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Brain and biomedical details to improve diagnostic and treatment accuracy.

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Brain and biomedical details to improve diagnostic and treatment accuracy.

    319 Neurofeedback Immune System Dysregulation – Capanna-Hodge-2

    319 Neurofeedback Immune System Dysregulation – Capanna-Hodge-2

    Neurofeedback for Immune System Dysregulation
    [Ed note: Sorry gang, running too fast and sent out this replay without the audio! Ouch! Thanks for your patience – this important piece is up now.]
    Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge is the founder and director of Dr. Roseann and Associates and originator of the 360° Reboot® Intensive Therapies Program. Her center is known for offering expert-level integrative mental health support and she has more than 25 years working with children, teens, adults, and parents. [This is a repub of CBJ/294 – as neurofeedback – NFB – has multiple positive, not-medical applications, and immunity issues provide new, fertile application territories.]
    She answered her calling to be a psychologist, and currently has integrative centers in Ridgefield and Newtown, CT, where the focus is on providing clinically valid holistic therapies, such as neurofeedback, biofeedback, counseling, and assessment for a variety of issues and conditions.
    Immunity and Brain Function
    She is an expert on Immunity and Brain Function discussed by many practitioners here at CBJ.
    Her Immunity Vision
    After seeing individuals and families suffer through unsuccessful attempts at traditional therapies, Dr. Roseann became passionate about using highly effective research-based clinical therapies to alleviate stress and suffering, bringing children and adults to a point of wellness.
    I deeply appreciate her comprehensive view of diagnosis and treatment strategies.
    Dr. Roseann is a well-respected BCN Practitioner who is a popular and sought-after speaker and a co-author of Brain Under Attack a resource guide about PANS/PANDAS.   She is an expert in several areas including anxiety and anxiety-related disorders, ADHD, Autism, executive functioning, Dyslexia, and other reading disabilities, learning disabilities, Lyme Disease, PANS/PANDAS, Concussion/Post-Concussion Syndrome, pediatric mental health, and parent coaching.
    Let me ask you directly: did she miss anything?
    Her Practice:

    * Our center provides expert-level integrative care that goes beyond the surface of the issue(s) to help you not only get a deep understanding of the root causes but supports you in rectifying them in a bio-individual manner. [Sounds familiar!]
    * We use a variety of well-researched clinical therapies that are bridged to neuroscience to meet the unique needs of each child or individual and stay on top of all the cutting edge biomedical research. [Yes!]
    * The center’s staff’s professionalism, authenticity, and warmth are why clients come from near and far to get expert-level integrative care
    * We use neuroscience, epigenetics, and nutrition to help clients get to the core of the issue – a cutting edge plan.
    * We provide comprehensive diagnostics and therapies all in one center so clients and families can get the quality care they need from experts who care deeply about what they do
    * Dr. Roseann is the originator of the 360° Reboot® Intensive Therapies Program designed to support the bio-individual needs of local and out-of-state clients through intensive brain-based support
    * She is, to emphasize the point, an author of Brain Under Attack, a ground-breaking review of how immunity variables deteriorate brain function and create treatment failure.

    Her Practice,  Book & References

    * https://drroseann.com/
    * a href="http://geni.

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    318 Autism Spectrum Community & Family – Moore-2

    318 Autism Spectrum Community & Family – Moore-2

    Autism Spectrum Recovery | Team Connections
    There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.
    ~ Aldous Huxley
    Building The Autism Spectrum Team To Manage Recovery Variables
    Dr. Debra Moore is a retired psychologist who now devotes her time to writing and sharing information on understanding, treating and managing autism. Years ago she founded and directed a psychotherapy center in Sacramento, California where she taught and mentored therapists in training to manage autism spectrum challenges.
    Remember to always think in autism spectrum terminology to honor the deeper, evolving understanding of the multiplicity of underlying factors discussed by many experts here at CBJ listed below. [We’ll add more on this page as they report findings here.]
    Debra As An Autism Spectrum Resource
    Over the years she developed a specialty in autism spectrum disorders and following retirement from direct clinical work coauthored The Loving Push – How Parents and Professionals Can Help Spectrum Kids Become Successful Adults, with Dr. Temple Grandin, an internationally acclaimed expert who herself has suffered from ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder – challenges.
    Now living in Washington, DC, Debra contributors to Autism Parenting Magazine and Autism Asperger’s Digest, facilitates LinkedIn Groups Autism Spectrum Across the Lifespan, and Autism HELPING HANDS Mentors and contributed chapters to The Nine Degrees of Autism and Internet Addiction in Children and Adolescents. 
    Debra’s insightful comments here at CBJ/153, about ABA – Applied Behavior Analysis – and team play in work with ASD individuals, provide a helpful perspective even for the most informed parents and therapists.
    Dr. Moore’s Website & Book: 

