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A cool show about Dat!

DatCas‪t‬ Bret Comnes and Jim Pick

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A cool show about Dat!

    Episode 4 - Stephen Whitmore (@noffle)

    Episode 4 - Stephen Whitmore (@noffle)

    Our guest on this episode is Stephen Whitmore, also known as "noffle"!

    Guest: Stephen Whitmore

    Blog: eight45.net
    GitHub: noffle
    Twitter: noffle

    Cabal Chat

    Cabal Home Page
    GitHub: cabal-club/cabal
    GitHub: cabal-club
    Moose Team Friends
    Github: noffle/kappa-core
    GitHub: jimpick/cabal-ses-bot

    Digital Democracy

    Digital Democracy
    GitHub: digidem/osm-p2p-syncfile
    GitHub: digidem/indexed-tarball

    hypergit and git-ssb

    GitHub: noffle/hypergit
    GitHub: noffle/git-ssb-intro
    GitHub: noffle/gitverse

    Jim and Bret Updates

    Netlify CLI 2
    Dat Multiwriter Preview
    IPFS Dynamic Data and Capabilities

    • 58 min
    Episode 3 - Tara Vancil and Paul Frazee

    Episode 3 - Tara Vancil and Paul Frazee

    Our guests on this episode are Tara Vancil and Paul Frazee from
    Blue Link Labs, the makers of Beaker Browser!

    Highlighted Events

    Code for Science and Society May Community Call

    Guests: Tara Vancil and Paul Frazee

    Tara Vancil
    Paul Frazee
    Beaker Browser
    Blue Link Labs

    Web Extensions Links


    Hashbase and Homebase


    Dat Enhancement Proposals

    Working Group

    More Projects

    NodeVMS alpha: trustless execution of services on nodejs

    Dat vs. IPFS vs. Secure Scuttlebutt

    Dat Project
    Secure Scuttlebutt
    IPFS vs Dat
    Gozala's comparison

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Episode 2 - Danielle Robinson and Joe Hand

    Episode 2 - Danielle Robinson and Joe Hand

    Our guests are Danielle Robinson and Joe Hand who are co-executive directors of Code For Science and Society, the non-profit organization that runs the Dat Project.


    Danielle Robinson

    Twitter: @daniellecrobins

    Joe Hand

    Twitter: @joeahand

    Code for Science and Society

    Code for Science and Society
    Dat Project

    Recent Events

    Dat Shopping List Demo
    HyperDB 3.0.0
    Peer-to-Peer Web New York
    DNS based dat:// lookups in Beaker Browser
    Cabal Chat Client

    Upcoming Events

    Thu May 31 - Code for Science Community Call
    Thu Mar 31 - Berlin - Beaker Browser Hack Night
    Jun 2 & 3 - Berlin - JSConfEU

    Paul Frazee
    Tara Vancil
    Emil Bay

    Jun 13 - San Francisco - Decentralized Web Meetup at the Internet Archive

    Danielle Robinson

    OHSU Neuroscience
    Open Access
    Data Refuge
    Project Svalbard
    Practical Decentralization
    Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

    Joe Hand

    Santa Fe Institute + Slum/Shack Dwellers International
    Dat Command Line

    Interview Links

    Jeremy Freeman
    Janelia Labs
    Dat Protocol Working Group / DEPs
    Dat Governance Framework
    Code for Science & Society
    CS&S Collaborative Communities Project
    Request For Commits – Episode #6
    Dat Desktop
    Internet Archive
    California Digital Library

    More podcasts and videos to listen to

    Portland State University and Online Northwest Keynote: A Vision for Decentralized Data

    • 1 hr 5 min
    Episode 1 - Mathias Buus (@mafintosh)

    Episode 1 - Mathias Buus (@mafintosh)

    We invite Mathias onto the show and talk about the upcoming Dat Multiwriter feature

    * http://github.com/mafintosh
    * https://peer-to-peer-web.com/

    • 1 hr 11 min
    Episode 0 - Welcome to the DatCast!

    Episode 0 - Welcome to the DatCast!

    The first episode, where Bret and Jim try making a podcast for the first time, and explain what they want the show to be.


    * https://peer-to-peer-web.com/los-angeles/2018-04-28
    * https://twitter.com/mafintosh/status/989214862764118016

    • 15 min

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