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Welcome! All My Relations is a podcast hosted by Matika Wilbur (Swinomish and Tulalip), and Desi Small Rodriguez (Northern Cheyenne) [previously by Dr. Keene] to explore our relationships— relationships to land, to our creatural relatives, and to one another.  Each episode invites guests to delve into a different topic facing Native American peoples today. We keep it real, play some games, laugh a lot, and even cry sometimes. We invite you to join us!

All My Relations Podcast Matika Wilbur, Desi Small-Rodriguez & Adrienne Keene

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Welcome! All My Relations is a podcast hosted by Matika Wilbur (Swinomish and Tulalip), and Desi Small Rodriguez (Northern Cheyenne) [previously by Dr. Keene] to explore our relationships— relationships to land, to our creatural relatives, and to one another.  Each episode invites guests to delve into a different topic facing Native American peoples today. We keep it real, play some games, laugh a lot, and even cry sometimes. We invite you to join us!

    Black Native Kinship with Amber Starks

    Black Native Kinship with Amber Starks

    Join Matika Wilbur and Dr.Dr. Desi for part two in this series, “Black Native Kinship”, a powerful conversation with Afro-Indigenous activist Amber Starks. Amber is a Black woman and enrolled member of the Miscogee (Creek) Nation. Her activism seeks to normalize, affirm and uplift multidimensional identities of Black and Native peoples. 

    Together we  explore how relationally is rooted in kinship,  how Indigenous people can aid in the dismantling of Anti-Blackness and how ultimately, Black liberation and Indigenous sovereignty are complimentary and not at odds. 

    How can we evolve kinship relationships beyond blood quantum and perceived identity to create a modern Indigenous future? 


    Resources mentioned in this episode: 

    Melanin Mvskoke @melaninmvskoke currently on a break from social media. 

    Conscious Coils Portland Oregon space that invites people of African descent to love and embrace their hair. 

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    Thanks to the AMR team that worked on this episode: Teo Shantz, Lindsey Hightower, Darrien Camarillo, Jamie Marquez-Bratcher

    Thank you to Ciara Sana from Art By Ciara  for our amazing episode artwork. 


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    Black Native History with Dr. Tiya Miles

    Black Native History with Dr. Tiya Miles

    Back in 2020, after the murder of George Floyd and during the Black Lives Matter uprisings that followed, All My Relations started a journey to support the Black community and Afro Indigenous relatives through having conversations on police brutality, anti-blackness, Indian Country’s connection to chattel slavery, and Afro-Indigenous history. 
    This first episode in the series features an interview with Harvard professor Tiya Miles. Professor Miles is a scholar, historian, and writer whose work explores the intersections of African American, Native American and women’s histories. With Dr. Miles, we focus specifically on the history and structure of Black and Native interconnection. Through the lens of early Cherokee interactions with Black people, we talk about Black and Indigenous peoples first relationships that were shaped in a settler colonial landscape. We talk about how some southeastern Tribes like the Cherokee bent to colonial standards and acted in ways antithetical to Indigenous values by owning enslaved Africans, and how this legacy of pain and abuse has effects today for the descendants of those who were enslaved, and our communities as a whole. We touch on current conversations around the recognition of Freedmen Descendants by the Five Tribes. 
    Our stories are intertwined, and we need to examine the past to determine how best to more forward. 
    Resources mentioned in the episode:
    Website for Dr. Miles: TiyaMiles.com 
    The Cherokee Nation has put out a call for freedmen descendants to share cultural artifacts, family photos, and other memorabilia for an exhibit:  Call for Freedmen Descendants
    Creek Freedmen descendants have a gofundme to raise funds to support the community and legal efforts to gain recognition: GoFundMe
    Dr. Keene made a reading list on my blog two years ago on Anti-Blackness in the Cherokee Nation, which has a wide range of academic and non-academic resources on the topic: Dr. Keene’s Reading List
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    The Border Crossed Us

    The Border Crossed Us

    The Border Crossed Us is led by Jon Ayon, an AMR team member who conducted field research to gather the stories of peoples and Tribes at the southern settler colonial border between the United States and Mexico. This political border was drawn with no respect for the Indigenous peoples that live there — with land claims that predate both colonial governments. Now families and cultures are separated on either side. There are current cultural and religious permits in place for Native peoples to cross the border, but crossing remains a complicated and formidable challenge as border control determines which reasons are legitimate- often with no knowledge of traditions. Only in recent history has Indigenous migration been restricted and disqualified as a human right. An Indigenous future means free movement because heritage transcends borders. This is about the protection of the sacred: sacred land, sacred relations, sacred sovereignty and sacred traditions that require a sense of place and home. Our relationality does not end at a structural, colonial boundary. 
    We would like to include a trigger warning for violence and sexual assault which appears in some of the stories. If you are listening with younger children, or would like to avoid hearing for your own sake, we offer warning within the episode and encourage you to skip portions at your own discretion. 
    Due to complications, this episode was taken down. It’s been reevaluated and recut. We apologize for any confusion, so thank you for your patience, and we hope you enjoy the rerelease.
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    Special thanks to the following people for sharing their voices:
    Ral Christman
    Martha and Stan Rodriguez 
    Cynthia Parada 
    Riss Hill
    Willy White
    Lori Cachorra
    Tomas Jefferson
    Penelope Jefferson
    Preston Arrowweed
    Dan Chein
    Mike Benavides 
    Andrea Rudnik 
    Team Brownsville
    Enrique Lopez
    Emily Smith
    Lupita Alonso
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    The Ancestors Know You: Real Life Reconnection Stories

