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Just three siblings musing about the weeks observations

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Just three siblings musing about the weeks observations

    BMC Season 2 Episode 6

    BMC Season 2 Episode 6

    As the days blur into one the siblings are back. Aunt B challenges the
    listeners to joining a virtual choir, cause who doesn’t love to sing. Steph
    talks about the joys of a virtual house party and Ty is editing children’s
    books. Also, kick off episode of Aunt B’s advice column. Dear listeners,
    please note, the virtual choir has yet to happen so there is still time to
    sign up. Happy listening!

    • 43 min
    BMC Season 2 Episode 5

    BMC Season 2 Episode 5

    Covid week 3 (or it could be more, BMC has lost track). The sibs are back!
    This week Ty asks us what we would do if we won the lottery. Aunt B decides
    she would like to be an advice columnists and Steph would like her very own
    Whiskey and Lulu. The siblings also share the wee silver linings that are
    getting through these tough times.

    Happy listening.

    • 47 min
    BMC Season 2 Episode 4

    BMC Season 2 Episode 4

    They’re back…the siblings are back again this week for another dive into
    the pandemic. Steph is hosty this week and has some great tips for thriving
    in this crazy time. Redefining LOL, is it laugh out loud or lots of love?
    Who’s to know? Aunt B suggests a deep dive into carbs and Ty chats
    priorities. Tune in, its a good distraction from these crazy days. Happy

    • 51 min
    BMC Season 2 Episode 3

    BMC Season 2 Episode 3

    The siblings are back and trying to stay on track with more regular casting
    content. This weeks episode mostly centres around the current state of
    affairs as we navigate these crazy days and Covid-19. Aunt B reflects on
    her highlights and lowlights of Covid-19 to date, Steph celebrates that the
    siblings are trail blazers and Ty talks about the changes we may see from
    Covid in the future.

    Happy listening.

    • 39 min
    BMC Season 2 Episode 2

    BMC Season 2 Episode 2

    And were back!! After a loooooonnnggg break the siblings are back and can’t
    wait to catch up. This week we learn about a very confusing coffee shop
    experience that Ty experiences, Steph is pumped about the stardom shout out
    tied to our home town and Aunt B is trying to fight off corona with shrugs
    not hugs.

    Happy listening

    • 46 min
    BMC Season 2 Episode 1

    BMC Season 2 Episode 1

    Were back!!!! Season 2, Episode 1. As promised we have ourselves quite the
    guest. Tune in to hear the words of wisdom shared by our guest. Its been a
    while so we have a check in with the Burleys. Steph is busy trying to
    figure out to open up a refuge for digs, Aunt B has a ‘penuer’ idea and Ty
    teaches us how to turn your day around. Good luck weaning off your
    halloween chocolates.

    • 47 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

Kristinmiddleton ,

My favourite podcast!

Really enjoyable to listen to and I’m pretty sure I’m now fluent in Esperanto. Can’t wait for season two!

TrouterB ,

Better than expected

Great show! Great hosts, lots of laughs

Dardar15 ,

Delightfully wholesome

Wholesome as an all-bran muffin. A great listen if you're with kids (except for the episode about Vegas).

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