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Webmaster For Hire is helping companies thrive in a digital world. Online website design and development to what's trending in Internet Marketing strategies.

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Webmaster For Hire is helping companies thrive in a digital world. Online website design and development to what's trending in Internet Marketing strategies.

    Content Marketing – Creating Good Topics

    Content Marketing – Creating Good Topics

    This podcast discusses about the importance of having quality topics for your business website.


    Welcome to Webmaster For Hire’s CyberBulletin podcast. Get the power to increase your business’s web impact.

     Elizabeth Varian:  Hey, everybody. Elizabeth Varian here, Webmaster For Hire CEO and president. We’re coming with you with the podcast of CyberBulletin, and today’s topic is going to be content marketing and creating good topics. It’s a very important conversation to have that a lot of business owners don’t realize, so pay attention. It’s not going to be just me today. We’ve got Carrie Currie on the line. Hey, Carrie.

     Carrie Currie:  Hey, everybody.

     Elizabeth Varian:  So Carrie, before she was my executive assistant, her main role was creating topics for our clients. so I thought she was the best person to bring her knowledge and expertise to you guys. Why don’t we just jump in and get started, Carrie? I started from the beginning saying it’s a very important topic and a lot of business owners don’t know this, so why don’t you explain a little bit? Why is it a concern to have the quality topics?

     Carrie Currie:  There are 3 main reasons for it. The first is that good topics will bring your target demographic–the clients that you are catering to–to your site. That’s the first item, and then it also sets you apart as an authority in your field, which then generates trust.

     Elizabeth Varian:  Yes, expert status. Absolutely.

     Carrie Currie:  Right? Then, those that trust you are more likely to purchase from you and are also more likely to be loyal customers that will recommend you on social media and spread the word.

     Elizabeth Varian:  Yeah. Another thing to consider, which is why we have someone focused on topics, is Hummingbird changed the game with SEO years ago, and quality content is a definite must, so you’re right.

     Carrie Currie:  Right.

     Elizabeth Varian:  You need to have that loyalty following, and you really need to make sure that you are expert, so definitely good point. Who needs to worry about creating these good topics?

     Carrie Currie:  Well, it would be small businesses and startups that don’t really have the budget to hire experts like you and me. If they’re doing it on their own, they have to pay attention to what they’re doing, especially if they want to compete with others. Then, medium and large businesses that do hire internet marketing firms and/or do it in-house. They really do have to be on top of what’s being done on their behalf, and then…

     Elizabeth Varian:  Absolutely.

     Carrie Currie:  Right? Of course, internet marketing firms like Webmaster For Hire and content managers would want to pay attention to the quality that’s being done.

     Elizabeth Varian:  Absolutely, spot on. Knowing that right algorithm for tweaking it, so the topics are on point and searchable.

     Carrie Currie:  Right, and that changes all the time.

     Elizabeth Varian:  Yes. Definitely, and the internet is changing every day. Just a little plug of hiring someone like Webmaster For Hire, we know those algorithms. We know where the tools are and the tricks of the trade, so let’s talk about that. How do good topics … How are they going to set apart the authority from other competitors who are posting content, but they’re just pushing out whatever?

     Carrie Currie:  Right. It used to be that pretty much all you wanted to do was maintain constant activity on your website, and so you would reach out. They refer to them as “content mills,” where they just type up whatever and send it off, and it usually was pretty superficial and pathetic when I began. I would read these things going, “Why? Why would somebody write this? There’s no point.”

     Elizabeth Varian:  They’re just pushing out words.

     Carrie Cur

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    Facebook Videos verses YouTube for Online Marketing

    Facebook Videos verses YouTube for Online Marketing

    This podcast is about Facebook videos verses Youtube for online marketing. In this episode, It is also discussed how to get the best reach with your videos.


    Welcome to Webmaster For Hire’s CyberBulletin podcast. Get the power to increase your business’s web impact.

