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The Curious Women Podcast is a place where hosts Meg and Kylie talk weekly about women's health topics, focusing in on the things you didn't know you didn't know. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/curious-women/support

Curious Women Meg Hagar & Kylie Fagnano

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The Curious Women Podcast is a place where hosts Meg and Kylie talk weekly about women's health topics, focusing in on the things you didn't know you didn't know. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/curious-women/support

    042 Seeking All Oven Cleaners with Kylie & Meg

    042 Seeking All Oven Cleaners with Kylie & Meg

    Welcome back to another biweekly episode of the Curious Women Podcast. This week’s episode features Kylie and Meg. Throughout the conversation, they talk about the guided ketamine experience, Kylie’s burlesque shows, strata nutrition, and more.

    [12.15] The blueberry blunder – Meg shares her blueberry blunder incident in Hawaii.

    [16.17] Bachelorette party – Meg talks about her combined bachelor and bachelorette party in Atlantic City.

    [18.51] Guided ketamine experience – Kylie shares her intention to get Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP).

    [26.12] Burlesque shows – Meg talks about her upcoming burlesque show in March.

    [29.42] Strata Nutrition – Kylie talks about her nutrition service Strata Nutrition and what it means.

    [33.29] The design – Kylie shares what includes in her practice regarding nutrition.

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    041 Body Neutrality with Michelle Shapiro

    041 Body Neutrality with Michelle Shapiro

    It doesn’t matter if you don’t love your body; you have to respect it because it works hard to keep you healthy. Approaching things with love makes them easier, especially when it comes to weight loss. This week’s episode of the Curious Women podcast features Michelle Shapiro, a functional registered dietitian, and a patient advocate. Her goal is to build an army of self-healing advocates who aren’t ashamed of their bodies and health, and she also believes that everyone deserves to be heard and deserves to heal. She joined us today to talk about a loving approach to weight loss, inside voices, body neutrality, intuitive eating, and more.

    [06.05] A loving approach – Starting the conversation, Michelle shares what she means by a loving approach to weight loss. She further explains how we approach things with love and respect for ourselves.

    [13.19] The voices – We all have voices coming out of our minds. Telling people what to do and what not to do. Michelle dives into how she approaches these kinds of situations with her clients and what steps she takes to help them pass through them.

    [19.50] Positive and protective – Michelle discusses the importance of appreciating the voices that come from you.

    [24.26] Weight bias – Michelle shares reasons why we should not pursue intentional weight loss.

    [29.06] The biggest issue – Michelle shares the most vital issue the nutrition world has at present and the importance of having both physical health and psychological health.

    [42.21] Body neutrality – Michelle defines body neutrality and how it differs from body positivity.

    [48.01] Intuitive eating – Michelle shares the goals of intuitive eating and how it can be hard for people who suffer from chronic illnesses.

    [56.11] Starting point – Michelle shares what steps you need to follow if you want to start your health journey.

    [01.03.15] Trusting ourselves – Michelle walks us through the reasons why we don’t trust ourselves and what outside sources lead us to doubt ourselves.


    Connect with Michelle

    LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/michelleshapirord/

    Website - michelleshapirord.com/

    Instagram - instagram.com/michelleshapirord/?hl=en


    “Approaching something with love doesn't make it easy. It doesn't mean you're letting yourself off the hook, it doesn't mean that you're not doing the hard work.”

    “Lovingly also means listening to your authentic voice.”

    “You don't have to love your body every day, but you have to respect your body every day.”

    “Our thoughts are not always right. But they need our attention because they're trying to protect us and save us.”

    “Everything in life and health is all about neutralizing and not categorizing things as so black and white.”

    “People can weaponize nutrition information if they're not in the right state of mind to receive it.”


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    040 Leo's 101 With Kylie & Meg: Spoonfeed Us Compliments

    040 Leo's 101 With Kylie & Meg: Spoonfeed Us Compliments

    This week’s episode on the curious women podcast features Kylie and Meg. In this one-on-one episode, Kylie and Meg talk about Kylie’s recent experience with neighborhood stabbing, Christmas gifts, Meg’s intuitive moving classes, their upcoming episodes regarding weight management, and more.

