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Various Progressive House Mixes from UK Female DJ, DJ Joolz. Soulful House, Deep, Jackin, to Deep Tech, Afrobeat House Music. I hope you enjoy. Love, peace and House beats x

DJ Joolz - Soulful, Deep & Jackin House DJ Joolz - Soulful House, Deep House, Afro House

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Various Progressive House Mixes from UK Female DJ, DJ Joolz. Soulful House, Deep, Jackin, to Deep Tech, Afrobeat House Music. I hope you enjoy. Love, peace and House beats x

    DJ Joolz - Afro House Mix - May 2017

    DJ Joolz - Afro House Mix - May 2017

    DJ Joolz - Afro House Mix May 4th 2017
    UK Female House DJ.

    I hope you enjoy my afro mix, this is for all the warriors of life, keep happy, keep blessed, keep dancing.

    Much love, s Bonus Beats)
    Track 9) Groove Junkies, Solara - Perception (GJs Soul Excursion Dub)
    Track 10) Soul Slayerz - Black Sun
    Track 11) Benji Candelario, Wayne Rollins, Cinnamon Brown - Paradise (The Original Mix)
    Track 12) Spiritchaser, AM2PM - Twenty20 (Spiritlevel Dub)


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    DJ Joolz Twitter: www.twitter.com/DJJoolz
    DJ Joolz Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/DJJoolz
    DJ Joolz Resident Advisor: https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/djjoolzthehousemistress
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    DJ Joolz - Uplifting Vocal House Mix

    DJ Joolz - Uplifting Vocal House Mix

    A Uplifting vocal House Mix, I hope you enjoy it. Please support the wonderful artists & producers by buying their tracks :) I hope you all have an amazing 2017.

    Big Love Joolz xx

    1) Pysh, Kasia Malenda – Beach Ball

    2) Milk & Sugar, Barbara Tucker, Mat.Joe - My Lovin (Mat.Joe Remix)

    3) Ann Nesby, Sahib Muhammad - I Feel (Sahib Playin Around with Da Dub Two)

    4) Martin Ikin, Low Steppa, Elisabeth Troy - About Time

    5) Key To Life, Sabrina Johnston, Benji Candelario, Wayne Rollins - Forever (BC's Darkroom Dub)

    6) Marlin - Urgent Power

    7) DJ Spen pres. Damond Ramsey - Feel the Heat (Feel The Beat) (Feel the Beat-A-Pella)

    8) ATFC, Hannah Williams - No Victim Song

    9) O&O Music - Music's Hypnotising

    10) Antonello Ferrari, Aldo Bergamasco, Tommie Cotton, Grant Nelson - Something About Your Love (Grant Nelson Dub)

    11) Jasper Street Co., Heller & Farley Project - A Feelin' (Heller & Farley Project Remix)

    12) Marquis Hawkes, Jocelyn Brown - I'm So Glad (Satisfied Mix)

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    DJ Joolz - Super Moon Mix - Deep Afro Tech - Nov 2016

    DJ Joolz - Super Moon Mix - Deep Afro Tech - Nov 2016

    A deep , afro tech house mix, I hope you enjoy it :)

    A great big thank you to Dimitris Koutroumpas for the use of his collage on the cover artwork, to see more of Dimi's work, furniture and jewellery, please take a look at his website: http://www.dimitriskoutroumpas.com/

    A big up to all of the producers and artists that have produced the tracks I have used in this mix. Please support by buying their tracks.

    If you like what you hear, please leave me a comment, like, follow and share. As always it is much appreciated.

    Thanks and love, Joolz xxx

    1) Groove Junkies, Diane Carter, Stuttering Munx - Midnight 2010
    (Stuttering Munx Vocal Mix)
    2) Damond Ramsey - You Elevate Me (Original Mix)
    3) DJ Kemit, Osunlade - Transform (Quentin Harris Re-Production)
    4) Teejay Walton, Gina Glover - Rescue Me (Original Mix)
    5) Alaia & Gallo, Kevin Haden, Dario D'Attis - Who Is He? (Dario D'Attis Remix)
    6) Glowing Glisses, Larry Heard - On The Bridge (Larry Heards After Dark Club Mix)
    7) Damon Trueitt, JazzyFunk, Pascal Junior - Blue Marlins (Pascal Junior Remix)
    8) Till Von Sein, Mr. V, Pablo Fierro - The Manifest (Pablo Fierro Remix)
    9) Brett Gould, Jack Kaind - Belong feat. Jack Kaind (Original Mix)
    10) Basti Grub - Chibu Ma
    11) DJ Spen, Karizma, Marc DePulse, Marlose, Noir - For the Love of Avantgardistsich (Noir Mashup Treatment)
    12) Max Marinacci, Hazel - Superlove (N'Dinga Gaba Afro Tech Mix)

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    DJ Joolz - Chill-Out House Mix - ESCAPE

    DJ Joolz - Chill-Out House Mix - ESCAPE

    Firstly, thank you for your support over the years, your feedback, your shares and likes, it means so much to me.