    The Ancestors Know You: Real Life Reconnection Stories

    We are so excited to talk about the very highly requested topic: reconnection. So many of our relatives grew up with varying levels of kinship systems, and it is so important to not blame oneself for little connection. After 500 years of colonization and attempted erasure via relocation, prohibiting traditions, and pushing assimilation, we have all felt the effects in differing and unique experiences. 
    Join us in a special, raw and vulnerable conversation about how Daniel French and another special surprise guest reconnected to their Indigenous communities. This conversation is powerfully important as reclaiming the connections that colonization has tried to keep broken for many generations is a very real experience for many Native folks. 
    Special thanks Thank you to Daniel French and Adrienne Keene for joining us today.
    Thanks to the AMR team that worked on this episode: Teo Shantz, Dominick Joseph, Lindsey Hightower, Keoni Rodriguez. 
    Thank you to Art by Ciara for our amazing episode artwork. 
    Never forget that the ancestors know who you are.
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    Lies Your Teacher Taught You: The Truth About Thanksgiving

    Lies Your Teacher Taught You: The Truth About Thanksgiving

    “The Truth about Thanksgiving” is the first installment of a series we’re calling “Lies your teacher taught you”. In this episode we sit down with Matika and her 13-year-old nephew to teach about the true history of European and Native contact. As this episode is with a new teenager, we wanted to show that this is not a hard conversation to have, and most people do not want to be lied to - which is what rehashing the myth does. Ultimately, it stems from a limited perspective of history. The Thanksgiving myth that many Americans have been taught is that, upon arrival, the pilgrims were met with happy Indians who taught them how to tend the land and they had a great feast to celebrate. This whole concept was taken from one paragraph of one settler’s journal. Most of what we know about Thanksgiving is invented and packaged in easy-to-digest bites. This convenient story allows for the avoidance of discomfort for people with settler ancestries. The path to reconciliation starts with honest acknowledgement of our past, with open eyes, and open hearts for a better future. It is time for us to be in good relation with one another. We can do that by learning to give thanks in a good way.  
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    Sexy Sacred

    Sexy Sacred

    Join us for an episode all about snaggin’! For part two of All My Loving Relations, we continue our conversation with the phenomenal Geraldine King, and bring in comedian Deanna Diaz (aka Dianna M.A.D.). Join us as we embark on a teepee creepin’ journey of all things S-E-X. Some things to look forward to: stories from our own aunties, the sacred power of self-pleasure, and some “dang cackle-able” jokes.
    Because of Christianity, and other colonizing forces, we don’t really know how to talk about sex, even in 2021. But why do some of our aunties, uncles, and even grandparents never seem to quit it with their sexual jokes? Often, our relatives use humor as a way to access topics which have long been stigmatized. Also, our kin should be more open to dialogue about sex given traditions of sexual agency within Native communities. However, Native people are also affected by the same shameful misconceptions which plague the rest of the euro-christian dominated world. But we should not be ashamed of sex! It is such a vital component of our most intimate relationships. 
    Importantly, we acknowledge that as two cis-hetero women, this is a narrow conversation. It excludes a whole diverse, beautiful world of sex among our LGBTQ+, and Two Spirit relations. But we have plans for that conversation later in the season, so stay tuned for Sexy Sacred Round 2!
    Geraldine King (Anishinaabe) is a member of Kiashke Zaaging Anishinaabek located in the Robinson Superior Treaty area, northwestern Ontario. Her research interests include: Anishinaabe erotics, ethics of intimacy, kinship studies, theories of Anishinaabe phenomenologies, eco-erotics and Indigenous pedagogical transformation.
    Deanna Diaz, aka Deanna M.A.D. (Tonowanda Seneca), is from the Tonawanda Seneca Nation, raised in Southern California. She is a hilarious, and powerful standup comedian and part of The Ladies of Native Comedy. Deanna isn’t afraid to have the embarrassing, funny, and taboo real talk about sex. She helps us to have healthier conversations about sex in Indian Country. 

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
552 Ratings

552 Ratings

dneocofjeba ,

Inspiring, funny, emotional

This is legit a comfort podcast for me. I’ve learned so much and love learning about all my relations south of the 49th parallel. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, my thoughts get going, the conversations are informative and powerful. Excellent variety of conversations and topics with an Indigenous lens

Annie&Sage ,

Empowering & incredible

I have just started listening and I’m on the 4th one from the beginning. I have both laughed and cried. It feels so good to learn and celebrate in this space. I feel so at peace while listening. ❤️thank you so much for this.

Tiag149611 ,

Just amazing.

Love this podcast! Amazing hosts, so insightful.

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