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Writers for Habsworld.net discuss the latest issues involving the Montreal Canadiens.

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Writers for Habsworld.net discuss the latest issues involving the Montreal Canadiens.

    Habsworld Podcast Episode 83

    Habsworld Podcast Episode 83

    Now that the NHL post-season is well underway this summer, the Habs have been in the news for good and bad reasons.  Host Norm Szcyrek was joined by co-hosts Paul MacLeod and Jonathan Rebelo to talk about it all.  We had a lot to say about the team's changes due to free agency, the Seattle expansion draft, the amateur draft and more.  This podcast was recorded the evening of August 5th, 2021. Here is a breakdown of the topics we discussed. First Period ( 0:00 - 21:05 )- Introductions- Habs Trivia - Analyzing Habs Free agent signings: David Savard, Mike Hoffman, Chris Wideman, Cedriq Paquette, Mathieu Perreault Second Period ( 21:06 - 31:02 )- Jack Eichel trade discussion- Phillip Danault signs with Los Angeles Third Period ( 31:03 - 1:08:13 )- In depth discussion about the Habs controversial first round pick, Logan Mailloux - Seattle Expansion draft loss of Cale Fleury & how the Krakken will fare next season - Update on Jonathan Drouin - Habs loss of Corey Perry and Tomas Tatar to free agency - Shea Weber injuries and his status with the Canadiens - Shoutouts to Canadian Olympic athletes 

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    Habsworld Podcast Episode 82

    Habsworld Podcast Episode 82

    The Montreal Canadiens gave us a roller coaster ride in the playoffs, and came close but unfortunately lost in the Stanley Cup finals.  Host Norm Szcyrek was joined by Co-hosts Josh Coulter, Jonathan Rebelo, Paul MacLeod and Connor MacLeod to talk about this series, the playoffs, the Canadiens expansion draft protection list and much more.  This podcast was recorded the evening of July 18, 2021. This is a breakdown of the topics we discussed.First Period ( 0:00 - 15:52 )- Introductions - Habs Trivia- Recapping the Habs finals - Regrets and reflecting on the playoff run and positive takeaways- Favourite moments of this postseasonSecond Period ( 15:53 - 46:34 )- Expansion draft protection list -- Carey Price and Shea Weber both unprotected- Did Carey Price request being left unprotected or was this a strategic move?- Who might the Habs lose to Seattle?- A few interesting players that were protected (Joel Armia) and unprotected (Phillip Danault) - Discussing some other NHL team's protected & unprotected players Third Period ( 46:35 - 58:24 )- Dom Ducharmes officially the head coach for the Canadiens- former Habs AHL head coach, Joel Bouchard, accepts a lateral move to become the Anaheim's AHL team head coach - Assistant coach Luke Richardson given a contract extension - Could Marc Bergevin get a promotion after the end of next season, and who could takeover that job?- Sean Burke's status with the Canadiens 

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    Habsworld Podcast Episode 81

    Habsworld Podcast Episode 81

    The Montreal Canadiens are back in the Stanley Cup finals for the first time since 1993! Host Norm Szcyrek was joined by Co-hosts Josh Coulter, Jonathan Rebelo, Paul MacLeod and Connor MacLeod to talk about this series and much more. This podcast was recorded the evening of June 27, 2021. This is a breakdown of the topics we discussed.

    First Period (0:00 - 18:08)

    - Introductions
    - Habs Trivia
    - Predictions for the Cups finals against Tampa Bay
    - Habs "blood" rituals in the post season
    - Referee Chris Lee's terrible officiating, how it was a handicap to the Habs, but his many mistakes have left him off the scheduled referees in the Cup finals
    - Habs have had some breaks in the first three series, where key players have been injured or suspended (John Tavares, Mark Schiefele, Chandler Stephenson)
    - Reflections on the Vegas series
    - Cole Caufield clutch goals against Vegas

    Second Period (18:09 - 45:52)

    - The importance of Joel Edmundson; kudos to Vegas Pietrangelo in the playoffs
    - Joel Armia's positive test Sunday and possible lineup change with Jake Evans returning
    - Coach Ducharme's Covid positive and assistant coach stepping up as the temporary interim head coach
    - Analyzing the Tampa Bay defence
    - Ex-Hab Max Pacioretty's play and more reflections on the Habs-Vegas series
    - Could Nikita Kucherov's health be a factor
    - Can Phillip Danault's line keep the Tampa top line in check?

