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The non-diet, intuitive eating podcast to help you stop dieting and find wellness without the obsession.

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The non-diet, intuitive eating podcast to help you stop dieting and find wellness without the obsession.

    Ep 169 - 5 Important Body Image Facts

    Ep 169 - 5 Important Body Image Facts

    Welcome to How to Love Your Body--  on todays episode we are talking about 5 quick but powerful facts on body image… 

    Healing your relationship with food is of course an essential part to becoming an UnDieter...

    So is working through body image.

    Here are 5 facts about body image:

    1. You don't have to love your body 100% of the time as an UnDieter - but you can absolutely respect it.

    2. It's okay if you still care about what you look like (we're human in a society obsessed over looks!). That doesn't mean you can't improve your body image.

    3. It's okay to start with neutrality. A powerful exercise when starting to work on body image is not putting pressure on yourself to shift every negative body image thought to a positive thought. We are not about toxic positivity. What you can do is start to shift judgmental thoughts to neutral thoughts.

    ​Ex. "I don't like the way my arms look in this shirt" to "I have arms."

    4. Our bodies go through phases and circumstances of life. It's normal that bodies change over time. Accepting the ebb and flow will bring peace.

    5. It takes repetition and shifting beliefs to start thinking differently about our bodies. It's acknowledging and becoming aware of anti fat bias and working through that.

    If you want to work on body image and be more at home in your body; check out our UnDiet For Life Membership.

    Not only do we give you a step-by-step course in how to work through body image. We also have Live Q&A's, Guest Expert Workshops, access to posting your questions in the community on the daily, and more...to support you in improving your body image (and anything else during your process in becoming an UnDieter)!

    ALSO … 

    The support from this group of women and experts is invaluable.​

    We have found the the most essential part to becoming an UnDieter is having a community to do it along side with you. People that understand what you are going through because they are going through it themselves.

    When you can share anything and it's immediately understood. No need to explain yourself. This community gets it!

    Humans love connection and they also love connecting to people with like-minded/ similar interests and beliefs (especially when it comes to ditching diet culture!!).

    You don't have to feel alone for one more second as you continue on your path in becoming an UnDieter. Join the community and get instant access to amazing women you can build lifelong friendships with!

    Doors close TOMORROW, July 28th!

    We look forward to welcoming you to the Community!

    See you next week!

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    Ep 168 - The best way to get affordable support in Intuitive Eating

    Ep 168 - The best way to get affordable support in Intuitive Eating

    Stopped dieting and it's just feeling blah?

    Here is the best way to get over that just "not dieting" feeling and actually become an UnDieter and Intuitive Eater for life!

    Get more info at www.thebodylovesociety.com/membership

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    Ep 167 - What if I DO care about how I look?

    Ep 167 - What if I DO care about how I look?

    This week's podcast episode on How to Love Your Body is a little different. When we were getting ready to record a different podcast episode for the previous week we started talking about a topic that we felt needed to be recorded on the cuff and turned into a podcast episode.

    In this episode we share about how we, as Intuitive Eating Counselors, can have times when we care about how we look. We go into more detail in the episode and talk about specific examples.

    The reason we wanted to bring this up is because we live in a world/ society that is built off of diet culture and beauty standards so of course you may have feelings of wanting to look a certain way. You aren't wrong for that. The thing to consider is how far are you willing to go to fit into societal standards?

    If it's making you obsessed and miserable to obtain these standards, is it really worth it? At what cost?

    We also get into the topic of wellness without the obsession.

    Tune in to listen to the full discussion!

    PS. If you have't yet signed up our free UnDiet For Life Kickstart Course you still have time before it's too late. ALSO, we are excited to announce that our Membership will be reopening on July 19th!! Until then, watch the free course. :) 

    Share this free course with your friends and social media followings so we can get this message (and the support) to as many people as possible.

    See you next week! 

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    Ep 166: 10 signs you’re going to be an UnDieter for life

    Ep 166: 10 signs you’re going to be an UnDieter for life

    In Today’s episode we want to address UnDieting for life and what it can look like for you. The reason we want to talk about this is because UnDieting is not just another diet.

    It’s something that can actually be sustainable for life. This is why this way of living is most realistic (and freeing) - there’s an ebb and flow, a balance - once you really find your groove with UnDieting it just becomes your way of life, it becomes second nature.

    It’s not something you are following, it doesn’t have a set of rules. It’s just you and your body trusting, listening, and being. 


    Before we dive in - this episode is brought to your by our free UnDiet For Life Kickstart Course that you can sign up for at www.thebodylovesociety.com/undietforlife

    10 signs you’re going to be an undieter for life:

    You live your life free and at peace with food and your body - meaning no rules shoulds, cants or have tos with food. You don’t think about it a lot, you just live!

    Instead of focusing on weight; the focus is on how your body FEELS.

    How you’re living is sustainable because there are no rules or restrictions. You don’t fear falling off the wagon or failing, it’s just natural.

    Shame, guilt, failure, and judgment DO NOT exist for you around health, food or our body (yes the thoughts may pop up now and then but you’re able to be critical of these thoughts).

    You no longer subscribe to diet culture (you don’t spend money on weight loss products etc nor do you spend time planning, thinking or researching how to lose weight/ diet etc). You have a completely different belief system and mindset around food and your body.

    You tune in and listen to your own body signals. Not comparing your hunger levels and food choices to others.

    You respect your body even if there are thoughts of wishing you could change your body. It's also having the awareness of internalized anti-fat bias.

    You enjoy food without it taking over your life. You have a clear mind to think about other things that matter too.


    You ride the ebb and flow of life & know you can UnDiet at all phases, under any circumstances. You don’t freak out if things change.