    Elizabeth Varian:  Welcome back to Webmaster For Hire’s CyberBulletin podcast. Once again, it’s Elizabeth Varian here, CEO and President of Webmaster For Hire. Today, we are going to talk about a topic that has marketers battling each other. It’s been crazy reading the blogs out there on this topic. We are going to be discussing video marketing in 2016. What’s the battle in video marketing, you want to know? The battle is Facebook videos versus the big giant of YouTube. Technically they’re both giants for online marketing and your business, and how to get the best reach with your videos.

    Let’s start out first by talking: why video marketing? Everyone has talked for years, content is king, write those blogs, original articles, etc., etc. That is very true, so don’t stop writing those articles. A lot of local small web design companies who also dabble in web marketing, they typically stick to either SEO or social or they go straight to pay per click, so there is very little work on their end. They miss a major component, and a lot of businesses do as well, by not doing video marketing.

    We are sitting here in February 2016, I don’t know when you are going to be listening to this, but just to give you a point of reference, we just had the Super Bowl 50. A lot of reasons people watch this, it’s the most-watched game is because it’s a huge event. The football teams here in America have played all year-round, it’s down to the final two, and who is going to win this year’s championship, and who is going to be the MVP cheering your teams on, tickets go for astronomical prices, it’s the game. It’s totally the game. But, not for everybody, some people it’s the halftime show. There is dispute and issues regarding this year’s halftime show, but that’s irrelevant to this conversation.

    Others like myself this year because I didn’t – my Redskins weren’t in, let’s just be honest, so I could care less who won. The reason I was watching them and a lot of people look for and they don’t go to bathroom breaks during this time is the commercials. Some of the past commercials have stood out and done more for corporate marketing branding sales than any other commercial throughout the year, because you have tens of millions of viewers, and they are anticipating the best commercials yet. And, we were on Facebook this last time, and people that’s the first thing, as soon as the commercial was over everybody had their comments: Liked, Disliked, someone had issue with some commercials. There was more discussion about the commercials than there were about the game itself during the game.

    That’s the point of videos on the Internet. You’re capturing the audience’s attention. Video sells your message through not just your eyes sensory, but also the ears together. Videos can create viral marketing because they, really good ones can be shared. Good doesn’t just mean cute cats, dog videos, heartfelt share giving videos. Those do get shared quite a bit, but if your message hits people in a way that moves them, emotion sells, then it gets shared.

    Why would you skip doing videos on the Internet, which can be done at an affordable cost of say a $200 camera that a lot of bloggers, video bloggers and YouTube celebrities do and they sit in front of the camera and talk? It can become more expensive if you create an explainer video, cartoon-like creation, graphic designs, etc. That’s a bit of “why video marketing”.

    You want to try and create that commercial or the video on the web. It doesn’t have to be the Sup

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    Multiple Birds One Stone Internet Marketing Strategy

    Multiple Birds One Stone Internet Marketing Strategy

    This podcast discusses the ” One stone,Multiple birds internet marketing strategy”

    Transcript of Podcast:

    Welcome to Webmaster for Hire’s CyberBulletin Podcast. Get the power to increase your business’ web impact.

    Elizabeth Varian:  Welcome back to Webmaster for Hire’s CyberBulletin Podcast. Elizabeth Varian here. Today, I’m going to be talking about One Stone, Multiple Birds Internet Marketing. We’re going to tackle as many strategies with a least amount of effort so that you can use your time more wisely in promoting your small, midsize, and even large business.

    On the internet, we know we’ve got to be constantly updating many different locations. You need to be posting quality content on your blog for SEO and for frequently returning visitors. On minimum, you should be doing one article a week and it needs to be a complete quality article. You can’t just grab content from another site. You used to be able to, but there was a hummingbird roll-out out about 2010-2011 that said, “No more, you have to have quality content.”

    Then you have to send out a monthly e-newsletter for people who don’t know you and signed up on your website. For your existing clientele and following who know you, you need to keep in front of them to remind them that you are still in existence. And by the way, here’s new products and service offerings and reminding them you are the expert so that they don’t go anywhere else, because they forget you existed.