    This episode is a ambient, mellow, laid back, chilled out mix to escape to somewhere special. I hope you enjoy this journey.

    I believe that music is a powerful medium. The vibrations and frequencies of sound, evokes feelings.

    I truly believe that the tracks selected for this journey, will uplift you, some of these tracks, are so beautiful, they made me weep.

    Thank you to all of the artists and producers of this amazing music!

    Please support the artists by buying their tracks.

    Many thanks and love
    Joolz xxx


    1) Vangelis – Spanish Harbour
    2) Sascha Ende – The Zone
    3) Persia Beatz – Forsaken Dune (Punjabi Mix)
    4) Vargo – Silence
    5) Paco de Lucia – Mediterranean Sundance (Chillout)
    6) Paradis Blue – Island of Memories (Piano Meets Guitar)
    7) Café Americaine – Scuba Dive (Coolwater Mix)
    8) Sean Hayman – Look to the Sky (Endless Waves Mix)
    9) Cocoroove – Bora Bora Breeze (Bass Morph Mix)
    10) Promised Land – Skyway
    11) Mariena Shaw Akshin Alizadeh – Woman of the Ghetto (Akshin Alizadeh Remix)
    12) Tosca – Annanas
    13) Cocogroove – Bonsai Moon (Exotic Lounge Mix)

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    DJ Joolz - Deep n' Soulful House Mix - 2015

    DJ Joolz - Deep n' Soulful House Mix - 2015

    June 2015 Deep and Soulful Mix.

    A chilled, deep and soulful mix made up from some of the most inspiring and beautiful tracks I have come across over time that have touched me. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did putting it together.

    Kudos to all of the wonderful producers that bring such amazing music to us.
    Tracks are sourced from traxsource.com, please support the artists by buying their tracks ☺

    Big love

    Track 1: Reel People, Angela Johnson – In The Sun (Yoruba Soul Remix)
    Track 2: Portia Monique - Cloud IX (Reel People Vocal Mix)
    Track 3: Devoted Mmelashon - More Than (Devoted Original Mix)
    Track 4: Rodney Hunter feat Jay Sebag – Sunshine
    Track 5: Soul Minority, Nathalie Claude - 51-Always There (Oscar P NY 2 Dtroit Mix)
    Track 6: Body & Soul, Eeva - Body & Soul (Matthias Meyer & Patlac Remix)
    Track 7: Atjazz, Jullian Gomes, Bucie – Out of My Life
    Track 8: Cuebur, Marissa Guzman - 106-No Doubt (Francesco Rossi Remix)
    Track 9: Copyright, Donae'o - My Desire (Jullian Gomes Remix
    Track 10: Copyright, Martha - Cross My Heart
    Track 11: Dj Vivona, Shana Jackson - Innocent Harmony (Main Mix)
    Track 12: Ten Walls - Walking With Elephants (Original Mix)
    Track 13: Marbert Rocel - Let's Take Off (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Vocal Mix)

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    DJ Joolz - Soulful House Mix - December 2014

    DJ Joolz - Soulful House Mix - December 2014

    DJ Joolz - Soulful House Mix – December 2014

    “Dancin’ what clears my soul, Dancin’ what makes me whole”
    (Lyrics from Aaron Smith – Dancin (Krono / Linier Remixes) (Linier Remix)


    1) Cajmere, Dajae – Say U Will
    2) Johnny Corporate - Sunday Shouting (Sonny Fodera Remix)
    3) Dimi Stuff, Mcastaway, Lydia Scarfo – Take Me To The Top (DJ Vivona Remix)
    4) Bobby D'Ambrosio, Leah Joy – Testify (Sing) (Moon Rocket Romero Rmx)
    5) Harry Romero, Joeski, Shawnee Taylor - Get It Right (Club Mix)
    6) DJ Spen - Stranger (Damond Ramsey Remix)
    7) Andy Tee, Danny Losito, Kareem Shabazz - Spend Some Time (Micky More Deep Mix)
    8) Crackazat - Somewhere Else
    9) Mike Dominico, Kennedy - Doin' You (Mama's In The Kitchen) (Tedd Patterson's Vibal Vocal)
    10) Tracy Hamlin - Home (Tedd Patterson's Home Alone Remix)
    11) Aaron Smith - Dancin (KRONO / Linier Remixes) (Linier Remix)
    12) Terrence Parker, Reno Ka - Finally (Backroom Mix)
    13) Cleavage, Lars Vegas - Grace (Original Mix)

    Dedicated to George and Glen - Dance among the stars with your everlasting love. xxx

    A big thank you for all of your support over the years. Wishing you all an amazing 2015 filled with love, happiness, inspiration and health.

    A big thank you and much respect to all of the producers that bring us inspiring and beautiful beats. Please support artists, share their love and buy their tracks.

    Tracks can be purchased from traxsource.com. Thank you to Ross Gibson @ hyperactive for the promos. ☺

    Please feel free to share, leave a comment, review and follow. Your support is ALWAYS much appreciated.

    Much love,

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