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A daily podcast of classic bedtime story for children of all ages.

Once Upon A Bedtime Story Once Upon A Bedtime Story

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A daily podcast of classic bedtime story for children of all ages.

    179 - The White Cat

    179 - The White Cat

    Did you have a favorite toy as a child? Not just any toy, but a toy that, to you, was a real live companion? Tavy has such a companion. The White Cat and Tavy are more than friends. And the Cat has a secret. Listen to this episode and find out if it is a good secret.

    • 16 min
    Why the Swallow's Tail is Forked

    Why the Swallow's Tail is Forked

    A short bedtime story dealing with the origins of creatures and their dealings with the Great Spirit and each other. "Every creature has his rights." But what is one creature's right is to eat one of the other creatures.
    Interesting questions can be asked about this short story. Questions about how the creatures are behaving towards each other and the Great Spirit. 

    • 5 min
    177 - Carrie's Three Wishes

    177 - Carrie's Three Wishes

    A clever tale that follows along a matter of wishes. What would you wish for if you could have anything you wanted? Carrie thinks she can do the three wishes the right way and is sure she won't waste them like the stories say. But when it comes down to it will she have the wit to make the best of the situation or will chance and fate have their way with her?
    Once you finish reading this story, consider stopping and asking these questions:
    What does Carrie think of the people in the stories about wishes?
    What is Carrie's plan for if she had wishes?
    What does she plan to wish for?
    What happens with her first wish?
    What happens with her second wish?
    How does her last wish turn out?
    Do you think Carrie has learned her lesson?
    And now the real question, "If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?"

    • 20 min
    176 - The Clever Apprentice

    176 - The Clever Apprentice

    The Clever Apprentice is a short bedtime dialogue. A conversation between a master and apprentice. The master shoemaker must have figured that he could hold his apprentice for a long time by setting conditions for ending the apprenticeship that were so odd. But the apprentice was not deterred and found a way to turn the tables on the situation.
    After listening to this story, if you child is still awake, take a moment to see if they were paying attention.
    What did the master shoemaker say to call the cat?
    What did the master shoemaker say to call the peat stack?
    What did the master shoemaker say to call the house?
    How did the apprentice find a way to use all of the odd names at one time?
    This is a silly story, but do you have any things in your house that you call by odd names? What are some fun names you could make for common things around your house to make things more fun?

    • 4 min
    175- The Fish And The Ring

    175- The Fish And The Ring

    If you could see the future would you try and change it? Well, this is what the Baron in this story does. He learns about his son's future and tries to change it. He is determined to be the master of fate. But the more he tries to change the future the more the future comes to pass. 
    "There goes fate!" is a phrase spoken by the Baron to mean one thing. But it turns out to means something different.
    After listening to this story, ask your child about the order of events.
    What happened first? What happened next? And so on. 
    Why did the Baron want to change who his son would marry?
    How did the fisherman find the Girl?
    What happens to the Girl on the way to the Baron's Brother?
    What does the Girl need to find before she shows her face again to the Baron?
    How does she find it?
    What do you think of the ending?
    Of course, you can ask your own questions too.
    Asking questions after a bedtime story helps your child develop comprehension and understanding of what they have heard. Don't wake them up to ask them questions, but if they are still awake, take the time to ask some interactive questions before moving on to sleep or another story.
    The text of the story was written by Flora Annie Steel. Some sounds are from the free sound project. The background music is from incomptech. 

    • 9 min
    174 - The Golden Goose

    174 - The Golden Goose

    The Golden Goose is such a classic that there are a large variety of tellings. This is a classic telling where a simple lad ends up with a great fortune because of his kind heart and kind acts. And on account of his willingness to keep pressing on.

    • 13 min

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