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The #INFOwarsArmy podcast w/ DeplorableTodd provides the daily dosages of the #RedPill like some sorta MAGA Morpheous.
You'll get Real News & Commentary, with a dash of anger and a splash of levity. Please spread the word and get active!

INFOwars Army Podcast Deplorable Todd

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The #INFOwarsArmy podcast w/ DeplorableTodd provides the daily dosages of the #RedPill like some sorta MAGA Morpheous.
You'll get Real News & Commentary, with a dash of anger and a splash of levity. Please spread the word and get active!

    (RANT)Owen Benjamin Turns On INFOwars and Alex Jones

    (RANT)Owen Benjamin Turns On INFOwars and Alex Jones

    I'm sure everyone knows Owen Benjamin. If not, you will after this rant. Owen Benjamin is a comedian who has been read pilled over the past couple years. He built part of his audience from going on INFOwars, but now has turned against Alex Jones and INFOwars. I was a subscriber to his YouTube page because I did find him funny at times and also very insightful. But for the past couple months he has gone down a rabbit hole of the Zionist everything is the "jews" conspiracy. At first it was funny and I understood that he was poking the bear so to speak. But it literally became super creepy when all he kept talking about was the Jews this and the Jews of that. And I guess INFOwarsArmy decided not to have him back on and he assumes it's because of ranting about Jewish people and Zionism all the time. You know what? I'm sure it is! It got downright weird and creepy on his Livestreams. He looks like the uni-bomber Ted Kazinsky out there in the forest doing his Livestreams, looking like a madman. Well, this is my rant about so-called, "Big Bear".

    Oh, I'm poking the bear all right! With my INFOwarsArmy fist!

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    An all time epic angry rant over President Trumps capitulation to the deepstate and his loss off backbone for his base......







    • 15 min
    🔴 The World Got Loomered! A Red Pill News Rant ep. 2

    🔴 The World Got Loomered! A Red Pill News Rant ep. 2

    the world got Loomered on Thursday Nov, 29 2018.... This is an epic rant addressing the haters who have a problem with what she did at the Twitter headquarters. I also rant about Bette Midler and her Hollywood echo-chamber Tweet, and I ask why the caravan of migrants want to immigrate to a country that "they" say is run by Hitler and his supporting Nazis....

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    🔴 05 INFOwars Army Podcast w/ DeplorableTodd

    🔴 05 INFOwars Army Podcast w/ DeplorableTodd

    This is episode 05 of the #INFOwarsArmy Podcast.
    EXTREME RANTING on this episode. Just listen and enjoy the righteous anger.....

    I'm taking action and heeding the words and passion of our General #AlexJones and Captain #OwenShroyer, and going into the 3D world to Red Pill the masses. We are the #INFOwarsArmy and #WeAreAllAlexJones!

    @DeplorableTodd & @RefPilledGenius

    • 45 min
    🎵 MAGA Tonight- (MP3)

    🎵 MAGA Tonight- (MP3)

    🎵 MAGA Tonight- (MP3) by Deplorable Todd

    • 3 min
    🎵 MAGA Tonight- A Patriotic Jam (VIDEO)

    🎵 MAGA Tonight- A Patriotic Jam (VIDEO)

    A Song I Made For Those Who Love To MAGA!
    Thank you for checking out my lil jam and video called, MAGA Tonight. Sorry for the quality of the video. I had a ton of issues editing this thing on my iPad but I wanted to upload it ASAP and it's already been a while. Eventually I'll redo it. For now enjoy the heck out of it.

    More songs to come!

    Twitter- @DeplorableTodd

    Lyrics below-

    Verse 1
    You know you wanna get paid….
    You know you wanna get cash
    Before the blunt burns your house down man you better wake up and go on and flick the ash...
    Cuz we're sick of all the media lies. And all the crazy deep state ties.
    The globalists try to run everything, but we always see right through their disguise.
    My oh my. Hey! What are we have here?
    It's about time it's a brand new year, and we got a new Presidente in the White House, now we're learning what the shit is really all about.
    Cuz when we try to drain the swamp, we sent him up there with nothing but a mop.
    But we gotta hold him up, make sure he gets the shit done, that's the way we do it cuz politics is kind of fun.

    Verse 2
    When they see us uprising, it’s time for the real resistance yeah man I know it's surprising that Trump won, and you thought she would win. Well fuck that shit cuz now we are in... the White House....
    We got this shit for 8 years and now the Liberals shed their tears, and they be walking around showing all their fear. Cuz you know that I’m….
    Sick of George Soros and the Rothschilds. Don't make me crazy right now cuz I'll go buck wild!
    On the corrupt elite, so we can find out where they eat and we can stomp them with our feet.
    In our big black boots that say Americanism and we putting up with your Eugenics system, Nah….. Cuz we already know your plans man and we already know the cards you’re holding in your hand. Blow!

    Verse 3
    People in the place won't you gather around because I got a little story to tell.
    About those people all in your town that you think you know so well.
    But no one wants to hear my pleas nobody's here in my cries.
    But I can walk around this town and see right through their lies.

    I'll be real cool like Spiderman I'm gonna spin up onto your street.
    Get off my web and walk on down you won't even hear the sound of Todd’s feet. 
    I'll go upstairs, and I'll sing a song like a whisper in your ear
    You’ll wake up and then look around, but they'll be no one there. 

    People in the place won’t you gather around cuz we’re gonna MAGA tonight.
    People in the place won’t you gather around cuz we gonna MAGA tonight.  
    Gonna MAGA tonight yah, baby baby gonna feel alright.....

    #Trump #RedPill #PatrioticMusic

    • 3 min

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3.0 out of 5
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4 Ratings

A Nony Mouse Re Viewer ,

Well, I’ll never get that time back...

This is the podcast for you if you don’t have enough negative, bigoted people in your life continuously swearing about everything and blaming everyone else for their problems.

Subscribe if you like to listen to people who talk big as if they’re tough and whine about how lots of friends and family have ditched them after using Trump’s lowering of the social bar to subterranean levels as permission to go full unredeemable, unrepentant, socially oblivious a$$h0l3 on everyone and everything.

This may as well be called the Adult Who Throws Tantrums Like An Anti-Social, Entitled, Self-Centred Teenager podcast.

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