enough time to make it across town.  The rest of the team is battling their hardest. Dreamer continues to have dreams of Brainy. She must fight on.  She cannot afford to be distracted right now.   
    Kelly and Alex break into Obsidian's server room.  They need to create a backdoor for Supergirl to enter the virtual reality platform. They also need a lead on William. He was chasing down a story about Lex and no one has heard from him since. Kelly finds Eve Tessmacher’s IP address. Maybe if they find her they will find William. 
    When Kara finds out William is in danger she rushes to the scene with no concern for her own safety.  Thank goodness Lena is watching her back with a new protective suit. Gemma is angry when three gods fail to take down Supergirl but she has a back up plan. She tells Andrea to harness the power of shadows and assassinate the superhero. Supergirl’s body will be vulnerable as her mind is engaged in the virtual world urging people to end the simulation before it is too late.  Before the Goddess of Technology snaps her fingers and kills them all. 
    Lena builds walls around herself when she is hurt.  She has to put the past in the past. When they were young Andrea and Lena made a promise to each other. “When you jump I Jump”. Lena has to stand between Andrea and Supergirl now.  She doesn’t want Andrea to go down a dark path. She has seen what those consequences can lead to.  Yes Kara hurt Lena but in her heart Kara made that choice to keep Lena safe. Now Lena will protect Kara. Lena began her journey this season to do no harm. Now she is taking action to stand between and protect both of her friends. 
    Agent Dox did it. He trapped the bad guys in a bottle. Now he is alone and dying.  Lex Luthor had a back up plan for Agent Dox’s moral code.  He is going to take down Supergirl and his mother is going to help him. Lena will do all she can to protect Supergirl and her team from the evil geniuses that share her name. Family is more than blood and Supergirl and her team are her family now.   This is your eye in the sky the Green Butterfly. Stay safe and have a super summer. 

    • 2 h 19 min
    MOS 110 - S5E18 - The Missing Link

    MOS 110 - S5E18 - The Missing Link

    Everything is connected. Well almost everything. Our team must split up to find answers. Each of them following their own thread that when woven together will shed some light on what is to come. It seems as if all things are leading back to Lex Luthor. Can the Man of Tomorrow wage war on Gods who have been causing chaos since the dawn of time? One thing seems certain. He is determined to try.
    When the Sun Eater attempted to consume the center of our solar system the electricity went out. In the prison three inmates were trapped in an elevator. When claustrophobia consumes one of the inmates, Klaus, he turns violent despite the non nocere protocol. What is Lena missing here and how can she repair it? The human brain is a complex organ. When a threat is perceived then the brain evolves and goes into survival mode. The result is a prison riot.
    Agent Dox is a twelfth level intellect so he knows Lex is hiding things from him. When he removed his inhibitors Brainy learned that to defeat Leviathan he would have to work with and trust Lex. As time goes on Brainy is beginning to have doubts. How much longer can Agent Dox play both sides of the game? Did the Big Brain have nefarious intentions when they gave Brainy the advice to work with Lex?
    Alex and Kara go to meet Pete an expert in linguistics and iconography. They hope that his knowledge will help them determine where Leviathan will attack next. It becomes immediately apparent that whenever the symbol of Leviathan has surfaced throughout history catastrophic events have followed. Before they can uncover more information Kara is called away and Alex and Pete are chased out by an unknown gunman.
    William has discovered that the person who recorded Margot Morrison’s maniphesto video was using an image inducer. Maybe it is the mysterious employee who appears to have been working closely with Leviathan while also employed at Obsidian North. Kelly remains nervous about the virtual reality lenses. This is understandable considering Alex and hundreds of other innocent people were stuck in a fantasy world of their own design. Andrea insists that she has personally fixed the problem and the platform is safe. Nothing is going to stop the Worldwide Unity Festival that has been scheduled. If Kelly continues to push she may lose her job and more importantly her access to what is going on inside Obsidian.
    Lena has pushed the limits of her friendship with Kara. After the events at the Fortress, Supergirl is seeing red every time her name is mentioned. The truth of the matter is that Kara is probably more hurt than angry. Why did her friend believe she was using Myriad to hurt her? Lena jumped to conclusions just when Kara was starting to have hope that their friendship could be repaired. Lex proves to Lena that he has not really changed. He is not the hero the world now perceives him to be. Perhaps she has chosen wrong but it is not to late to ally with the other side. Just because Lex is a monster doesn’t mean she has to be.
    Lex Luthor discards what he no longer deems useful. Let it go up in flames like the prison. Hopefully Lena makes the decision in time to switch teams before her brother’s mayhem consumes her. What about Brainy? Will Lex dispose of him when he no longer serves a purpose? Nia tells Brainy that he can’t play both sides forever.
    Dreamer uncovers some secrets as she slumbers. Her vision leads both teams to Oregon. Supergirl and Rama Khan have a battle of Earth shattering consequences. J’onn and M'gann minimize the damage from below using their terraform abilities. Agent Dox shuts out the super friends insisting that Rama Khan be taken to the DEO. The DEO is right where the villain wants to be. Supergirl tries to subdue Rama Khan but the tables are turned. Rama Khan draws all the kryptonite to himself incapacitating the Girl of Steel.
    The DEO is reduced to a pile

