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Shawn and Chris talk about the brand and game of DnD. News, DM topics, reviews of products, articles, and play test material, movies, streaming, the DMs Guild, writing and publishing, they cover anything and everything to do with Dungeons and Dragons.

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Shawn and Chris talk about the brand and game of DnD. News, DM topics, reviews of products, articles, and play test material, movies, streaming, the DMs Guild, writing and publishing, they cover anything and everything to do with Dungeons and Dragons.

    DwDD – Icewind Dale, Pt 6

    DwDD – Icewind Dale, Pt 6

    Shawn and Teos start taking a look at the Ten Towns and the quests they have to offer.

    The Three Musketeers on Kickstarter through October 30thNazi Dracula Must Die on Kickstarter through October 29thDDAL10-01 The Frozen North by Paige LeitmanLiars Night begins for D&D Adventurers LeagueDragon+ Issue 33DDAL00-13 Knuckleheads & Other Such Curiosities: A Travelers' Guide to Icewind Dale"Your Campaign Rulebook" by Di. on Gnome Stew"5e Spell Templates for VTT" by Newbie DMTeos' Twitter thread review of WizKids miniatures from the Rime of the Frostmaiden line"Mini Mayhem with Vee Mus'e: Unboxing D&D Icons of the Realms: Fangs and Talons Premium Painted Sets" on YouTubeGet 10% off your first order at DnDMini.com with code DnD17

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    DwDD – Icewind Dale, Pt 5

    DwDD – Icewind Dale, Pt 5

    We've learned what we can of the harsh environment and been introduced to the basics of the Ten Towns, it's time to delve in, addressing the various mysteries and threats that lay within. And what the heck is a chwinga, anyway?

    Elisa Teague is now the Senior Producer leading the roleplaying division for Renegade Game StudiosNazi Dracula Must Die!Sly Flourish: Thinking Two Horizons OutWizKids and D&D launch store portal for D&D minisTo get you started, the new store offers a set of 3 “yeti tyke” special minis for free if you spend $100Birds of Paradise: DMs Guild release providing aarakocra and kenku subracesEberron Oracle of War campaign releasesKeith Baker starting an online Patreon Eberron CampaignChris Perkins and Greg Tito did a Lore You Should Know on Ten Towns(Also did one on Reghed Nomads)

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    DwDD – Icewind Dale, Pt 4

    DwDD – Icewind Dale, Pt 4

    What are the Ten Towns and how do characters in the Icewind Dale interact with them? Shawn and Teos break down this chapter and all the resources, therein.

    Sage Advice updated to version 2.5Dungeons & Dragons Annual 2021… Europe Only?Ice Road Trackers is on the DMs Guild and already gold!Jobs! Associate Game Designer for D&D products! Associate Development Editor to rework and revise manuscripts! Monte Cook Games is hiring a Managing Editor! MCG is also hiring a Community Relations Coordinator!One of the authors of Rime, Anne Gregersen, launched a Kickstarter ending Nov 4: Aaralyn's Stolen Notes to Velea (Reprint) - 5e SettingJeff Stevens launching kickstarter, Adventures of the Potbellied Kobold, on Oct 6th!Jeff also released recently Encounters in the Savage ArcticThe Three Musketeers Graphic novel Kickstarter from Scott Gray and Aviv OrZargoth’s Tome of Familiars, Kickstarter ending Nov 5DM David on “Illusionism” and False ChoicesWizKids New Adult Black Dragon figure, $70, over 240mm (9.4 inches) tallWizKids is now releasing two papercraft sets for Icewind Dale themed houses

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    DwDD – Icewind Dale, Pt 3

    DwDD – Icewind Dale, Pt 3

    The exploration of the frozen lands continues with a discussion on the many ways the environment can kill! As a bonus: tips on fishing the knucklehead trout!

    Baldur’s Gate III Release Delayed a WeekBaldur’s Gate III General InformationSly Flourish - Dreamscape InvestigationsWizKids announces next minis set - Fang and TalonsCheck out the Purple Worm!Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Dice and MiscellanyDragon Talk with Celeste Conowich and Ashley WarrenSecond installment of Traps article series by Greg MarksDMCA Takedown information from David Fox of Zweihander RPG

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    DwDD – Icewind Dale, Pt 2

    DwDD – Icewind Dale, Pt 2

    The Gents continue their long trek across the frozen wastes of the Icewind Dale, this time, addressing some advice for new GMs!

    D&D Celebration was a success!Free adventure!Digital Publishing at Wizards of the Coast has two new jobs, Creative Lead and Narrative Design LeadGrim Hollow KickstarterSkullkickers KickstarterHeroQuest on Hasbro Pulse!WizKids releases Hand and Eye of Vecna!PAX Panels are Available on YouTubeAs always, hit us up on Twitter @downwithdnd!

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    DwDD – Icewind Dale, Pt 1

    DwDD – Icewind Dale, Pt 1

    Shawn and a safe-and-sound Teos kick off a series on the cold, unforgiving landscape of Icewind Dale!

    Avalon Hill is now directly part of HasbroWatch the “Best Thing about HeroQuest” videoHeroQuestSeason 10 AL rules releasedD&D Celebration! Sep 18-20... NOW!!!PAX Online Underway! Sep 12-20... ALSO NOW!!!Greg Marks writing new series for Kobold Press on Exploration and TrapsMore Kobold Press - The Scarlet Citadel KickstarterOfficial D&D at Spirit Halloween!As always, hit us up on Twitter @downwithdnd!

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4.8 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

JeremyBaker ,

Great technical D&D podcast

Love their run throughs of the D&D adventures. They give lots of great ideas to balance the battles and theories on how players might tackle challenges. They also find neat narratives in the story and how DMs might expand or cut that from their game.

stevey.com ,

My favourite D&D podcast

Shawn and Chris are always up to date on the news. Both of them know the game very well — as well as gaming in TTRPG in general. I espcecailyl appreciate their connections and updates on D&D Adventurer's League. Well worth a subscription!!

Pelodude ,

The best podcast about D&D

Hello from Montreal!

Great job as always! This is absolutely the best podcast about D&D period! Clear and straight to the point, with tons of news and topics!

Patrick Péloquin

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