    You have support. Undoing the damage dieting did to your thinking and relationship with food and your body is really tough to do alone, especially when everyone around you is in diet culture.


    Remember to sign up for our free UnDiet For Life Kickstart Course at www.thebodylovesociety.com/undietforlife.

    This course has 4 lessons that will be sent to you along with a workbook to follow along. It will cover how to trust your body with food choices, how to shift your focus from weight to how your body feels, how to incorporate wellness into your life without the focus on weight, and what your next steps are in order to truly make this UnDieting something that can be sustained for life.

    We are here to reduce the overwhelm for you and give you a step by step roadmap to help you get there.. So if there’s only one thing for you to do right now -- it’s signing up for the free course and going from there. www.thebodylovesociety.com/undietforlife 

    Share this free course with your friends and social media followings so we can get this message (and the support) to as many people as possible. 

    See you next week! 

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    Ep 165 - The Importance of Diverse Bodies in the Media with Actress Melanie Field

    Ep 165 - The Importance of Diverse Bodies in the Media with Actress Melanie Field

    Welcome to How to Love Your Body today we have a special guest - actress, singer and activist Melanie Field.

    You may recognize her from shows like You, The Alienist: Angel of Darkness and Shrill, yes Shrill and even more importantly creator of the powerful song and music video “Now I Know”, which we will play at the end of this episode so if you want to have a good cry we highly recommend you stay tuned for that.

    Questions asked in this episode:

    Tell us the story behind the song Now I Know, what is it about, and why did you feel the need to make it.

    What has the reaction been to the song?

    Do you have any insights after hearing from so many people resonating with the song?

    Discuss how we were talking about the body acceptance movement, anti fat bias etc - we need EVERYONE on board to make a difference. 

    WHILE also recognizing thin privilege, of COURSE but if the people with the privilege are happy how things are things won’t change.

    Listen to Melanie's FULL song, "Now I know" at the end of this podcast episode. 

    Find Melanie in Instagram: @melanie_field 

    Talk to you next week!

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    Ep 164 - How Long Does it Take to Become an Intuitive Eater?

    Ep 164 - How Long Does it Take to Become an Intuitive Eater?

    On today’s episode we are talking about how long it takes to become an Intuitive Eater.

    We get this question a lot which makes sense because of course we want to know specific timelines. We want to know how long things are going to take and when we can expect to achieve the goal of x. In this case - the goal is Intuitive Eating. 

    Coming off of dieting and learning how to be an Intuitive Eater is amazing. To not feel restricted and confined to a diet plan is so freeing. That being said, coming off a diet and into Intuitive Eating can be scary because at first you may feel out of control with food, which is extremely normal.

    There will be a swing of restriction of food as a dieter to possible “overload” with food as a new Intuitive Eater. This process must happen in our opinion because there is no such thing as being a strict dieter and then finding peace and harmony with food the second you choose to learn about Intuitive Eating. It’s going to feel messy and out of control at times, and that’s okay! 

    Going through “the swing” may get wearing sometimes. You may feel like you’ve made some really great progress with Intuitive Eating and have never felt so free but there may also be days where you feel hesitant and question yourself because food may not seem as easy at times- it may feel overwhelming and there could be thoughts of wanting to throw your hands in the air and go back on a diet.

    Of course that’s not what you truly want but when you have moments/ days with Intuitive Eating that don’t feel good, you may go into “fix it” mode - trying to find a way to control the situation.


    We get the frustration and the curiosity. As humans we want answers, and we want them NOW. 

    So how long does it take to become an Intuitive Eater? 

    Here’s the thing:

    There is no timeline with Intuitive Eating: This may not be the answer you wanted to hear but this also is the beauty in Intuitive Eating. That it is so tailored and personalized to your own experience that you don’t have to look left or right and compare yourself to someone else in their own process of figuring out Intuitive Eating. This also gives you room to just BE.

    That it’s not a “30 day program” and at the end of 30 days you are expected to be transformed and living a dream life - of course not. Intuitive Eating is realistic and doesn’t give any shiny false promises like dieting does. Which is why this is a self paced concept. We could never give you an EXACT timeline with Intuitive Eating. What we can share with you is that with time, doing this work, you will unlearn, re-learn, heal, and transform your relationship with food and your body. 


    So if there is no timeline in Intuitive Eating - what are some helpful thoughts, tips, and action steps to help me keep doing this work when it feels challenging and I find myself wanting to solidify a “destination” of WHEN I’ll be a true Intuitive Eater.


    1. Identify yourself as an Intuitive Eater NOW. No more “when I’ll finally be an Intuitive Eater.” You ARE an Intuitive Eater. You’ve stopped dieting and you are learning this new way of being - there is not one specific definition of an Intuitive Eater. You create your own definition. So the next time you have this thought of “how long will it take for me to become an Intuitive Eater” - shift that thought to - I AM AN INTUITIVE EATER! I explore, get curious, and am learning everyday. 

    2. Remind yourself of the ebb and flow of Intuitive Eating. The Intuitive Eater you are today may not be the Intuitive eater you are tomorrow, next month, next year, in 10 years - or even in the next 5 minutes.

    There is ALWAYS change in Intuitive Eating. You don’t just become an Intuitive Eater and stay that

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4.8 out of 5
93 Ratings

93 Ratings

Duffwoman89 ,

Just what I needed

I love these girls and the way they approach these topics is so refreshing and makes me feel like there IS another way :) found them just when I needed it most

thisisqnnoyingtomesowhatever ,

More of this

We need more of these types of people in the world. I’m so sick of diet culture.

Meddy47894 ,

So uplifting and informative!

This is becoming my new go-to podcast. The episodes are perfectly bite-sized and always leave me feeling empowered. I even suggested a podcast subject through their Instagram account and they recorded something on the subject just a few days later!!

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