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Chelsea Johnson is a performer and lifestyle entrepreneur who has a passion for connecting with people and helping them find their light. Cue to Cue is a space where artists openly share their experiences. The goal of the podcast is to create an environment where people can come to be inspired, encouraged to take risks with their creativity and embrace their authenticity.
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Cue To Cue: The Performers' Podcast Chelsea Johnson

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Chelsea Johnson is a performer and lifestyle entrepreneur who has a passion for connecting with people and helping them find their light. Cue to Cue is a space where artists openly share their experiences. The goal of the podcast is to create an environment where people can come to be inspired, encouraged to take risks with their creativity and embrace their authenticity.
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    Design And Live Your Most Creative Life! No Permission Needed!

    Design And Live Your Most Creative Life! No Permission Needed!

    Today, on Cue To Cue, we are talking about permission and the role it plays in our creative journey. 
    When we are younger, permission is a very necessary function to keep us safe, help us respect people's boundaries, and keeping us all "rowing in the same direction". Asking your teacher to go to the washroom. Asking your parents if you can go to your friend's house etc...
    In adulthood, along my creative journey, turns out asking and waiting for permission doesn't look the same as it did when I was a child. It shows up in subtler ways. It shows up in rational hesitation, justification, fear of trying new things, to name a few. Looking/waiting for permission can completely derail the creative vision for my life and my confidence to pursue it.  
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    Charlie David: How To Unleash Your Creative Impulses When Moving In Uncharted Territory

    Charlie David: How To Unleash Your Creative Impulses When Moving In Uncharted Territory

    Do you wear many hats as a creative artist? How has time management been for you? Are you struggling to keep up trying to be in multiple places at the same time?
    Producer/ Director Charlie David joins our conversation this week to reiterate that active communication between the production team is a critical element in time management. We need to let them know when we are in a place of "too much" and welcome the conversation from their side too.
    If you can only give 3 mornings a week for a project, then inform your creative team and make that time count. Charlie reminds us that it's not our turn, all the time. We should honour each other's time, space, and dedication in each project.
    You can always press pause, figure it out and hopefully come back stronger and better.
     In this episode:
    Integrity is a confidence builder. The importance of actively listening and actively acknowledging having a growth mindset. How a movie or tv series can incite conversations that we often don't talk about. The importance of active communication in time management. We will give our best work when we are nourished and it comes from absorbing creativity in the community.  
    A little about Charlie:
    Charlie David has hundreds of hours of television to his credit, predominantly exploring the LGBTQ+ experience.
    He has been selected as the Canadian Filmmaker in Focus by the Kashish Film Festival in Mumbai, India, an invited guest of the Canadian embassy in South Africa to share his documentary on HIV+ youth, executive produced Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride, a global look at pride celebrations, and winner of multiple awards including, the HBO Best Doc award at the Miami International LGBT Film Festival.
    Charlie is the President and a producer at Border2Border Entertainment and previously owned CTM International, a talent agency based in Vancouver managing union and non-union contracting, payments, and negotiations for a roster of over 300 clients.
    Border2Border Entertainment produces and promotes a unique brand of award-winning, critically acclaimed film, television, and digital projects. We are dedicated to making each production experience enjoyable for our artists, business and broadcast partners, co-workers, and ultimately our audience.
    We are creators who share and promote content for diverse, underserved audiences made by people with lived experience – women, LGBTQ+, and people with disabilities as key participants in what we make.

    Border2Border Entertainment pursues a digital-first strategy (TVOD, SVOD, AVOD) in the distribution of its assets which include web series, narrative and documentary feature films, scripted, documentary, and lifestyle TV series as well as audiobooks, voice recordings, and branded video. Our ongoing relationships with TV networks, film festivals, and digital platforms around the world keep our content in demand and viewed by millions.

    Border2Border Entertainment is a certified supplier and member of the Canadian Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television, the Canadian Media Producers Association and a signatory producer with ACTRA.
    Follow Charlie!
    Online: www.border2border.ca Facebook: Charlie David  Instagram: @border2borderentertainment Instagram: @mrcharliedavid Twitter: @CharlieDavid YouTube: Border2Border Entertainment Vimeo: Border2Border Entertainment

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    David Connolly: How To Infuse Advocacy And Activism Into Your Creative Journey And Achieve Your Creative Goals

    David Connolly: How To Infuse Advocacy And Activism Into Your Creative Journey And Achieve Your Creative Goals