    * https://www.linkedin.com/in/drdebramoore/
    * The Loving Push – How Parents and Professionals Can Help Spectrum Kids Become Successful Adults by Moore & Grandin – Amazon Global Link – Yes, Temple Grandin

    Recommended Training Programs For Both Professionals and The Public

    * Parents & Public – Autism Global Summit – Experts Discuss Multiple Treatment Details:  http://corebrainjournal.com/autismglobalsummit
    * Professionals – Autism Recovery Training – Dr. Kurt Woeller & International Experts: http://corepsych.com/autism

    It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.
    ~ Henry David Thoreau
    My Contribution to The Autism Global Summit
    – Please take a moment to Like and Leave a Comment over on YouTube! –

    Connected CBJ Guest Interviews Relevant for Autism Spectrum
    For professionals, we strongly recommend Dr. Woeller’s Autism Recovery Training – and if either ...

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    317 Boredom Marks Action Objectives – Copper-2

    317 Boredom Marks Action Objectives – Copper-2

    Boredom As An Important Marker For Action
    Paradoxically, without self-control you can’t be free.
    – Russell A Barkley
    Measure Brain Function To Improve Outcomes – Boredom Matters 

    Jeff Copper is an ADHD Coach and national thought leader who likes to use obstacles as teaching tools. He likes to measure. Here he measures, yes, boredom. At first, boredom looks like it’s obvious, but Jeff takes this interesting boredom discussion to a different level.
    Jeff is, quite simply, a man for all seasons, as he reflects, reports, and recommends on the remarkable changes in “ADHD” – Executive Function – mind science. His international reputation for asking important questions, for providing an interesting forum to discuss the vagaries of ADD/ADHD diagnosis and treatment, is nothing less than exemplary – especially in these halcyon years of ADHD medication confusion, public distrust, and pervasive medical quandary.
    It’s dicey out there, and Jeff sets out to correct the guessing game with details that work.
    Photo by Maxim Smith on Unsplash
    Straight Talk: Thinking About Boredom & Function
    Don’t forget, if the targets and treatments remain imprecise who can blame the public for a pervasive lack of confidence in the ADHD treatment system? The good news, label guesswork is out [hyperactive vs inattentive??], and detailed, functional measurement, both brain and biomedical, is now more decidedly, irrevocably in.
    No, I’m not diving into the deep waters of controversy over functional vs traditional medicine. The function I’m addressing here at CBJ is at once complex and simple: brain function and biomedical function from a comprehensive medical perspective are increasingly translatable, understandable, and applicable down at the street level.
    My perspective remains the same: Comprehensive perceptions are inclusive, not polarized in either of the warring medical camps [traditional or functional] and are in the best interest of the most advanced, most precise, most predictable patient care.
    Let’s get past binary thinking – it’s boring.
    The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.
    ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson
    Jeff’s Outstanding Contribution
    In just a few short years Jeff has interviewed almost everyone in the ADHD community from thought leaders such as Hallowell and Barkley to the living experiences of coaches and clients. He connects researchers with Main Street experiences, always chasing data that works in the real world. We’re on the same Path.
    Ed Note: On My Good Times With Jeff
    At first, Jeff and I simply bumped into each other at various meetings, from CHADD to the National ADHD Coaches Organization. I still remember very well how much we both appreciated Dr. Russell Barkley’s remarks years ago when Russ added Brain Executive Function insights to the previous appearance-based diagnostic criteria still used as the standard of care today.
    We all know that ‘Hyperactive,’ ‘Inattentive,’ and ‘Combined,’ simply don’t cover the complexity of executive function challenges. Brain function measures mark the essential reality of Executive Function Challenges beyond appearances. Precise target recognition matters for both providers and patients.

