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    Enemies of the People

    Enemies of the People



    Some of the nagging calls we are constantly subjected to, both in politics and the Church, are calls for unity. But notice, calls for unity are always coming from the Marxists — again, in politics and the Church.

    "Unity" is a ploy, a tool for that crowd — nothing else. The truth is, those making the calls are enemies of the people. Back in April 2019, President Trump elicited catcalls and howls of anguish from the Marxist media when he declared the truth that the press is the enemy of the people.

    The Marxist media, of course, distorted his meaning and reported that Trump was trying to abolish a free press. No — he was pointing to the truth that long ago, the media giants went all-in for Marxism and, as a result, have truly become the enemies of the people.

    The unity calls from the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff and so forth are betrayed by the fact that they are only pretend Americans. They aren't real Americans. They have a view of America wildly different from what the Founding Fathers and true-blooded Americans actually believe America is.

    Their phony claims to patriotism are just that — phony, pure fiction. They join the ranks of their allies in the media in being enemies of the people. But notice, as we are very persistent in pointing out in The Vortex and other programming at Church Militant, there is a parallel within the Catholic Church.

    The parallel exists because the same worldview, the same philosophy, is embraced by Marxists in robes, as it is by Marxists in office and Marxists on TV. Just as their pals are enemies of the people, so too are these phony clerics enemies of the people — the people of God.

    They set themselves up in opposition to the Church (and Her teachings), which means ultimately in opposition to Christ Himself. They have no faith in anything except themselves and their attempts to bring revolution to the Church and the world. They are rotten, scheming devils, who happen to wear miters or collars. Many of them are homosexual. 

    It seems only fitting that the final stake would be driven through the heart of the nation by a renegade Catholic.

    Some of them raped altar boys. But many more of them covered it up. They profess a desire for unity, but they are the sowers of disunity. They are enemies of the people of God and they are in league with the diabolical forces of destruction, both spiritually and temporally. They blather on about Catholic this or that, but secretly despise authentic Catholicism.

    They understand their role — their part of the battlefield — is to de-weaponize Catholics and convince them that rejecting the teachings of the Church as "hateful" or outdated is somehow being "Catholic." Even more than the media or political devils, as ruinous as they are, the ones in the Church are the most dangerous of all because they attack and pervert the source of truth.

    They are in absolute league with their political and media allies, but they are most corrupted and the farthest from God. Their fall from grace will ring out with such thunderous sound on the Last Day that the elect will be reminded of Our Blessed Lord's words in the Gospel of St. Luke: "I saw Satan fall like lightning from the sky."

    The Marxists have such contempt for other humans because their father is the Devil — they share his spiritual DNA. They have no truth in them. Satan is the enemy of humanity, and his minions are just little carbon copies of himself. Every age, every era, every generation — he finds those he can pervert and turn from truth. And in these past generations, he has been more successful than perhaps at any other time in the history of the world.

    As his offspring advance left, right and center, make no mistake that the sons of light will be made out to be the enemies of the State. In reality, we

    Glory of War

    Glory of War



    It certainly appears as though we are rocketing with lightning speed toward the end of something — the world, an era, Western civilization. A quick side note: Remember, we are always moving inexorably toward the end of the world. Every day it gets one day closer.

    Likewise, every single one of us is moving toward the end of our world, our personal worlds. No one watching this Vortex (or hosting it for that matter) will live another 100 years. Every one of our worlds will have come to an end. The end times and all that is a distraction, typically expounded on and emphasized in Protestant circles for its drama quotient, with great emphasis on theological error.

    Your world is going to end. That's what you most need to be concerned about. Likewise, again — the end of Western civilization — an honest assessment would conclude that has already happened. Sure, there are a few more bricks in the wall that have to be dismantled by the Marxists, but they are well on their way to achieving what they set out to do about 100 years ago, what their Freemason fathers set in motion 300 years ago.