    [06.03] The death experience – Kylie shares a horrible stabbing incident in her neighborhood.

    [14.45] Christmas gift – Kylie talks about the pencils she got for Meg as her Christmas gift.

    [20.37] Intuitive moving class – Kylie talks about Meg’s virtual intuitive moving classes and how she enjoyed them with her partner.

    [24.33] Weight management – Kylie and Meg share information about their upcoming guests and episodes regarding weight management.

    [27.47] Supporting curious women – Kylie and Meg share how to support the podcast and how you can help your loved ones by sharing the episodes with them.


    “The loudest are the most drastic"

    Connect with us: 

    Meg: @acne.nutritionist
    Spicy Intuitive Movement Class: https://acnenutritionistllc.practicebetter.io/#/613bd42b39803312cce19381/bookings?s=6372e37aad541f33ce2986b4&in=6387eaf519786187abb6529d

    Kylie: @the.gut.therapist
    Gut-Brain Connection Freebie: https://deft-speaker-5452.ck.page/faff68aec8
    Strata Supplements: https://www.stratanutrition.com/shop/


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    039 Off of Birth Control, Now What: What to Do Post Pill with Olivia Wagner, MS, RDN, LDN, IFNCP, CLT, MB-EAT

    039 Off of Birth Control, Now What: What to Do Post Pill with Olivia Wagner, MS, RDN, LDN, IFNCP, CLT, MB-EAT

    Choosing to stop using contraception is a significant step for some women, so it is helpful to have a strategy ready for the time after you stop taking your pills. During our discussion today, we go over essential and insightful data that should be considered while determining what to do after discontinuing birth control.

    Olivia is an Integrative and functionally focused Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist specializing in women's health, PCOS, and irregular & missing periods. As a functionally focused Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, she helps her clients identify their health concerns' biochemical, emotional, and lifestyle root causes and tailor a strategic plan to guide them to their goals. Also, Olivia believes that in learning to nourish and respect the body through food choice, individuals create the opportunity to heal and thrive in a body that feels right for them. On the other hand, she believes in the incredible shifts that a positive mindset can create and that welcoming joy and fun into the health journey is essential for sustainable change, which she highlights in today's conversation as well.

    [07:06] Introduction – Olivia introduces herself, her work, and why she's the perfect person to discuss today's topic.

    [09:43] Side Effects and Menstrual Cycle – We delve deeper into the withdrawal symptoms of birth control and discuss the numerous beliefs surrounding them.

    [16:00] Key Reasons - Why do individuals have difficulty discontinuing birth control?

    [23:10] Four Pillars – We explore four post-birth control balance pillars in depth.

    [25:20] Pillar 1 - Nutrient repletion and blood glucose management.

    [37:21] Pillar 2 - Daily detox support

    [44:13] Pillar 1 - Adrenal stress and stress balance

    [51:31] Pillar 4 - Gut microbiome nourishment


    Connect with :

    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/oliviawagner/

    Website: livnourishednutrition.com/

    Mentioned in the episode:

    025 Birth Control 101 with Dr. Basma Faris - What BC is, What it's Doing in Your Body, and the Questions You Want to Ask About It: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/025-birth-control-101-with-dr-basma-faris-what-bc-is

    012 Circadian Rhythm: The Routines Impacting Your Sleep, Hormones, and Gut Health with Sarah Marlette: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/012-circadian-rhythm-the-routines-impacting-your/id1614039124?i=1000564521144

    007 How The Menstrual Cycle Works with Jillian Greaves: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/007-how-the-menstrual-cycle-works-with-jillian-greaves

    38 Irregular Period? The Red Flags To Look For with Jillian Greaves, MS: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/38-irregular-period-the-red-flags-to-look-for-with


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    038 Irregular Period? The Red Flags To Look For with Jillian Greaves, MS

    038 Irregular Period? The Red Flags To Look For with Jillian Greaves, MS

    The more you are knowledgeable about something, the less frustrated you are. Irregular periods and not knowing it's not okay are common among women. In this week's episode of the curious women podcast, we are here with Jillian Greaves to talk about what's normal, what's not normal, and when you have to ask questions about your menstrual cycle.

