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a World of Warcraft podcast

Blessing of Frost Kurn and Majik

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a World of Warcraft podcast

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4.9 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

GregGordon ,

See you in another life brotha

It's been a pleasure listening to you two duke it out over the last 2-ish years. The on-going battle of wits between you both has been a source of great hilarity. To all those listeners, you think it's bad on the podcast, /o chat was MUCH worse.

I'll do my best to keep old-school Apotheosis true in your absence until such time that I pick my clothes off the floor from doing the "Naked Man" one last time and head out for my final walk of shame.

Maj, good luck getting hitched and please grow back that amazing head of hair. I'm calling it now, your first born is going to be rocking a crazy 'fro when he's born.

Kurn, you brought me into a community of WoW players that I've been apart of a long time and I thank you for giving me that opportunity so long ago. Tanking Tidewalker murlocs in BC blues was the start of a long and interesting journey for me in WoW. All the best to you! Can Dayden Tank It??? Oh yes he can.


PS Was I Scooter or Skeeter? To this day I still can't remember.

ShawnGorman ,

30 days of WOW

Just finished 30 days of wow. Avid podcast listener I am now up to 30 wow podcast now. So I had to give up some of my non related to wow podcast and many tv shows now. Late to the game. But enjoyed all your podcast info. Fun podcast to listen. I may not understand all info but catching up. Great job.

Ruairi Langkamer ,

A "good times" podcast

I'm Canadian so I'm biased towards Canadian content and since kurnmogh is Canadian, this is an excellent podcast. Best of all, the hosts are an old married couple. Well, okay. Maybe not, but they sure act like it! Power to the #sadmoose!

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