    On the emotional side, there's no doubt this is enormously painful to watch. We see non-stop treachery from the Supreme Court, for example, certainly from within the ranks of the U.S. bishops and the Vatican. For those of us who have been around for a few decades and grew up under the American hegemony, we are seeing the meltdown of everything we grew up with and just assumed would kind of always be there.

    In the Church, it's the same thing. Persecution was something that took place "back then" or "over there." We were always free to show up to Mass in our finest beachwear and listen to Fr. Effeminate tell us "God loves us" and "We shouldn't judge," an encapsulation of the gospel of the Church of Nice. And we got to do it every week.  

    Sin, damnation, the Cross — all that medieval stuff — that all happened back in previous centuries. "Fellowship" and donuts are as significant as Mass, or so virtually every priest and adulation-loving bishop would assure us (in word or action). What this produced is an army unable to fight, because it has no weapons and is oblivious to the reality of the war raging about it and heading straight for it.

    But the fight is what this life is all about.

    But the fight is what this life is all about. They don't call it the Church Militant for nothing. Many Catholics today — good people, faithful people — look around and are depressed and disturbed and troubled as they see their world vanishing, the Church and the culture.

    And truth be told, it is sad. Comfort, stability, continuity, safety — these are things every human desires. But all of these are dissipating in quick order, and faithful Catholics wonder how to reverse it. We see our efforts at holiness or evangelization (or just plain trying to wake up others to evil) as pointless because they go nowhere. Few, if any, are convinced; we end up being roasted at our jobs, in social gatherings or in our families.

    It's not only spiritual; it's also personal. We have emotions and feelings. We feel sad and bad for those who will not see, people we love and want to be saved. At some point, however, we have to embrace this truth: The glory of war is an end in itself.

    The truth needs announcing, regardless of whether people listen and convert and get right with God before facing their judgments. The truth needs to be proclaimed, and that is the first demand of discipleship.

    If something happens after that which is good, well, that really wasn't us who accomplished it. It was Heaven. We would have just been the convenient instrument Heaven used. But Heaven could have, any moment, simply employed another person. We, as individuals, are not critical to God's plan and actions. What is critic

    Emotions Over Truth

    Emotions Over Truth



    The Catholic laity, by and large, has been reduced to a crowd of sniveling wimps. Catholic manhood is essentially gone, sacrificed at the altar of outrageous, radical feminism.

    Catholic teaching has always been centered on truth, always flowing from demonstrable truth. The great minds of the Church over the centuries were able to plumb the depths of the mysteries of God, salvation history and Scripture, and arrive at even deeper truths — more truth to move the emotions and the soul.

    But for the past 50–60 years, that order has been inverted: Truth has been replaced with emotions, with emotions used to disregard and shove aside the truth. Too many no longer care what the Church teaches; their only yardstick is the emotional response they have to the Church's teachings.  

    Truth is relegated to a feeling (in reality, subjected to your feelings). If it makes you feel warm and squishy inside, then that's all that matters. In fact, it's gone even further: The very concept of truth — intrinsic, objective truth — has been scuttled.

    Again, all that matters is how you feel. In the Garden of Eden, the passions were subordinate to the intellect. The intellect corresponds itself to truth. It makes judgments based on information presented to it and deals in the arena of correctness or incorrectness, based solely on truth.

    No one gets into Heaven, is saved from Hell, who does not love truth above all.

    The passions deal with the will. And when the passions rise up and seize control of the intellect, the soul falls into ruin. That so many souls have fallen into ruin is the underlying moral crime of the hierarchy these past decades. Souls in ruin become blind to truth. Even when confronted with it, they refuse to see it, so strong is the hold the passions have over the intellect.

    Notice we said "refuse to see it," not "are incapable of seeing it." Perhaps at some point much further along, they become totally blind to the truth — but not at first, and certainly not along the way. That's the final destination. A person who rejects truth — and who does so with such regularity that he is no longer capable of even recognizing it — how is that soul ever saved?