    Third Period (45:53 - 1:04:17)

    - Habs players superstitions and our own Habs playoff superstitions
    - Marc Bergevin nominated as the GM of the year; did he deserve it and was it fair to announce this award half way through the playoffs
    - Patrick Roy and Mario Tremblay buried the hatchet during a RDS May special; could this have broken a Habs "curse" and help explain the Habs playoff success?
    - Clutch performances by Phil Danault and Artturi Lehknonn
    - Around the NHL: former Hab associate coach hired by the Calgary Flames; coach Gerard Gallant hired by the New York Rangers; coach Dave Hackstal hired by the Seattle Krakken; ex-Hab PK Subban hired by ESPN as a hockey analyst

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    Habsworld Podcast Episode 80

    Habsworld Podcast Episode 80

    The Habs are on a big playoff roll, with seven straight wins and series victories over the Toronto Maple Leafs and Winnipeg Jets. Host Norm Szcyrek along with cohosts Paul MacLeod and Jonathan Rebelo discuss this topic, along with the upcoming series against the Vegas Golden Knights. This podcast was recorded the evening of June 14 2021, and this is a breakdown of the topics we discussed.

    First Period (00:00 - 8:05)

    - Introductions
    - Habs Trivia
    - Recap of series with Winnipeg Jets
    - Habs still considered underdogs after the first two series wins

    Second Period (8:06 - 15:59)

    - Alexander Romanov returns to the lineup
    - Habs defencmen pairing strategies
    - Effectiveness of Montreal's "washing machine" line (Staal, Perry, Armia)
    - Mark Schiefele's end of season comments

    Third Period (16:00 - 36:52)

    - Who will be the X-factors for the Habs versus Vegas
    - Predictions for this series
    - The impact of Jeff Petry's absence to start the series
    - When Petry returns, who will be taken out of the lineup
    - Around the NHL topics: Bruins losing to the Islanders; Islanders versus Lightning series, and more

    • 37 min
    Habsworld Podcast Episode 79

    Habsworld Podcast Episode 79

    After the Habs were victorious over the Maple Leafs to start the post-season, the team quickly moved on to the second round of the playoffs two nights later. The Habsworld podcast crew of Norm Szcyrek, Paul MacLeod and Jonathan Rebelo returned to discuss many Habs topics before the puck drop of game 2. This podcast was recorded June 4th 2021, and this is a breakdown of the topics we discussed.

    First Period (00:00 - 21:01 )

    - Introductions
    - Habs Trivia
    - Mark Schiefele predatory hit on Jake Evans, and the NHL suspension
    - When could Jake Evans return to the lineup
    - Discussing concussions

    Second Period ( 21:02 - 41:21 )

    - The struggles of Erik Gustaffson during game 1 against the Jets
    - Game two predictions
    - strong play from Nick Suzuki, Joel Edmundson,
    - Reflecting on games six and seven of the Maple Leafs series
    - Cole Caufield's play in the postseason
    - Former Hab Max Domi undergoes shoulder surgery
    - Is Josh Anderson playing through an injury?
    - Debating Arturri Lehkkonen replacing Jake Evans versus Tomas Tatar

    Third Period ( 41:22 - 58:51 )

    - Effectiveness of the veterans line (Eric Staal, Corey Perry, Joel Armia)
    - Prospect Mattias Norlinder signed to a pro contract; when he might play for the Habs defence
    - Around the NHL topics included: the playoffs success of Sebastian Aho during the Carolina versus Tampa Bay series; the Boston Bruins versus New York Islanders series; talk about the Seattle Expansion draft and more

    • 59 min
    Habs World Podcast Episode 78

    Habs World Podcast Episode 78

    The 2021 NHL playoffs are underway, and the Montreal Canadiens face their biggest Canadian rival Toronto Maple Leafs. Host Norm Szcyrek was joined by cohosts Paul Macleod and Jonathan Rebelo, to talk about the first five games of the series. This podcast was recorded the evening of May 27 2021, after the Habs game five overtime win.

    Here is the breakdown of the topics we discussed.

    First Period ( 0:00 - 27:31 )

    - Introductions
    - Habs trivia
    - Discussion of the first five games of the playoffs
    - Game 5 overtime win
    - Dominic Ducharme's decision to put Erik Gustaffson into the lineup
    - Are injuries the reason for subpar performances from some Habs veterans
    - Carey Price a playoff performer
    - Which Habs could be gone next season
    - Analyzing Bergevin's and Ducharme's decisions this season

    Second Period ( 27:32 - 40:39 )

    - Comparing Connor McDavid and Nathan Mackinnon
    - Cole Caufield's play
    - Head hit to Gallagher late in game 5 not called
    - Is Bergevin's job in jeopardy; possible replacements for the general managers
    - Discussing the playoff success of the New York Islanders
    - Failed coach's challenge during game 2; did Marc Bergevin make that call

    Third Period ( 40:40 - 1:02:20 )

    - Injury to John Tavares during game 1; intentional or not; upholding "The Code"
    - Ryan Poehling required wrist surgery and his future with the Habs
    - Discussing other playoff series
    - Possible replacements for the head coach
    - A couple of interesting tweets from Geoff Molson and JJ Watt
    - Seattle Kraken possible head coaches

    • 1 hr 3 min

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4.7 out of 5
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6 Ratings

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I'm biased but it's the greatest Habs podcast in the world.

Go Habs Go!

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Good. Could be better.

Love the Habs knowledge. Sound is brutal though. Figure out that microphone boys

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