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Half playlist half podcast from two large and pious boys.

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Half playlist half podcast from two large and pious boys.

    3- video games

    3- video games

    Jonah flys solo this week with a video game themed playlist.

    Matmos- polychords
    Disasterpiece- Beacon
    Worlds End Girlfriend- Two of Us
    Austin Wintory- Nascence
    Michael Salvatori- Remembrance
    Disparition- Ende
    DJ Meatboy- Happy Ending
    Victor Krause- Tried to Write a Love Song

    This episode features music by friend of the show Victor Krause. All his other great songs can be found at: soundcloud.com/thevictastick

    • 24 min
    2- Valentine's

    2- Valentine's

    This week we take pity on our lonesome selves with sad love songs.

    Mal Blum - Cool Party
    Geographer - Kites
    Casiotone For the Painfully Alone - I Love Creedence
    Tiger Trap - Supercrush
    Sun Ra - I Dream Too Much
    Kind of Like Spitting - Thrill of the Hunt
    The Magnetic Fields - Plant White Roses
    Bright Eyes - Tereza And Tomas
    Chantal Kelly - Toi Mon Magicien
    La Dispute - Objects in Space
    the Mountain Goats - Yoga
    Bedhead - Exhume
    Aimee Mann - Labrador

    You'll also hear sounds from: Liberal Arts, Al Jolson, Why We Broke Up, and Jake & Amir

    • 55 min
    1- Angst

    1- Angst

    Two large, pious boys explore angst and chords in this inaugural episode through good tunes.

    Ice Age- on my fingers
    Silkworm- wild in my day
    Title Fight- Head in the Ceiling Fan
    Neutral Milk Hotel- Gardenhead
    Madvillain- Monkey Suite
    the Mountain Goats- see america right
    superchunk- 1000 pounds
    allan kingdom- Renovate
    have a nice life- Defenestration Song
    perfect pussy- 1

    • 42 min

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