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    316 Dissociative Identity Disorder & As If Fusion – Flora-2

    316 Dissociative Identity Disorder & As If Fusion – Flora-2

    Dissociative Identity Disorder – Fusion Through ‘As If’

    Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.
    ~ Signund Freud

    Dr. Earl W. Flora provides therapy in Williamsburg, VA, for all ages with a wide range of individual mental health issues, family, work, and related issues. His specialty is treating Dissociative Identity Disorder, and here he adds this interesting perspective to reintegration/fusion.
    Along with a full range of psychological issues, Dr. Flora utilizes a well-publicized but seldom used a single sentence to quickly assess & identify DID clients. In addition, he has developed an abbreviated technique for working with clients suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder by avoiding the use of abreaction to bring the personas together, without forcing them to relive the negative effects of the event that caused their separation in the first place.
    It’s about time… time to recover.
    Only after spending 27 years developing and validating the technique has he published his book titled Then They Were One – Fusion Without Abreaction,  in which he describes his technique in great detail. 
    Additional Details
    Since you’re interested here do listen to the two ART – Accelerated Resolution Therapy – Interviews below as they bring together additional practice recommendations/applications.
    Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash
    Book and Additional References

    * Website: https://ewfasifnow.com/
    * Book: Then They Were “ONE” Fusion Without Abreaction: Via The “AS IF” Technique In 60 Seconds Or Less An Innovative Approach To The Diagnosis Of Dissociative Identity Disorder – 2015 – Flora – Global Amazon Link 
    * Endorsed by Beverly Searle, a Guest at CBJ/165 noted below: “For us working in the field to have more tools to add to our therapy practice so as we can assist in the healing of these people who have had tremendous abuse in childhood is greatly needed.”

    CBJ Expert Insights On Dissociative Identity Disorder & Similar Interventions

    * Anorexia, Dissociation & Depression Revisited – Searle – http://corebrainjournal.com/157
    * Dissociative Identity Disorder Update – Searle – http://corebrainjournal.com/165
    * EMDR for DID – Lobenstine – https://corebrainjournal.com/166
    * Dissociative Identity Disorder – Client Reports – Davis – http://corebrainjournal.com/144
    * Sexual Healing After Childhood Trauma – Carson – http://corebrainjournal.com/219
    * Accelerated Resolution Therapy – ART – Kip – http://corebrainjournal.com/201
    * Accelerated Resolution Therapy – More Options – Breeding – a href="http://corebrainjournal.

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    315 Mycotoxins & Toxins – Brain Data & Recovery-2 – Woeller

    315 Mycotoxins & Toxins – Brain Data & Recovery-2 – Woeller

    Testing For Mycotoxins From Mold At Any Age
    Dr. Kurt Woeller has been a biomedical autism specialist since 1998, and in this interesting CBJ Episode, he clarifies the multiple benefits and indications for Mold awareness and Testing for Mycotoxins. This is the second CBJ guest interview with Dr. Woeller after his excellent first discussion regarding biomedical measurement strategies for Autism and Treatment Failure, linked here: CBJ/140 – and this is a republication of his earlier CBJ/192 Mycotoxins interview.
    As an original Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) referral physician, he has years of experience in researching and implementing advanced biomedical interventions for individuals with autism. His extensive network of educational websites, books and webinars provide parents of individuals on the autism spectrum, as well as physicians and other healthcare providers treating autism, access to an abundance of important information regarding biomedical intervention measurements and treatment strategies.
    To have direct interaction with Dr. Woeller right away you can subscribe to his biomedical autism website at AutismRecoverySystem.com. There you can post questions in the Parent Forum which Dr. Woeller will answer directly. He is also available for private consultations through his office including phone and Skype (internet) appointments.
    Dr. Woeller’s Training Websites – For Professionals & The Public
    Toxicity Mastery Course – http://toxicitymasterycourse.com – Connect Now: Starts Monday, March 5 – This is the course we discuss in this interview. The content is designed for health professionals, but it’s open to anyone who wants to take it. This CBJ interview highlights the mycotoxin portion of this comprehensive course on toxin challenges. If you don’t look you can’t see.
    Integrative Medicine Academy – http://integrativemedicineacademy.com – this is the main website for his various “Mastery” courses. This site provides an overview of each course and in time he plans to add a Reference Directory for practitioners who have taken our courses, and a forum for ongoing QA and case reviews.
    Autism Mastery Course – http://autismmasterycourse.com – He is currently two weeks into a relaunch of this course. This was our original flagship course we started with a few years ago. Every time I redo the course I update the material. This course is also designed for health professionals and open to parents as well.
    SIBO Mastery Course – http://sibomasterycourse.com – this course will be the next big launch after Toxicity Mastery. This course was originally titled GI Mastery (and some of the information on the webpage still reflects that), but we are rebranding it to give a heavier focus on SIBO. We’re planning another Dr. Woeller interview on small intestinal bacterial overgrowth – SIBO – and the effects it has on other conditions, e.g. fatigue, mental health, brain fog, & emotional dysregulation.
    Autism Recovery System – http://autismrecoverysystem.com – this site was designed to take the place of Autism Action Plan (AAP). AAP is contemporary in content yet built on an older site, so much of the video doesn’t function properly on the newer mobile devices. AAP still exists because people still find it and join, but we are attempting to get people over to Autism Recovery System site because it is more updated and user-friendly. This website is specifically designed for both parents and c...