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    How do you want to impact the world as an artist?
    You are making waves, whether you acknowledge it or not. You get to decide the nature of the waves you make. Sometimes we can underestimate our impact and power as artists to effect change, and that is one of the biggest opportunities we can potentially miss on our artistic journey.
    This week, Director/ Teacher/ Advocate, David Connolly reminds us that change and awareness begin when we openly communicate and try to learn how others navigate through the world instead of forcing them into a mold. Conversations lead to understanding and that is where change begins.
    Is the fear of failure stopping you from venturing into this new chapter in your life? Is your goal more important than the feeling of being embarrassed? Being afraid that things wouldn't work out as planned is valid.
    David reiterates that sometimes healthy fear is a good thing, but we shouldn't let that stop us from pursuing something we are passionate about. Use your voice as an artist and bring your life experiences to create change!
    In this episode:
     Inspiring someone means being part of the army that allows people to remember that we are more the same than we are different. Trauma is not what happened, it's how you're dealing with what happened. How having a support system impacts your success as an artist. The difference between diversity and inclusion is taking the time to break the mold and learn how others navigate the world. The importance of apprenticeship and continuously learning in improving as an artist. A little about David:
    David Connolly is a recipient of The Premier of Ontario’s Award of Excellence in Applied Arts who holds an Honours Bachelor Degree in Musical Theatre Performance from Sheridan College. Immediately upon graduating, David made his Broadway debut and became the first and only amputee to ever perform there. Thirty years later, the double below-knee amputee remains an optimistic, highly creative idea generator of whose life Dance Magazine wrote, “demonstrates the quintessential balancing act between career and community service.”

    In January, 2020, David curated and moderated the first-ever disability inclusion panel at BroadwayCon in New York City to help develop actionable steps to improve disabled representation in arts. He is also an Ambassador for the Shriner's Hospital for Children, and the War Amps Child Amputee Program. For twelve-years, he served as Creative Producer for Fashion Cares in support of the AIDS Committee of Toronto, and has volunteered for the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, Easter Seals, Project Angel Food and The Hincks-Dellcrest Centre for Children's Mental Health.
    As the Associate Artistic Director of Drayton Entertainment, he has led the creation and implementation of Drayton’s Youth Education Program, an Actor’s Fund of Canada Benefit Cabaret Series and helmed over thirty productions including the Canadian regional theatre premieres of Kinky Boots, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Mama Mia! and Newsies. For the screen, David has directed and choreographed several series for CBC Kids as well as projects for CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS and two feature films by director, Deepa Mehta. He has collaborated with artists including Katy Perry, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Elton John, Sarah Jessica Parker, kd lang, Patti LaBelle, Sarah Brightman and many others.
    As an Educator, he has been an Adjunct Professor and Advisor to the Musical Theatre Performance Programs at Sheridan College, Randolph College, Fanshawe College, St Lawrence College and VanderCook College. He is a recipient of The Waterloo Region Arts Award for Lifetime Achievement, and proud member of The Directors Guild of Canada, ACTRA, Equity and The Stage Directors and Choreographers Society. 
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    Online: www.Da

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    Darryl Hogan: How To Become A Voice Over Actor

    Darryl Hogan: How To Become A Voice Over Actor

    Have you been thinking of venturing into the creative world of voice-over acting but don't know where to start? Have you been submitting audio clips for auditions but struggling to get hired?
    Darryl Hogan's first tip is to identify what you want to do. Do you prefer animation or commercial? Can you work part-time or full-time?
    Don't worry, you don't need to have everything figured out before you start. Feel free to try different genres!
    In this week's episode, Casting Associate, Technical Director & Voice Over Coach, Darryl will remind us that ignorance can propel us to discovering our brilliance, but it's also bliss. He urges us to find the balance between overthinking and giving our best. An array of great tips for aspiring voice actors await us this week.
    In this episode:
    How our gets in the way of thinking we know better actually limits us from discovering our potential brilliance. Tips on how to improve your performance as a voice actor. How having the proper mic technique and a quiet environment impacts the quality of your audio audition. The importance of noise floor and acoustic treatment for reflections in creating an ideal environment for voice-over recording. A little about Darryl:
    Darryl started his career in the world of Voice Over 21 years ago, as a booth director and audio engineer in his late teens at one of the country’s top talent agencies. Darryl has expanded his broad knowledge of the voice-over industry working as a voice agent, audio engineer, VO demo producer, voice director, VO consultant, V.O Coach and has even lent his voice professionally as a voice performer to various productions. Added to this, is his strong skill set in I.T and the telecommunications fields as well as his love for problem-solving. Darryl holds the position of Technical Director, Casting Voice Director, and V.O Coach at KH Casting.
    What are you working on right now? How can we support you? 
    Many projects that we cast and voice direct often require NDA because of their pre-production status, but we are constantly offering educational resources for Voice Over as well as demos and tech services at KH Casting.
    Follow Darryl!
    Website: www.khcasting.com
    Facebook: Kim Hurdon Casting
    Instagram: khvoice

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    Paul Soles : “Talk About Good Luck?! You Betcha!”