    Jillian is the owner and a registered Dietitian at 'Jillian Greaves Functional Nutrition & Wellness.' She is a women's health expert known for her whole-health approach and the ability to support and empower women by naturally finding out the root causes of their hormonal and digestive symptoms. She has a bachelor of science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from UMass Amherst and a Master of Public Health Nutrition from Tufts University. She also assisted in developing and implementing multiple clinical nutrition research studies at USDA Human Nutrition Research Center. After healing her own body with years of hard work and experience, she worked with hundreds of women to transform their health. She knows what works and how to support women in achieving sustainable health outcomes according to their unique conditions.

    [07.30] Normal vs. not-normal – Starting the conversation, Jillian defines a normal menstrual cycle and in what conditions they consider it not normal.

    [13.23] Length of time – Jillian explains the common causes of having a long-term or short-term menstrual cycle.

    [20.33] Stress – Women struggle to find out if they are stressed or not most of the time. Jillian dives into what you need to do to identify if you are stressed or not. She further dives into the actions you can take to investigate deeply.

    [28.11] Physical symptoms – Everybody is different from one another. Jillian explains what's normal and what's not in terms of physical symptoms regarding the menstrual cycle.

    [35.05] Phytoestrogen – Jillian explains what phytoestrogen food is and how it could help women with high estrogen.

    [39.14] Bloating – Jillian dives into the causes of bloating and what remedies we can use.

    [47.49] Causes – Jillian shares the reasons for high estrogen in the body.

    [49.46] Hormonal acne – Jillian shares the most common reasons for hormonal acne. She further dives into how androgenic and estrogen-related acne works.

    [54.03] Acne levels – Jillian shares her perspective of hormonal acne being normal and not normal.


    Connect with Jillian

    LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/jillian-greaves/

    Website - jilliangreaves.com/

    Facebook - facebook.com/jilliangreavesrd/

    Instagram -  instagram.com/jilliangreavesrd/?hl=en


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    037 A Curious Women Recap II + Winter Hiatus

    037 A Curious Women Recap II + Winter Hiatus

    In this episode of the Curious Women podcast, we provide a summary of the prior few episodes as we found them to be so engaging and in-depth. We want to ensure that you not only have adequate time to go over all of them but that we also draw your attention to anything you may have overlooked.

    [03:33] Pregnancy – We explore the significance and applicability of the two pregnancy-related episodes, in which we address what you need to know before purchasing prenatal vitamins and what to eat during pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding.

    [09:15] How To Track Cervical Mucus: Your Vagina Know Best!  - In this episode, Kristina explains the KEGG device and how it helps women monitor their fertility and other cervical mucus-related issues.

    [11:29] Birth Control 101 with Dr. Basma Faris - Learn about BC, its effects on your body, and the questions you've always wanted to ask.

    [15:51] Check out - Listen to episodes 26,28 and 36, respectively, if you're interested in hearing Dr. E's functional medicine perspective on Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism, Bea Boas's insights into breathwork, and Heather Lastma's explanation of what it means to live an Embodied Life.

    [20:00] Suggestions - Get in touch with us and share your opinions and feedback.


    Mentioned in the episode:

    031 Prenatal Vitamins with Ayla Barmmer: What You NEED Know Before Buying: 031-prenatal-vitamins-with-ayla-barmmer-what-you-need/

    034 What to Eat For Pregnancy, Postpartum and Breastfeeding with Lily Nichols: 034-what-to-eat-for-pregnancy-postpartum-and/

    030 How To Track Cervical Mucus: Your Vagina Know Best! with Founder of Kegg, Kristina Cahojova: 030-how-to-track-cervical-mucus-your-vagina-know-best/

    025 Birth Control 101 with Dr. Basma Faris: 025-birth-control-101-with-dr-basma-faris-what-bc-is/

    028 ThetaBreathwork with Bea Boas:028-thetabreathwork-with-bea-boas/

    036 to know what it means to live an Emobied Life with Heather Last: 036-embodiment-what-it-means-to-live-an-emobied-life

    026 An Functional Medicine Approach to Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism with Dr. E: 026-an-functional-medicine-approach-to-hashimotos/


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