    Truth is a person: Christ Himself. Why would a soul who rejects truth want to spend eternity with a person he has no knowledge of? When Our Blessed Lord looked at Pontius Pilate and said, "Anyone who hears the truth hears My voice," He meant just that. He Himself is Truth. All truth derives from the Holy Trinity.

    And that's because truth reflects and speaks to order and harmony. After the Fall of Man, the passions became the enemy of the intellect, and thereby truth. The entire goal of the Catholic life is, by means of grace, to restore the order of the Garden before the Fall — to make the passions, once again, under the control of the intellect.

    Such a man does not abandon his family for sexual excess with someone not his wife. Such a woman does not offer her body in exchange for popularity.

    But for the past half century, most Catholics have not been told or presented the truth. Or at best, they have received little else than a very cheap knock-off of it. All the preachings, the liturgy, the Scripture studies, the education has centered around your feelings, not the truth.

    Accordingly, generations of Catholic youth who are now parents and even grandparents have emerged from the experience of the Church thinking all that matters is their feelings. They are spiritually spoiled — the Catholic equivalent of the "participation-trophy kids."

    Too many no longer care what the Church teaches; their only yardstick is the emotional response they have to the Church's teachings.

    They know nothing, or next to nothing, but can emote like nobody's business. Adults — grown men and women — are spiritual imb

    Marxist Immunity

    Marxist Immunity



    The higher up the sociopolitical-economic ladder you go, the less the consequences of Marxist ideology are felt. Eventually you reach a level where you find the actual Marxists behind the entire movement, whom we can term "the elites."

    That crowd never feels the effects of their worldview because they are, well, elite. They have enough money that their societal destruction never impacts them personally. Their own power and wealth insulate them from the devastation going on below them.

    For example, when the Minneapolis city council voted unanimously to defund and dismantle the city police department, three council members immediately hired private security firms for personal protection — of course, paid for by tax dollars, hundreds of thousands of tax dollars. 

    The law of the jungle is never more realized than by those who run the jungle. So much for "equality" among all the inhabitants of the jungle. The three council members justified their actions, saying first that they had received death threats (although they never produced any proof or filed any police report to back this up) and second that the personal round-the-clock security was only temporary.

    No word from them on when the clock would stop, of course. A word to the council members: Everything on earth is "temporary" — even life.

    Let's shift gears from the political establishment to the educational establishment. The former hippies of the 1960s, who are now frizzy-haired, hippie professors, went from the streets and Woodstock straight into the classroom lecture halls and, on the blackboard, started drawing up a "new society."

    Their nutty ideas and theories on human population growth, climate change and so forth have produced successive generations of idiots who took the scribblings on the blackboard and began making them reality in the culture, through the media and courtrooms and politics.

    The Marxist elite have enough money that their societal destruction never impacts them personally.

    Of course, the educational elites are perfectly fine with watching America burn because they all have tenure. So they are all insulated from the rioting devastation and meltdown of the family, brought about by their aggressive push of birth control and abortion and queer studies programs. As an aside, the generations of shock troops they churned out were each saddled with enormous amounts of student loans — $1.5 trillion and counting.

    Media elites — entertainment types included, likewise — sit in their anchor chairs night after night fomenting revolution in the streets, having been perhaps the greatest Marxist tool in bringing the nation to this point by lies and misinformation. But again, the rising waters of unrest don't get sufficiently high to reach them atop their broadcast towers and behind the walls of their Hollywood mansions.

    What all these Marxists share in common is a worldview that embraces sexual immorality and advances it. They themselves are great participants in this world — be they active homosexuals, or married and divorced so much they have revolving doors on their bedrooms, or so many shacked-up situations that the tabloid headlines can't keep up with who is living with whom these days and who is which one's baby-daddy.

    Again, they all have enough money to weather whatever temporal storm results from their love of immorality. But that's not true of their fans, or of the students of the nutty professors or those who are so braindead they actually vote the Marxist leaders into power.

