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Irish Stew, the podcast for the Global Irish Nation featuring interviews with fascinating influencers proud of their Irish Edge. If you're Irish born or hyphenated Irish, this is the podcast that brings all the Irish together Listen Notes

Irish Stew Podcast John Lee & Martin Nutty

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Irish Stew, the podcast for the Global Irish Nation featuring interviews with fascinating influencers proud of their Irish Edge. If you're Irish born or hyphenated Irish, this is the podcast that brings all the Irish together Listen Notes

    S2E13: Janet Behan - Actor, Playwright…and Brendan’s Niece

    S2E13: Janet Behan - Actor, Playwright…and Brendan’s Niece

    Janet Behan carries on the family tradition of creativity in both her acting and writing. The London-born daughter of Dublin-born playwright Brian Behan & Celia Behan, great niece of the songwriter Peadar Kearney (author of Amhrán na bhFiann, the Irish National Anthem), and niece of the writers Dominic Behan and Brendan Behan.
    On this serving of The Stew, she tells of a deprived but happy childhood “that took a bit of recovering from” and how “playing the fool” to ease family tensions led her to the stage and screen. Trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama , she is known for her roles in National Theatre productions and in the popular TV series EastEnders.
    “I’ve always had a fear of being ordinary, just an ordinary human Behan,” she says quoting her uncle Brendan.
    She channeled the spirit of her uncle in writing Brendan at the Chelsea which caught the eye of Adrian Dunbar who’d go on to direct and star in it’s Lyric Theatre of Belfast production which earned rave reviews in an Off-Broadway run. Recently she realized she was old enough to play her indomitable grandmother, which she did in the recent film Kathleen and Me.
    Janet tells us of being too Irish for the English and too English for the Irish, saying “I think of myself as somebody who is always on her knees, begging and pleading to be allowed into Ireland...culturally and psychologically.”
    Janet Behan Links:

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    S2E12: Cauvery Madhavan - Novelist connecting Ireland & India

    S2E12: Cauvery Madhavan - Novelist connecting Ireland & India

    Cauvery Madhavan adds Indian spices to this serving of Irish Stew as we trace her journey from Chennai, India to Sligo, Ireland, to County Kildare, and travel back with her to India to explore Irish stories there through her epic novel The Tainted.
    We talk of race and color in India and Ireland, the Anglo-Indians who were often more Irish than Anglo, the bonds Indian students forged with Irish revolutionaries, the dearth of spices in Sligo, the political scene in India today, how she and her family view their blended nationalities, and which flag they’d plant on the top of Mt. Everest.
    Arriving in Ireland on Valentine's Day over three decades ago, Cauvery says that despite the Irish weather, she's been in love with the country ever since. 
    The episode wraps with a fusion of Indian/Irish music in the form of the classic “Carolan's Favorite Jig,” performed by the noted veena virtuoso Nirmala Rajasekar from Cauvery’s hometown of Chennai.
    Cauvery Madhavan’s links:
    Website: https://www.cauverymadhavan.com/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/CauveryMadhavan 
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/madhavancauvery/
    Her publisher: https://www.hoperoadpublishing.com/authors/cauvery-madhavan
    Nirmala Rajasekar’s links:
    Website: https://www.nirmalarajasekar.com/ 
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nirmalarajasekarveena/

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    S2E11: Fiona McEntee - American Immigration Attorney

    S2E11: Fiona McEntee - American Immigration Attorney

    A legal advocate for immigration in America, Irish-born, Chicago-based Fiona McEntee is a recognizable media-friendly face and voice in the U.S. immigration conversation through interviews by MSNBC, BBC, CNN, The New York Times, Politico, The Chicago Tribune…and now Irish Stew.
    She is the founding and managing attorney of McEntee Law Group which represents individuals, families, and some of the world’s leading musicians (including the Coronas), artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs.
    As a proud Irish immigrant and naturalized U.S. citizen, Fiona has dedicated her career to the advancement of immigrants’ rights from lobbying in Washington, D.C., to suing the Trump Administration over the controversial travel ban.
    Inducted into the Chicago Irish-American Heritage Center Hall of Fame in 2019, Fiona recently published Our American Dream, a children’s book on immigration.
    Fiona McEntee links:
    ·   Bio: https://www.mcenteelaw.com/fiona-mcentee
    ·   Twitter: https://twitter.com/USVisaLawyer
    ·   LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fionamcentee/
    ·   Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/usvisalawyer/
    ·   McEntee Law Group website: https://www.mcenteelaw.com/
    ·   McEntee Law Group Twitter: https://twitter.com/McEnteeLawGroup
    ·   Our American Dream children’s book: https://www.ouramericandreambooks.com/

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    S2E10: Paddy McGrath Olympic Hammer Coach

    S2E10: Paddy McGrath Olympic Hammer Coach

    Dublin born Paddy McGrath represented his native country at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. For many, that pinnacle achievement would represent an end point to the pursuit of glory in an athletic career.  Most, who chase perfection in the hammer throwing circle, leave the sport for more lucrative endeavors.   While Paddy hung up his hammer glove some 20 years ago, he has continued his involvement in the sport giving back to an event that provided him a college education in the form of an athletic scholarship to Manhattan College in New York. 
    Hear how Paddy become one of the gurus of hammer throwing and how one of his charges may make a trip to the Olympic podium in Tokyo

    Paddy McGrath Links:
    InstagramNew York Hammer Squad

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    S2E9: Fin Dwyer - Host of the Irish History Podcast

    S2E9: Fin Dwyer - Host of the Irish History Podcast

    Fin Dwyer has always been interested in history. He grew up in Castlecomer, Kilkenny surrounded by the vestiges of the past and so  when he went to college, he pursued this passion, graduating with a master's degree in archaeology. However, the best laid plans often go awry, the freshly minted graduate started out in his chosen field only to have his career prospects crushed by the financial downturn of 2008. Coincidentally, Fin was stricken with a health crisis that left him unable to work as an archaeologist.

    While  attempting to recover from his illness, Fin opted to harness his interest in history to the newly emerging field of podcasting. What started out as a distraction from his illness morphed into an alternative way to pursue his passion for times past. Join John Lee and Martin Nutty as they chat with Fin about his career and how an understanding of history is crucial in navigating the unsettled political times we live in

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    S2E8: Peter Quinn - Interpreter of Irish America

    S2E8: Peter Quinn - Interpreter of Irish America

    With the republication of his epic novel Banished Children of Eve, the Bard of Hastings-on-Hudson Peter Quinn joins us for a sometimes serious, occasionally irreverent, always insightful look into the global Irish identity from the Irish American perspective. We follow the immigrant’s evolution from the “Paddy” of the famine Irish who washed up on U.S. shores and into Banished…to “Pat” in dogged pursuit of the American dream, to the brash urban swagger of ”Jimmy” personified by actor Jimmy Cagney and NYC Mayor Jimmy Walker. We hear how Peter’s Albany exile as the lead speechwriter for governors Hugh Carey and Mario Cuomo, sparked the drive to write under his own name, first in Banished, and later in Looking For Jimmy: A Search For Irish America and his mystery trilogy--Hour of the Cat, The Man Who Never Returned, and Dry Bones...all with one central, recurring character: New York City.
    For a 30% discount on the newly republished Fordham University Press edition of Banished Children of Eve, go to  https://www.fordhampress.com/9780823294084/banished-children-of-eve/  and enter BANISHED30 at checkout (offer expires 6/30/21).

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