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24/7 Star Wars news, interviews, reviews, guest contributors, podcast database and our YouTube channel, Fantha Tracks TV.

Fantha Tracks Radio: A Star Wars Podcast Fantha Tracks Radio: A Star Wars Podcast

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24/7 Star Wars news, interviews, reviews, guest contributors, podcast database and our YouTube channel, Fantha Tracks TV.

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5.0 out of 5
3 Ratings

3 Ratings

MikeTarkin ,

Star Wars from across the pond

My favourite thing about Fantha Tracks is the interviews they've had with Star Wars actors at smaller UK cons. The US may get most of the really big events but hearing from the bit players and smaller role actors is priceless!

Din (F-105) ,

Sandpeople Listen In Single File

Ok, my review title wasn't as witty as I wanted. But seriously, Mark Newbold has been one of the biggest names and a staple in fandom forever. He is also a total pro, endlessly delivering on Star wars News as soon as it's available - both with his former news site Jedi News and Radio 1138 podcast, and now with his current project - Fantha Tracks.

What I like most about Fantha tracks is that they are a real team that gets the job done, maybe better than anyone else. It has now become the fan news site I go to on a daily basis, becuase I get all the news I need there, and becuase the site looks great and is very easy to navigate. Also, I value Mark and the team becuase they are always very kind, helpful, community minded people - add onto that their perrenial sense of humour, sillyness and fun, and well, you can't go wrong. I appreciate getting all my info from pro's who deliver with that light sense of Star Wars joy. In short, Fantha leaves me feeling good.

That transaltes into their innaugeral podcast. I find co-host Dave very refreshing and funny and Mark is very adpet in his interview with A-List director Gareth Edwards (Rogue One). I appreciated the inside story in this ep, of how one member of their team had the moxy to approach Edwards for the interview. Seems like there is a real team here to root for. I'm all in. Here's is a single file that all Sandpeople will enjoy listening to.


Just listened to the new podcast in the Fantha family, "The Fantha From Down Under." For fans of SW podcasts, you might know Aussie Host Adam O'Brien from his former show 'Ausfans Radio'. However, this is already Adam's best work! The show is fun, funny and fast paced. He's always had a great baritone and totally pleasing friendly accent (and kind spirit), and he really shows it off with several great interviews, that seem to flow really fast from one to the next. The raprt he has with guests is special. Those that know Adam, know what I'm talking about. Oh, and he also created the shows into, sound bits and music - which are all really tasty and top notch! Best show intro I've heard in a long time. I'm going to have to say that ultimately, this 45 minute format he's found with Fantha, combined with the sense of fun Adam has always has, makes this a truly unique and fresh SW podcast! There are so many podcasts out there, that it really is an achievement to find something that feels new. Great work.

I'm in on all thing Fantha. Fantha is the future of Star Wars fandom!


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