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Empowering you to live creatively and to THRIVE while doing so! A Podcast by professional artist & educator, Emily Jeffords,

Do It For the Process Emily Jeffords

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Empowering you to live creatively and to THRIVE while doing so! A Podcast by professional artist & educator, Emily Jeffords,

    10 Tips for Fresher Instagram Stories

    10 Tips for Fresher Instagram Stories

    Ok, buckle up.  This episode is FULL of tips, insight, and advice for creating an engaged, exciting, and effective Instagram Stories. 
    Because this episode is so full, I created a PDF you can use as a guide.  Check it out here. 
    -- PLUS 2 bonus tips in the PDF!  Woohoo!
    Also mentioned in this episode:
    Setting Up A Healthy Painting Studio - get it for FREE here.
    The Pigment | LAB  - a NEW Oil Painting Course taking you from pigment to paint to beautiful, finished painting.   The course opens for enrollment on OCTOBER 22ND.
    Get more info HERE
    Making Art Work - a 12-week course empowering Artists + Creatives to run successful, profitable businesses.  Opens for enrollment in February.   LEARN MORE

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    Hello, Burnout. It's nice to see you. // My personal experience with, and healing from, burnout.

    Hello, Burnout. It's nice to see you. // My personal experience with, and healing from, burnout.

    The Collective (doors are open through August 31st!)The Alaska RetreatEmilyJeffords.com
    Hello, burnout.  We meet again, I see you, I feel you, and I thank you.  
    Picture a match.  You’re holding it in your hand, maybe lighting candles on a cake, maybe lighting a fire, but you’re holding and it’s getting closer and closer to your finger.  You want to keep going, just one more candle!  But the flame is getting hotter so your heart rate goes up and you move faster to the next candle and your fingers begin to hurt, and then
    It’s too late.
    You got burned.
    You drop the match and kiss your fingertips and feel so silly and also OUCH!
    That is burnout.
    Burnout is deeply painful, but it is often a result of growth (often, growing too fast).  We allow ego to hop in and take charge -- which leads us to say "I can do that!" waaay too often. 
    But there are some benefits to burnout too.  It acts as an irrefutable reminder that I do not need to please everyone and solving all problems.  To stop holding pain and worry.  It is a reminder that I do not need to show up in every way and to rely on my support structure.  
    Burnout clearly let me know that I was allowing anxiety to be my first response, rather than trusting that everything will be fine.  It is a clear, loud sign that I was NOT OPERATING WITHIN MY VALUES
    Burnout can be a generous gift -- a moment of course correction before it's too late.
    And when you heal from burnout, oh life is so sweet.  IF you have actively and carefully healed and set up some boundaries, the upsides of burnout can be:
    — energy
    — hard truths
    — realignment
    — honesty
    — asking for help
    — accepting help
    — losing the absurd idea that you can or should do it all
    — a deeper love for what matters
    — humility
    — healing
    The sweetest thing about burnout is it requires you to be honest with your limits
    It allows you to pay attention.  And attention is the clearest doorway to gratitude.

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    Art to Print (How to Make $$ With Your Art) with Laurie Anne Gonzalez

    Art to Print (How to Make $$ With Your Art) with Laurie Anne Gonzalez

    I have a treat for you today! I recorded a conversation with my pal Laurie Anne Gonzalez about creating PRINTS!
    Photograph or scan?
    In-house printing or out-sourced printing?
    Canvas or paper?
    Limited edition or open edition?
    How do I get the right file size?
    What kind of camera or scanner should I use?
    Do prints devalue your work?
    We get into ALL THE QUESTIONS.
    Prints have been a huge source of revenue for my business and I would absolutely NOT have the healthy studio I do today without offering reproductions of my work.
    If you're ready to begin or grow this part of your studio practice, I highly recommend Art To Print. Laurie Anne takes you through each and every step of the process -- from easel to print to packaging. It is a thorough, clear, and insightful course and I know it's going to change your business!
    Sign up for Art To Print HERE.
    Also, THE COLLECTIVE opens for enrollment on Monday!  August 24th - 31st.  JOIN US.  This space is designed to help creatives and artists thrive.   Learn more HERE.

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    Come Into The Studio: Inside the "Quite Adventure" Collection

    Come Into The Studio: Inside the "Quite Adventure" Collection

    In this episode, I share my process and favorite methods to create and release a collection of artwork.

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    INSIDE SCOOP: What It's Like to Live With An Artist (Hi Dan!) ;)

    INSIDE SCOOP: What It's Like to Live With An Artist (Hi Dan!) ;)

    The Collective is OPEN!  The Collective is a membership designed to help Creatives and Artists grow and find more success in their business.  You create amazing work, now it's time to let that work GROW and make a beautiful impact in the world!
    Learn more here
    In this episode I get to talk with someone who is VERY important to me; my husband Daniel Jeffords!  
    Dan and I met in art school and he is one of the most creative and inventive people I know.  He currently runs a software company called Earnnest that is seriously changing the way money moves in real estate.  The man is SO smart, kind, funny, and a total GEM.  He's been with me from the start of my career and is a huge voice in my head as I grow and evolve my business.  He is also generous with his thoughts and I think you're going to leave our time together feeling warm and inspired.  
    Check out Daniel's company, Earnnest.
    and his Instagram here (will you see some artwork on there...?) ;) 
    Emily Jeffords

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    Creating During Covid

    Creating During Covid

    What does creativity look like during covid-19? ⁣Is it quiet? ⁣Is it lonely? ⁣Is it an escape? ⁣Is it a home within a home?Is it a way to scream without sound? ⁣Is it a balm? ⁣Is it a memory of the past? ⁣Is it hope? ⁣
    The role of an artist is to feel and translate the things we are seeing, feeling, and receiving into something we can all see and feel and receive. But, creating during hardship can be hard. Or easy. Or it might make you feel guilty. Or it might bring you peace. Whatever you’re feeling when you step into your home art studio is valid and the world WILL return to normal again soonBecause this time can be especially lonely for many of us, I thought I would read some of the words of our fellow artists and creatives. I hope they bring you some comfort and maybe you feel less alone as we work through this time together.
    If you're looking for a little added inspiration and clarity during this time, the Artist's Success Guide is FOR YOU.  A transparent look at growth as a creative entrepreneur, honest conversations about how it feels to create the business out of nothing, steps to take, things to focus on, reading lists, and honest advice from someone who's been there.  
    Get the Guide HERE. 

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5.0 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

Michelle Lake ,

Thank you, Emily!

I have learned so much from Emily. She has inspired me to elevate my art business, to believe that it’s possible and and she generously shares tools and her experience with her community.
Love her!!
Michelle Lake

studioflorafauna ,


I have been really enjoying this podcast! Emily's voice is so refreshing; she is full of practical insights and positivity. I always look forward to new episodes!

Feenelle ,

Practical, Helpful and Inspiring

Emily gives such good advice in a way that is so encouraging and inspiring. This podcast has been something I look forward to every week. She goes beyond tips about creative entrepreneurship (which are so valuable) and speaks to your heart in a beautiful way.

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