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    314 ADHD Kids & Law – Tudisco-2

    314 ADHD Kids & Law – Tudisco-2

    ADHD Kids: Challenges With The Law  
    While the CDC estimates that ADHD occurs in 10% of the general population, its prevalence in our jails has been estimated at 50% or higher.  Additionally, in about 65% of cases, ADHD is present with a co-occurring mental health condition.  Studies also show that inmates with related mental health conditions stay in the system between 5 and 8 times longer than inmates without mental health impairments. This is further compounded by the fact that the risk of substance abuse disorder doubles when ADHD is present and further triples when ADHD is present with Conduct Disorder.
    ~ Robert Tudisco
    Robert Tudisco – A Lawyer Experienced With ADHD Kids 
    Here Robert takes on many imperatives that surround ADHD children with legal issues  – and gives us hard, straight answers. Consider this essential perspective: children and adolescents with ADHD & co-occurring conditions experience a much higher risk of school discipline & criminal prosecution.
    Robert is a nationally recognized author, motivational speaker, and non-profit management consultant, in addition to being a practicing attorney at the law firm of Barger & Gaines, in Irvington NY.
    My firm recommendation for those interested in ADHD kids and the law: This mandatory listen to lawyer

    * He is a past member of the National Board of Directors of Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (CHADD), serving as a member of its Public Policy Committee since 2003, and as Committee Chair from 2005 through 2008. Robert is also a former Vice President of the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA).
    * Since his diagnosis, he has researched and written extensively on the subject of special education law and disability advocacy, as well as the over-representation of individuals with ADHD and co-occurring mental health conditions in the juvenile/criminal justice systems,  compared to that in the general population.
    * He is a frequent resource for the media on these subjects including CBS News, New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, ABC News, The BBC, NBC’s Today Show, CNN, USA Today, Seattle Times. Robert has been published in ATTENTION® Magazine and regularly contributes to adult, parenting, and legal issues, in addition to serving on its Editorial Advisory Board from 2004 through 2014.
    * He was also the legal expert columnist for ADDitude Magazine from 2007 through 2012.

    How – Rob’s Legal Insights On ADHD Kids: Law, Child, School, & Parental Options

    * His personal story – the first epiphany
    * He began to see patterns in those he represented
    * Red flags for challenges in the legal community 
    * Diagnosis goes far beyond proper legal defense
    * Dr. Jennifer Freed is on a similar mission  – Dr. Freed’s CBJ Episode Here: CBJ/035
    * “Under the law” details: the school, parents, and your child 
    * Prevent reoccurrences of the same disciplinary challenges 
    * Note: Get your child out of the line of fire 
    * Excellent review of the larger picture – girls, ADD, comorbid diagnoses 
    * The important issue of diversion – kids sharing drugs

    CoreBrain Academy Training Details

    * Preview these CoreBrain Academy ADHD Coursework details:
    – ADHD101 – 55 lessons + coaching: How to Measure, Target , & Treat brain/biomedical realities  https://www.corebrainacademy.com/courses/adhd-treatment-failure
    * The PM Drop – ADHD Minicourse: Learn how to use these most common problems to correct Treatment Failure results & comorbid conditions not initially recognized.

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6 Ratings

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