    You need to be posting to all of your social networks — at minimum, Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter — to link back to your site. So that you get your social network followers on to your website and keeping in touch with who you are. In addition to that, a lot of people don’t know that there are websites called Web 2.O sites. These are trusted sites that getting a link back to your site not only helps search engine optimization, but these are sites that other people are visiting on a regular basis. By adding content to these sites, it helps promote your business both on their sites and bumping your rankings in the search engine.

    Sites that we call “Web2.0” sites are like Reddit, Tumbler, Live Journal, Plurk. There’s several of them out there, I think we’ve got at least 23 that we follow. If you are solo entrepreneur, small business that has one person maybe who does your internet marketing, a midsize business … So like we have a hospital we work with, we have one marketing person that we deal with that hospital. She has maybe two other people that helps her with her online marketing. She can’t, with those two people, touch everything on a regular basis.

    You’re social networking, you need to be at least once a day going in. Most of us can’t do that, but you could be going in once a week. Then once you get on your Facebook, then you’re spending an hour or more there at minimum. Then on Twitter, now you’re following, commenting, re-tweeting, answering direct messages, etc., and becomes time-consuming.

    What we love and one of the reasons that we love WordPress, is that it helps you to touch all these pieces on a fairly regular basis and to also supplement your existing departments. So like larger corporations, they will have a social networking department that deals with all their social networks. They’ll have someone dealing with their emails. They’ll have someone taking care of their SEO, but bringing it all together and supplementing that, this Multiple Birds, One Stone Marketing will do that.

    What is it? How is it that you can touch all these pieces and get value from it? WordPress was originally created as a blogging platform. It wasn’t initially created to be a website platform, but many of us have found the benefits of WordPress when we develop sites to becom...

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    Website Design, Visitor Experience with Marketing Results – The Balance

    Website Design, Visitor Experience with Marketing Results – The Balance

    This podcast discusses the visitor experience with marketing results. This topic also covers design, versus, what you want for your site, versus, the search engine optimization, also known as SEO in marketing. Then, finding that balance between those three.

    Transcript of Podcast:

    Welcome to Webmaster For Hire’s CyberBulletin podcast. Get the power to increase your business’s web impact.

    Elizabeth Varian: Hey everybody. Welcome to the second podcast, the CyberBulletin podcast that is brought to you by Webmaster For Hire. I am having problems talking today, and then we have Carrie on the phone, who is not feeling well today. Boy, we’re going to be a couple here.

    Carrie Currie: Oh, it will be fine. I’ll cough and you can stutter.

    Elizabeth Varian: Bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh, yes. I always say, I shoot for perfectly imperfection. We’re going to be discussing the visitor experience with marketing results. Mostly, we’re going to be discussing website design in the realm of the visitor experience. Why don’t we just get started?

    The topic that’s balanced that we were thinking of with this topic is design, versus, what you want for your site, versus, the search engine optimization, also known as SEO in marketing. Then, finding that balance between those three because many times we want what we want, but what we want doesn’t necessarily bring us the best results. You can’t necessarily always do market research for every unique step of building your business and building your business online.

    Carrie Currie: That would be so cumbersome.

    Elizabeth Varian: It would be, and you would never be out of a focus group. I am all for focus groups, I love them, but not everyone you’re going to reach out to is going to give you the right information. Our goal here, today, is to help you get a concept of how to balance those out, because your number one goal is getting the customer to you. Your number two goal is, once you have them, keeping them on your site and getting them lead generation if you’re a service business, product sales, if you’re a e-commerce site. Once they get there, are they able to view the site? Do they even like how it lays out, does it even pertain to them? That’s actually a science, and we can’t cover all of it here in one podcast, but we can at least touch some tips.

    Some areas that we’re going to touch is the the website building. Building out the website and the design itself. There are areas where marketing, and the design, and the client experience, or visitor experience can have conflicts. Finding that balance where it’s not always focused on SEO, because if everything was all focused on SEO, then it would be words only. If it was all …

    Carrie Currie: Yeah, that would not be …

    Elizabeth Varian: Yeah, no. That wouldn’t be fun at all.