    • 2 h 3 min
    MOS 109 - S5E17 - Deus Lex Machina

    MOS 109 - S5E17 - Deus Lex Machina

    During the Crisis on Infinite Earths Lex helped the other heroes save the World. Lex is always a man looking for an opening. He is always looking for an opportunity to do things his way. The Multiverse has become one. Lex Luthor is now branded a hero. He is the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize. Lex the man of tomorrow who still can’t let go of yesterday.
    Margot is dead. Will this shed any light on the mysterious organization she worked for? Lex is two steps ahead. Lex successfully links Margot with Amy Sapphire. Amy is the woman who blames Obsidian for her husband's demise. Technology is painted as the villain and Leviathan can remain safely tucked in the shadows. This does not make Leviathan immune to Lex’s manipulations.
    Miss Tesmacher is going to be a valuable pawn in this game. She has been working as a Leviathan assassin. Leviathan has killed her father and threatens the life of her mother. Lex promises to protect Miss Tesmacher’s mother. Miss Tessmacher is now on the Platinum Project at Obsidian. She can be Lex’s eyes and ears in Obsidian. Intelligence gathered from Obsidian will be the key to earning a place into Leviathan’s inner circle. If you want to take an organization down a good place to strike is on the inside.
    Agent Dox heads to the tower with the solution our Super Friends are looking for. Myriad can change the Q waves so that J’onn can find the missing people. One problem is solved but the creature that just passed the window could threaten the entire solar system. How did the Sun Eater get out of the Fortress of Solitude? Lex needs something to cause panic to motivate people to enter virtual reality in mass amounts. A creature that eats the Sun should do the trick right?
    The help we need now is truly not of this world. Thank goodness Malefic heard the distress via the Q waves and sent M’gann to help. The hydrogen weapons on her ship should be able to help against this star eating monster. In space J’onn loses his grip on the explosive device and is nearly hurled into the Sun. Supergirl arrives in the Lexosuit, explodes the hydrogen, and reduces the Sun Eater to a much more manageable size.
    Lena is so angry when she realizes that Myriad is being used. Supergirl had told her it was too dangerous to leave the Fortress. Lena feels it is being used against her to interrupt the frequency she is using for Non Nocere. Myriad is being used because it was the only option to help find Leviathan victims, not to thwart Lena Luthor. Her brother is behind this as well of course. He doesn’t want his sister close to the Kryptonian. This should prevent Lena from going to game night anytime soon. Lex wants his sister on his side at least as long as it suits his purpose.
    Lillian Luthor is afraid her son is distracted. She warns him of repeating past mistakes. His obsession with taking down Kryptonians has killed him before. In this World he has a lot of power. This World views him as a hero. His mother does not want his judgement clouded by a vendetta, however as I said before Lex is set on doing this his way. He refuses to back down. He says that he must destroy Supergirl but he is a mortal man and many mortals have tried. When this is all over Lex Luthor hopes to transcend mortality. He wants to live forever. He wants to be a God. Can Supergirl withstand the wrath of a God? What will Lex do now that he has entered the Kryptonian sanctuary? Lena said Lex in the Fortress would be chaos and I fear she is right.

    • 1h 47 min

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