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A podcast for everyday runners who want to make the most out of their training and achieve new personal records while managing work, family and life outside running.

Chasing Pr's - A Running Podcast Chasing Pr's - A Running Podcast

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A podcast for everyday runners who want to make the most out of their training and achieve new personal records while managing work, family and life outside running.

    New York City Marathon Review and Insights

    New York City Marathon Review and Insights

    In this episode of Chasing PRs, Diego shares his experience at the New York City Marathon. He starts with the vibrant expo, a prelude to the race, teeming with photo opportunities and essential marathon gear. Diego then takes us through his day, beginning in the athlete's village, where anticipation and nerves mingle. He talks about the early challenges of the race, maintaining a steady pace, and the mental strategy involved.

    A significant part of Diego's story is overcoming the Queensborough Bridge, a tough segment of the marathon. He highlights the importance of the crowd's energy, especially along Fifth Avenue and in Central Park, in boosting his morale and helping him reach the finish line.

    Diego's finish is more than just a physical achievement; it's a moment of emotional triumph. He reflects on the importance of endurance, mental strength, and listening to one's body. This episode isn't just about running a marathon; it's about the journey of passion, growth, and personal discovery that comes with it.

    60 North Run Challenge

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    The Crucial Role of Proper Fueling with Registered Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist Ashley Charlebois

    The Crucial Role of Proper Fueling with Registered Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist Ashley Charlebois

    In this podcast episode, we have the pleasure to interview Ashley Charlebois, a dietitian who specializes in the specific needs of athletes, particularly runners. 

    We dig deep into the most common mistakes that endurance runners make when it comes to nutrition, focusing particularly on under-fueling. Ashley explains the potential repercussions of insufficient fueling, bringing attention to the concept of 'Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport' (REDS). The conversation then transitions into discussing the concept of micro-nutrition, where certain nutrients become primary focus. We also touch upon issues such as weight loss during training, when and how much to fuel during runs, and the ratios of macronutrient consumption necessary to support optimum pick performance.

    Ashley Charlebois is a seasoned registered dietitian and exercise physiologist with a rich history of working with elite athletes across a variety of sports. With her practice beginning in 2007, Ashley's expertise has been sought after by professionals from prestigious teams and organizations such as the Buffalo Sabres, Vancouver Whitecaps, as well as athletes in the NBA, NHL, Skate Canada, Field Hockey Canada, Triathlon Canada, and Gymnastics and Cycling BC.

    Renowned for her extensive knowledge and dynamic approach to nutrition and exercise physiology, Ashley has made a significant impact in the field of sports nutrition. Her insights have supported athletes in optimizing their performance, fine-tuning their diets, and enhancing their overall health through personalized nutrition strategies.

    Currently, Ashley is leveraging her expertise as an Applied Performance Nutrition Researcher for the Canadian Armed Forces, a role in which she continues to contribute to the advancement of nutrition research and its practical applications in high-performance settings.

    * Common Mistakes in Runners' Diets

    * The Importance of Proper Fueling for Runners

    * Consequences of Not Fueling Properly

    * Discussion on Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (REDS)

    * The Impact of Underfueling on Recreational Runners

    * Understanding the Nutritional Needs of Runners

    * Signs of Low Energy Availability in Runners

    * The Role of Diet in Injury Prevention and Recovery

    * Weight Management and Training

    * Fueling Strategies During Training

    * Macronutrient Recommendations for Runners

    • 43 min
    Our Top Tips for Back of the Pack Runners

    Our Top Tips for Back of the Pack Runners

    In this week's episode of the Chasing PRs podcast, hosts Diego and Richelle discuss insider tips and strategies for both back of the pack runners and those looking to improve their speed. 

    From goal-setting and race selection to nutrition and mental strategies, this episode has everything you need to take your running to the next level. Plus, learn the importance of training age and how to improve your max speed to achieve your running goals. Whether you're a dedicated back of the pack runner, looking to improve, or simply happy with your running, this episode is a must-listen.

    • 56 min
    Celebrating One Year: Top 9 Game-Changing Lessons from a Year of Running Insights

    Celebrating One Year: Top 9 Game-Changing Lessons from a Year of Running Insights

    Join us as we lace up for a special anniversary episode, reflecting on an incredible year of conversations, interviews, and breakthroughs.

    Over the past twelve months, we've had the privilege of delving deep into the world of running, from the science behind our strides and stories that push us an extra mile to elite runners interviews.

    In this episode, we're sharing the top 9 game-changing lessons we've uncovered — insights that have transformed our understanding of the sport and have the potential to revolutionize your training, mindset, and performance.

    Whether you're a seasoned runner or just starting your running journey, this retrospective episode is packed with actionable takeaways, inspiring anecdotes, and the distilled wisdom of a year's worth of running revelations. So, grab your headphones, set your pace, and join us as we dive into a year of unforgettable insights and celebrate this journey with you.

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    Ultra Trail Running Tips with Coach Liam Walke

    Ultra Trail Running Tips with Coach Liam Walke

    We're diving deep into the world of ultra trail running with our special guest, Liam Walke. Not only is Liam an impressive runner, clocking a 50K race in just 4 hours and 14 minutes and 100km in 13 hours and 10 minutes at the renowned Blacks Por Ultra in Canada, but he's also an expert coach. He finished third overall at the 90K Ultra Trail run and has a wealth of knowledge to share.

    Throughout the episode, Liam provides a fresh perspective on the holistic approach to running. There's a profound message interwoven: "running is running." It's a simple yet powerful reminder of the core essence of the sport, regardless of the terrain or distance.

    Listen in as we discuss race selection tips, the best ways to immerse yourself into trail running, and the highs and lows of Liam's incredible running journey. Whether you're a seasoned trail runner or considering dipping your toes into the world of trail running post-snowfall, this episode promises to inspire and educate.

    Liam's IG: https://www.instagram.com/liamonthetrail/

    • 53 min
    Chicago Marathon Race Recap and Review

    Chicago Marathon Race Recap and Review

    Join us in this adrenaline-pumping episode as we dive deep into the heart of the 2023 Chicago Marathon. From the energy at the starting line to the exhilarating final sprint at Grant Park, we've got every mile covered. Hear firsthand experiences from runners who tackled the 26.2 miles and get an insider's look at the challenges and triumphs they faced. We also delve into what makes the Chicago Marathon a unique race in the running calendar. From its iconic cityscape backdrop to the roaring crowds, and the unpredictable October weather, this episode captures the essence of the Windy City's premier running event. Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or just a running enthusiast, this recap and review will inspire and invigorate your passion for the sport. Lace up and tune in!

    • 38 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

Deborah.runsherfast ,

Thank you from a mother runner

Learning so much from these episodes! I’m a busy working mom with big running goals, and this podcast had been amazing to help me balance all the things in life, understand better how to deal with injuries, and how to train better (not just the running, but the recovery, the eating, the strength…). Richelle and Diego are experienced and knowledgeable, and it’s so interesting to get their different perspective on all the topics! Merci!!

Janik.V ,

Love these two!

As a new runner I have loved learning from Diego and Richelle. So much great information. I suggest it to all my running friends!

runlilyrun23! ,

Helped me PR!

I have been listening to them since just about the beginning and I love them, great dynamic and really helpful to the everyday runner. I follow all their tips, I do Richelle’s instagram strength workouts and yesterday I went from a 1:08 to 58:32 in my 10 km! I feel I owe a lot of my improvement to this podcast! I 100% recommend.

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