    Carrie Currie: No.

    Elizabeth Varian: If it was all focused on visitor experience, then it would be designed – over-designed.  It would be making it all look pretty, getting certain things on the page that would start cluttering it up. If it was all about what the customers want, then many times it will be too much or too little.

    Carrie Currie: Right.

    Elizabeth Varian: Hiring a professional who can help you and will have no fear in telling you “no”. Not just “no”, but “no, but here’s why”.

    Elizabeth Varian: That’s probably money best spent. Call us at Webmaster For Hire. The three areas that we’re going to touch on in site design, is the overall design. Some of the aspects, when you’re getting started to design or redesign a website, your homepage, which can have a unique layout, the overall design is the same but the layout of the page is different. Then, the lower pages,

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    Competition Online – Use Them and then Beat Them

    Competition Online – Use Them and then Beat Them

    This podcast episode talks about competition online. Discussed in this episode are the tips to use your competition in a positive way such as knowing your competition and what makes you different.

    Transcript of Podcast:

    Welcome to Webmaster for Hire’s Cyber Bulletin Podcast. Get the power to increase your business’s web impacts.

    Elizabeth Varian: Welcome to Webmaster for Hire’s very first podcast. I am so excited. I have Carrie Currie , my sidekick on the phone with me. Say “Hi”, Carrie, to everybody.

    Carrie Currie: Hello, Hello.

    Elizabeth Varian: So we want to welcome everybody. We are excited to do this. This is pretty cool. We’ve been helping our clients with their podcasts but like the shoemaker’s children, we start ours last, right?

    Carrie Currie: Right.

    Elizabeth Varian: So bad, but, better late than never and podcasting–if you don’t know is definitely the way to go to deliver your message to your audience. They can listen or read, whichever they prefer. Let’s just jump right in. We’re going to be talking about competition and competitors today.

    Carrie Currie: I’m really excited about this particular topic.

    Elizabeth Varian: Yeah, how come?

    Carrie Currie: Yes, well, because it’s … we’re going to be talking about some items of business in regard to competition–Exactly–that I haven’t exactly ever thought of before.

    Elizabeth Varian: Nice, I love it and that’s our goal. To help educate people and get people to think out of the box. Most of the time we don’t even want to be thinking about our competitors. Some people–we find our clients who over think about their competitors. What are they doing? How are they doing it? Et cetera, et cetera. You can drive yourself nuts if you do that. But, the other side of it is, they don’t even think they have competition–which by the way, everybody has competition. Even if you do only one unique gadget that you build. It solves the problem of somebody else. There’s five other solutions out there that will solve the same problem. It may not be the same widget but it’s still going after the same client. One time we don’t want to be thinking about our competitors is when we are sitting in the waiting room for a prospect meeting and they come walking out.

    No, today we’re going to be thinking and talking about our competitors in a useful way. Like Carrie said we, in our production meeting went over a lot of notes and she’s like “I haven’t thought about that before”. Well, I am like “Well, that’s good.” Because then that means someone else hasn’t thought about that before. We are going to call this podcast basically “Your Competition and Beyond”. Giving you tips for how to best use your competition to get ahead and then some … I’m hoping my competitors aren’t listening to this but, hey, if you are, welcome to the podcast.

    The first thing we want to talk about is using your competition. Webmaster for Hire, we build websites and we do full service internet marketing. We always, when a client or prospect comes to us and wants to talk about building their website, the first thing we do sure enough, we go and find out who is your competition and we don’t just though look at competitors in your market. Let’s say you’re an air conditioning company. Your current market is in your area of service. That’s your direct competition. That is your competition. Anyone else who is servicing air conditioning.

    When we start building a website or start doing marketing campaigns, we don’t just stay in that area. I prefer to look in large metro-areas. We’re here in South Florida. So I would look in New York City, Atlanta, Texas, Los Angeles. Texas,

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