    Paul Soles : “Talk About Good Luck?! You Betcha!”

    Today, in honour of the late Paul Soles, I re-release this conversation I had with him 3 years ago just on the heels of him winning best actor for his role in My 90-Year-Old Roommate. Paul is a Canadian Treasure and I feel so lucky to have sat a spoken with him for as long as I did collecting gems of wisdom.  A true class act.
    Sitting down with Actor/ T.V. Personality/ Voice- Over Artist, Paul Soles, was a real treat for me. Paul was full of such life and good humour that it made for an easy discussion about the ups and downs and ins and outs of perusing a career as a performance artist. Aside from having an incredibly diverse and robust career, Paul witnessed the progression and development of both theatre and television from the beginning in Canada which allowed him to have a far broader scope and understanding of how the entertainment industry works and to have fascinating insights and stories on being a Canadian born artist that worked at home and internationally.
    One of the things that struck me about Paul was the immense of gratitude he has for the work he does. Paul is 86 and still working. Just a few weeks ago Paul won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Actor in a Digital Program or Series for his work in the hit CBC Comedy My 90- Year-Old Roommate. Paul seems to speak with the same level of enthusiasm as someone who is starting out on their journey as an artist and that truly left a mark on me. Many times through the interview he proclaimed how lucky he has been to have been given the opportunities to work and how blessed he has been to work with the calibre of actors over the course of his career. In his words, “more luck than good management”. I am sure talent had a little something to do with it.
    In this episode, we discuss how he got his start as a voice-over artist and actor, what is one tip he has received throughout his career that has stuck with him and proved to be useful, what his most memorable moment has been of his career and what he believes draw performers to want to perform in the first place and so much more!
    A little about Paul :
    Soles is widely known as the voice of Hermey the misfit elf in Rankin/Bass' Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer from 1964. He also voiced Marvel superhero Spider-Man in the original animated television series also from the 1960s, and he played "The Lawbreaker" on the CBC panel quiz show This Is the Law in the 1970s, and played Costas Stavros on the Canadian soap opera Riverdale. In 2001, Soles took over the role of Shylock the Jew in the Stratford Festival of Canada production of The Merchant of Venice after Al Waxman, who was originally scheduled to play the part, died.[3] Soles played Stanley the pizza shop owner in The Incredible Hulk (2008), and his other film appearances have included roles in Ticket to Heaven (1981), Just the Way You Are (1984) and The Gunrunner (1989) opposite Kevin Costner. He also played Danny, the Montreal Customs House janitor in the 2001 crime thriller The Score.
    Soles won a 2006 Gemini Award for his role in the television series Terminal City,[4] and a 2017 Canadian Screen Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Digital Production for My 90-Year-Old Roommate.[5]

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    Help! I Can't Feel My Gratitude!

    Help! I Can't Feel My Gratitude!

    Today we are talking about the BIG G! Gratitude!
    Why it's so important. How as an artist a gratitude practice can help in your life and work! 
    I am sharing my experience of how I did what all the books told me to do and failed miserably at developing a gratitude practice of my own for an entire year. 
    How I turned that self-induced miserable experience into a breakthrough to having one of the most joyous gratitude practices!

    • 13 min

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5.0 out of 5
51 Ratings

51 Ratings

Pure.Studios ,


The life of an artist is not an easy path. Chelsea’s podcast is full of helpful expertise, motivational tips, success stories and of course her lovely personality and voice are a cherry on top! A must listen to any artist!

josephzita ,

The perfect podcast for emerging performers

Chelsea has created such an incredible podcast. She brings in guests who have such a profound and articulate understanding of their own artistry, and asks relevant, meaningful questions. Her podcast has served as a really special guide, especially for me as an emerging performer. I love listening whenever I can!

Petesynth ,

An ever-expanding treasure trove of knowledge.

Chelsea has a way of making folks feel instantly comfortable and getting to the essence of their story. I feel her background as a performer herself leads her to ask questions others wouldn't think of, and the answers often help me see my own journey more clearly. This podcast is a rich resource and I am grateful for it.

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