    Not only are their souls wrecked, as is also the case with the elites, but so are their bodies, which is what the elites are exempt from. If the elites have children all over the place, they make enough money to pay the child support. If they divorce and remarry over and over, they can afford the




    So Bp. Robert Barron has really gone and stuck his foot in it this time. Especially noted for speculating that no one ever goes to Hell, as well as telling Dave Rubin that Catholics should not try to legislatively overturn gay marriage and refusing to level with Ben Shapiro about the necessity of Christ for salvation, he has now added to his list of cowardly statements that bishops have no obligation to defend Catholic art and statuary from rioters. 

    He elicited a social media meltdown last week when he felt the need to answer Catholics calling out a statement by California bishops addressing the statue attacks by rioters. The original comments essentially said, "Woopty Doo. Another bishops' statement. What are you going to do about it?"

    In response, Barron penned an article and punted, saying in essence, "It's not the bishops' job. It's up to you, the laity, to work things out in your own sphere, just like Vatican II said, don't you know." Well, the sheer cowardice and hypocrisy of that very revealing statement opened the floodgates against the celebrity prelate.

    Loads of people — fed up with the lies, duplicity and self-absorption of the U.S. hierarchy — let him have it with both barrels. So his inane response does merit a response, but before we give one, recall that Timothy Cardinal Dolan once introduced Barron to the New York media as "the next Bp. Fulton Sheen."

    Sure, because everyone can imagine Sheen staying quiet during a time like this with images of Our Blessed Mother being defaced and statues of saints being pulled down. Even statues of St. Michael have come under attack from Black Lives Matter and Antifa. But remember, Dolan is the cardinal who also brought active homosexuals into the St. Patrick's Day Parade, so take his recommendations for what they're worth.

    This idea that bishops should just issue statements and not actually do something is ludicrous.

    If Barron really thinks bishops should just write statements and stay out of actual physical participation in public stuff, why didn't he tell El Paso bishop Mark Seitz to stop his participation when the man knelt down with a BLM sign, signifying support for a rabid anti-Catholic group? Why didn't he tell the social-justice bishops who went down to the U.S.-Mexico border to offer Mass and make a political statement by distributing Holy Communion through the border fence?

    Why didn't he tell San Diego bishop Robert McElroy to stand down as he whipped a crowd into a frenzy at a liberal gathering, telling them they all had to become "disruptors" of the Trump presidency? Why doesn't he call out his own bishops' conference for distributing charitable funds to some of the groups actually causing the violence in the streets?

    For that matter, why didn't he offer a correction to Dolan for forcing the St. Patrick's Day Parade committee to accept open gays advocating for same-sex "marriage"? Every one of those actions by bishops goes way beyond just a statement. Heck, Wilton Gregory ordered his priests in D.C. to attend what amounted to an anti-Trump rally, thinly disguised as a rally against racism.

    Barron was silent there as well.

    He never offers a word of fraternal correction to Pope Francis, whose entire pontificate is nothing but one big Marxist, social-justice initiative. He never mentions any of those bishops or the pope stepping out of their sphere. Tsk, tsk bishops — Vatican II would not approve.

    And turning to Barron himself — does he not deem his own celebrity personality waxing on movie reviews as "out of his sphere"? This idea that bishops should just issue statements and not actually do something is ludicrous. Pope Leo I went out to face down Atilla the Hun and ward off an attack against Rome in the fifth century. But more important is what Barron's sniveling reveals about bishops in gener

    Vatican China Sellout

    Vatican China Sellout


    Experts are saying the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been sending $2 billion annually to the Holy See since 2013, the year Pope Francis took office. The lucre is part of a CCP strategy for world domination to bribe, compromise and control Italy through the Vatican — and then the European Union through Italy. The deal between China and the Vatican seems traceable to the disgraced Theodore McCarrick. 

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