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This is the audio-only version of episodes in Winnipeg's Real Estate Podcast. Information for home and condo buyers, sellers and owners in Winnipeg.
Operated by real estate agent Bo Kauffmann of REMAX performance realty in Winnipeg.

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This is the audio-only version of episodes in Winnipeg's Real Estate Podcast. Information for home and condo buyers, sellers and owners in Winnipeg.
Operated by real estate agent Bo Kauffmann of REMAX performance realty in Winnipeg.

    August 2022 Winnipeg Real Estate Market Report

    August 2022 Winnipeg Real Estate Market Report

    Find out how dramatically the real estate market has changed in Winnipeg in the past 2 months.
    Have we gone from an insane sellers market to a strong buyers market now?
    Is now a good time to buy a house or condo in Winnipeg?

    Listen to find out.
    [00:00:00] Bo Kauffmann: Wait till you hear what's going on in the Winnipeg real estate market. That's coming up next on Winnipeg's real estate podcast.
    [00:00:09] You're listening to the Bo knows real estate podcast tips and advice for home buyers, sellers, and owners with award winning Remax agent Bo Kaufman.
    [00:00:25] Hello, this is Bo Kaufman Remax performance Realty in Winnipeg. And what a difference a couple of months makes we've gone from a super, super insanely strong seller's market, which was happening in April and may. June started to slow down and July saw further slow downs. And right now it's turned into an almost too strong a buyer's market.
    [00:00:44] It's completely swung the other way.. There are reports of listings going up and getting one showing in the first week on the market. I'm not talking about offers. I'm talking to just one showing. So why is this happening? I think rising interest rates have one or one reason. Second reason might be that buyers are just fatigued.
    [00:01:03] They've been getting beaten in April and may and parts of June. And they've just taken a break. And the third reason is that August traditionally is a slower time. People that want to get into a house before the school starts have already done their buying and August is actually a big moving month.
    [00:01:19] So August is super busy for lawyers and moving companies. So one of the most common questions I get is when it's a great time to buy a house while it's right now. So actually I've got buyers that I work with throughout April and may we kept. We kept getting hosed. We kept getting beaten by 10, 12, 15 offers going a hundred thousand over asking.
    [00:01:38] And they basically gave up around June. They had to renew their lease, which was up in July and they just emailed me and saying, Hey, we just, we had to renew our lease. We're gonna go one more year and we're gonna come back into it. Next spring. Guess what? So I told them exactly what I'm gonna tell you now, traditionally, and I'm going back over the last 17 years.
    [00:01:56] Cause that's all the history that I know. Cause I've been doing this for 17 years now. Spring is the singularly worst time to buy a house. That's because everybody else is doing it. There's a famous saying that says that if everybody else is buying, sell. Another way to look at it is if everybody else is buying, don't buy it that time.
    [00:02:14] There's super competition. It's just a natural thing in Winnipeg. We hibernate through December, January, February, and then spring comes out and all the buyers come out and that's when you start getting these crazy Bing worse, this year was absolutely insane. But even in past years, April and May have been really busy, very competitive.
    [00:02:34] So that's probably the worst time to buy. You should be looking at buying right now are a lot of listings on the market and some of them aren't getting any showings, let alone multiple offers. So let's look at some of the numbers of how many listings there are and compare that to spring. On August 1st, we actually had 1,263 houses for sale on the market.
    [00:02:57] 1263. Compare that to 426 in April and 568 in may. It's almost triple the amount of listings available. So breaking that down houses under a quarter million dollars, we have 288 in April. We had a hundred. So now we have nearly 300 throughout the month of July. We sold about 108 of these houses.
    [00:03:19] Compare that to last year, same time, 151. So that's like a 35% less than last year houses between two 50 and 500,000. We have 561 homes on the market. In February we had 116. Now we have about five times as many homes available as we did in February. We've sold throughout the month

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    July 2022 Real Estate Market Update for Winnipeg

