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Real conversations about money in Canada. For more information visit us at http://www.becausemoney.ca

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Real conversations about money in Canada. For more information visit us at http://www.becausemoney.ca

    S6 E05 | Welcome To Parenthood

    S6 E05 | Welcome To Parenthood

    Listen, It's impossible to accurately imagine how your life will be different after you welcome a new human into your it, so there's no such thing as being fully prepared for becoming a parent. There is, however, such a thing as being prepared for what you know will happen (like the paperwork you'll need to fill out, and the gotchas to avoid) in order to make it easier to focus on the stuff that completely blindsides you (like the utter insanity of it all or how suddenly and fiercely you fall in love with your new human).

    Time stamps:
    1:22 - Parenthood, uncertainty and unsatisfyingly true answers
    14:19 - What to think about in the year before the birth
    17:20 - Financial tools that people think are useful (like RESPs)
    27:30 - Making sure to check for Income tested benefits
    29:50 - CHILDCARE. IT'S EXPENSIVE... so what do you even do?
    37:00 - John speaks with Sandi's voice about how society has it way wrong

    • 52 min
    S6 E04 | But The Economy!

    S6 E04 | But The Economy!

    Are you as tired as we are of "the economy" being trotted out to support every tax and social policy argument? Do you wish that people who use the phrase "the economy" were required to specify exactly what they're talking about? Us, too.

    1:38 - Personal Economy vs THE Economy
    10:57 - Revolution starts with imagination
    22:33 - The Flat Tax Fallacy
    39:00 - In the face of big structural issues ... what do we do?

    • 49 min
    S6 E03 | The Surprising Costs of Medical Care

    S6 E03 | The Surprising Costs of Medical Care

    Yes, we have socialized medicine here in Canada (and are grateful for it!) But if you or someone you love needs to travel somewhere for treatment, or medical supplies that aren't covered (like osotomy bags), or drugs that might cost $2,400 in one visit to the pharmacy or $0 in the next...you might be surprised at the financial and emotional toll it can take on you.

    4:18 - Getting “comfortable" with uncertainty
    6:08 - Bedside manner matters - in medicine and in finance (and not just for the practitioners)
    13:48 - The unexpected cost of healthcare: A very … vivid picture of the function and cost of the ostomy bag
    22:13 - Should you get extended health coverage?

    • 34 min
    S6 E02 | Better Conversations with Ian McNaughton

    S6 E02 | Better Conversations with Ian McNaughton

    We truly believe that real conversations about money have the power to improve how we make decisions about our finances. In this episode, we're joined by Ian McNaughton, a seasoned coach and communications expert, to learn how to get better at having those conversations.

    4:12 - Ian talks about the effects of wealth
    6:48 - Ian talks about how to talk about money between generations
    21:20 - Ian talks about communicating in the really tough times and how to be with someone in the stress
    Introducing ‘respectful doubt’ into a conversation
    30:42 - Ian makes Sandi and Chris cry (the perfect thing to say to someone you love when you can’t communicate about money)
    44:45 - Ian’s story - wealth, crash, and building something different

    • 48 min
    S6 E01 | Transitions

    S6 E01 | Transitions

    Welcome back to season six of Because Money! Since we last spoke, the show itself and each of our co-hosts have experienced transitions - some minor, some very, very major - and we've adopted the theme of transition to shape our conversations for the upcoming season. Join us for an episode of updates, outtakes, and change.

    2:45 - Planning for transitions that 'might' happen
    8:50 - The biggest Because Money transition of all
    10:15 - John talks about health, family, and taking a sabbatical
    20:58 - Chris talks about stepping back from Opera
    27:30 - Sandi talks about growing Spring
    38:52 - Some cool news about Because Money (and how you can talk to use EVEN MORE!!)

    • 42 min
    S5 Ep15 | Season Finale

    S5 Ep15 | Season Finale

    Impostor syndrome, squishy soft skills and the importance of real hard data... we talk about why we think the bigger conversation around money is so important.
    1:00 - Why did Sandi start this thing in the first place?
    3:14 - The value in non-actionable conversations
    17:05 - John talks about the dangers getting lost in the data (for people who have spreadsheets for brains)
    18:30 - Kate and Chris talk about imposter syndrome and how hard it is to be in a conversation when you feel like you don't know enough
    30:00 - Sandi talks about the importance of being seen

    • 36 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

darrylbr ,

Real Financial Conversations

There’s lots to learn in every one of these episodes. All of the hosts bring a unique perspective to the conversation which is helpful and engaging to anyone listening!

Littlerooster2016 ,

Very motivating

I like how I can relate to the hosts. They gave good info and are very smart about money, but they are also humble and admit they are still learning as well in certain aspects. It’s nice to listen to those who are real rather than mo eh experts who know everything

Abate0207 ,

Is this a joke

Wow, lots of useless banter and annoying laughter especially from the woman. Seriously one of the worst financial podcasts I’ve ever listened to. It was a joy to unsubscribe.

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