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    Winnie-the-Pooh Chapter 1

    Winnie-the-Pooh Chapter 1

    I have decided to begin to read from my favorite book of all time, Winnie-the-Pooh. Here today is chapter one where we are introduced to Pooh. This is something you can share with your children or sit and secretly listen on your own.

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    Guided Imagery

    Guided Imagery

    Here is a little guided imagery that I figured you all would like. I have a written copy on my 360 blog. http://360.yahoo.com/eyesofsubmission

    I will stop with no end. It is up to you when you want it to end. Let the words flow through you. Let yourself travel as long as you want to.


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    Returning to Podcasting

    Returning to Podcasting

    Well I decided that I would try another Pod Cast now that I have the computer that can handle it. I didn’t really say more then I have said in my blog on yahoo 360 but decided that it was a good place to start.

    I talked about my employment status and about some of my future goal as far as a job goes.

    Also there was talk about my upcoming surgery and the procedure that will be done.

    Your best bet is just to listen and enjoy.

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    my downward spiral

    my downward spiral


    What is going on with me

    360 - broken

    computer problems

    work problems

    hearing shutting down

    Hearing aids

    my family and my hearing

    this is something that i had to fill out to get free hearing aids.
    Figured I would share it with you all


    1. Mobility:

    a. When was your last vision test? (It is a federal regulation that persons with hearing loss must also be assessed for vision deficits (suggested guideline: within past two years) My last vision test was in the summer of 2005
    b. Do you experience vertigo/dizziness? Sometimes but not often.
    c. Do you have any difficulty with your balance? Sometimes but not often.

    2. Self-Care:

    a. Do you have any difficulty hearing emergency/environmental signals, such as fire alarms, smoke detectors, and/or truck back-up signals? I have the most difficulty with back-up signals and also trying to determine exactly where the noise is coming from.
    b. Are you or have you experienced feelings of depression or anxiety related to your hearing loss or hearing situations? Yes I have at times.
    c. Do you feel you should be able to understand more of what is said to you? (i.e. become frustrated or embarrassed or angry with yourself) I become quite frustrated mostly because I am too embarrassed to ask the other person to say something again and so I try to figure out what it is that was said with the few words I did hear.

    3. Self-Direction:

    a. Do you have a current job/job goal? I already have a job.
    b. How did you arrive at your job goal? (i.e. has the individual had enough access to life knowledge to know about options or has (s)he picked a job because “people who can’t hear can do only this kind of work”) It is something that I knew I could do well and so I went for it. I did make sure I was located at a place where I would not have to have too many distractions during the day. Basically I am the only person in the office each given day.
    c. Would you like assistance in identifying jobs that you can do with your hearing loss? I just want to know how to make sure I can keep this one.

    4. Work tolerance:

    a. Do you experience headaches at the end of the workday? Sometimes but not often.
    b. Does your job require you to attend one situation for a long period of time (one hour or longer) without breaks, such as long meetings, lectures, and/or interviews? Once a month I have to take notes at a Board meeting. I have found this extremely difficult but have managed so far to date. This is when I tend to come home with a really strong headache.
    c. Do you feel extremely fatigued at the end of the day when not at work? Sometimes but I think it is only because I am in relax mode.
    d. Do you find it difficult to balance multiple responsibilities? (work tasks, home, Personal, medical etc) Balancing multi tasks is a major part of my job. I do tend to lax a bit when it comes to personal needs (i.e. forgetting to take medicine)

    5. Work Skills

    a. Do your coworkers/boss know you have a hearing problem? I have opened up to some because I felt I had to.
    b. Do you feel your coworkers/boss understand your hearing problem? Are they willing to take the time to communicate clearly with you? Most of the people I deal with are elderly and some do and some are totally annoyed by it.
    c. Do you have difficulty performing your job? Meeting deadlines? Performing more then one task at the same time? Balancing multi tasks is a major part of my job.
    d. Do you have any difficulty communicating on the telephone? (misunderstand information or certain words, have to be in a quiet room to hear anything well, etc) If there is someone in the office then to talk on the phone is extremely difficult.
    e. Is it difficult for you to follow information in staff meetings or other group settings? Sometimes it’s a strain for me to make

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    Hypnosis Intro

    Hypnosis Intro

    Today I had some time so as I had said I would, I did another PodCast. Here is the breakdown of what I discussed:

    New Intro

    First three PodCasts were basically just getting used to the programs.

    What is Hypnosis described by me

    Hypnosis is relaxation with a little something extra to it

    On a Winter’s Day – Mama and Papas

    Will I do something I don’t want to do during hypnosis i.e.- cluck like a chicken

    All inhibitions gone…sweeeeeet

    No worries

    Sundown – Gordon Lightfoot

    Traveling thru Hypnosis

    Time traveling

    Words are powerful

    Your words and your heart are joined

    Message: give a piece of your happiness to someone you don’t know with your words

    Shout outs:

    Wanting to have Pizza as a guest on a future PodCast….She knows why…LOL


    She has not started her PodCast but she is working on it

    Peace Out

    On Susan’s Floor – Gordon Lightfoot

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    Weekly upcoming PodCast

    Weekly upcoming PodCast

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