    July 2022 Real Estate Market Update for Winnipeg

    Real Estate sales, listings for houses and condos in Winnipeg

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    (EP: 165) Proposed Federal Budget Discussion

    (EP: 165) Proposed Federal Budget Discussion

    Fed Budget Discussions
    [00:00:00] Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR: Let's separate fact from fiction about the upcoming federal budget proposal. That's coming up next to Winnipeg's real estate podcast.
    [00:00:26] Hello, everybody I’m Bo Kauffmann Remax performance Realty with another episode of Winnipeg's real estate podcast. You know, the real estate market is super hot, so naturally everybody thinks that that's a good thing for all real estate agents. And it's just a wonderful thing. Well, it's not a great thing because it's, so one-sided the only one who really benefits is anybody who wants to sell their house and not buy another one.
    [00:00:48] So if you're retiring and we're gonna move into an apartment, this is a great time for you. But for buyers and especially first time buyers, it's not a great time. Houses are selling for not only 60, 80, a hundred thousand dollars above asking, but they're selling for 80,000, a hundred thousand dollars over what they would have sold last year.
    [00:01:07] So if you're a first time buyer you're struggling, it's a, it's a tough time to get into the housing market. So naturally the federal government is going to step in and fix this issue for us with some of their proposals. So I had a friend call me last week and say, Hey, I heard that the blind bidding is coming to an end, the federal government's going to outlaw it.
    [00:01:25] And I had to kind of look it up and see what they were talking about. And it's part of their proposed budget is that they are looking for a way. To make this whole process of house purchasing more fair. So let's take a second here and talk to somebody who knows a lot more about this, somebody who is in the financial game, and that is Mike Schroeder of mortgage architects.
    [00:01:50] Let's give him a call.
    [00:01:55] Mike Schroeder - Mortgage Architects: Good morning.
    Hey Mike, how are you doing it's Bo
    Mike Schroeder - Mortgage Architects:
    Bo Kauffmann - REALTOR:  I thought I thought today we'd talk about the proposed budget. Because about a week ago, a relative of mine called me and said, Hey, have you heard that blind bidding and sealed bids are a way of the past are going away? And I'm saying. No, actually, I haven't heard that's so I had to look into it and that's one of the proposals that the government, the federal government would like to do away with, uh, to put it in perspective and to put some history behind it is when you put your house up for sale right now in most provinces, you can put it up for sale and then buyers enter bids that are private and sealed and only  the seller gets to open them. Well, what, what can happen is somebody, the winning bidder can overshoot all the other bids by quite a bit great for the seller. Um, but you know, the federal government says, Hey, we don't like this. So they, you know, Talked about maybe finding a way to put an end to it.
    [00:02:57] The problem is these real estate laws are set provincially in the federal government has very little authority. They can try and work with the provinces on this stuff. Uh, but so far from what I've heard, the provinces had told the federal government to go pound sand So, um, I know there's a lot of rumors out there.
    [00:03:15] There's a lot of, uh, things that we might be doing, but it's not even voted on yet. So, Mike, what have you heard and what do you take away from this proposed budget? Well, let's start
    [00:03:25] Mike Schroeder - Mortgage Architects: with, what's actually been talked about details. So the first one is actually a proposal. I like it's called the tax-free first home savings account.
    [00:03:35] So most people are familiar with the fact that you put money into your RRSPs. You can take money out of your RRSP’s. For the first time home buyer, they catch of course is that you have to put the money back into your RSP for the next 15 years. Okay. Well, most people are also familiar with the tax-free savings account.
    [00:03:54] You put mo

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    (EP: 164) Storing Your Stuff - Winnipeg Storage Solutions

    (EP: 164) Storing Your Stuff - Winnipeg Storage Solutions

    [00:00:00] Bo Kauffmann - Real Estate Agent: Do you have too much stuff in your house? What do you do with it? Today? Would talk temporary storage solutions. That's coming up next to Winnipeg's real estate podcast.
    [00:00:26] Bo Kauffmann: Hello, everybody Bo Kauffmann from here from Remax performance Realty with another great episode of Winnipeg's real estate podcast.  It's been said that the more room you have, the more stuff you accumulate, I can verify that, but there'll come a time when we all run out of room. My current hobby is scotch and cigars. and luckily that doesn't take a lot of room
    By the way, we have an upcoming fundraiser, a scotch and cigar sampling right here in Winnipeg on June 18th. That's the father's day weekend, but it's a Saturday.  And it has a twist to it. I know there's lots of scotch and cigar events around, but this one has a bit of a bonus.
    You actually get to enjoy the cigar because we're holding it inside. Thomas Hinds new sampling lounge, and they're licensed to allow smoking. So tickets are very limited because there's only 46 seats. If you're looking for tickets, give me a shout. They're going fast. June 18. And there was a five o'clock sitting and an eight o'clock sitting.  And the eight o'clock is just about sold out.
    Maybe you've got a hobby collecting sewing machines, or your collection of old pinball machines are starting to take up too much room. What do you do? Or perhaps you're going to sell your house and you need to just temporarily declutter a need some temporary storage.
    Whatever your reasons. There are storage solutions that have popped up all over town, ready to serve your storage needs. And today we're going to speak with Claire Coppens business manager of total storage right here in Winnipeg. I'm going to ask her a few questions.
    Hi, Claire. How are you today?
    [00:01:52] Bo Kauffmann: Okay, let's get right into it. What kind of people are, are your customers who use a storage facility?
    [00:01:59] Clair Coppens  I would say that the most popular reason people are coming to tool storage, like for a self storage unit are big milestones in their lives, like buying a new home or waiting for a new home to be built. Or oftentimes we have see like death of a loved one.  And they're trying to find space to put those belongings for a shorter or long time.
    [00:02:17] Bo Kauffmann: Right. Okay. Yeah, certainly I can get behind the idea of using storage to put your extra stuff, especially if you're downsizing or even up-sizing like your, you want to store it until you find a new home and then decide what you want to do with about you've been around for 10 years, you're telling me, but what do people look for when they want to select a self storage facility?
    [00:02:36] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: So I would say that the first thing to look for, if you're going to see a unit is if the facility is clean, like, are the hallway swept, are the units dusted and, you know, Ask other tenants there too. Like if they find the facility clean, the second thing I would say is, do you feel safe there? You know, you're putting a lot of your, your special items there.
    Is there a gate? What's the security like, is there cameras, do you need a code? What kind of locks are they asking you to put on the unit? And then third, it's just, do you feel welcomed there? Right. Do you feel like the staff cares that you and your items are there and you're not just a customer of theirs, you know, are they going to go the extra mile to make sure that your belongings are safe and well taken care of while you can't take care of them?
    [00:03:16] Bo Kauffmann - Real Estate Agent: Okay. So a question came to mind is do people have access to their stuff 24 7? Or are you just open during certain business hours?
    [00:03:23] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: Once you've rented a unit at 12 strategy, you have 24 hour access that's included in your rent and you can come and go as you please.

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    CashBack Mortgages - Benefits and drawbacks

    CashBack Mortgages - Benefits and drawbacks

    What are Cash-Back Mortgages? Whats the catch, and how do they help?
    Interview with Mike Schroeder of Mortgage Architects
    How much is your Home Worth?  Home values are on the rise with the low inventory of housing on the market!  That makes it an excellent time to sell right now.  Contact
    ❤️🤍💙BO KAUFFMANN, REALTOR®️ 204.333.2202 when selling and/or buying!  “Bo Knows Real Estate”.
    Join me on my website Blog.WinnipegHomeFinder.com for listings, informative blogs & so much more. 

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    April Real Estate Market (EP: 162)

    April Real Estate Market (EP: 162)

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