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I’m a long-time Morning Radio Host in Canada - LIFE 100.3 Barrie / KISS 92 Toronto / THE BEAT 94.5 / KISS 104.9 / Z95 Vancouver.

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I’m a long-time Morning Radio Host in Canada - LIFE 100.3 Barrie / KISS 92 Toronto / THE BEAT 94.5 / KISS 104.9 / Z95 Vancouver.

connect with me... www.KIDCARSON.com

    98 - Why is everyone buying GOLD? What's Kid doing?

    98 - Why is everyone buying GOLD? What's Kid doing?

    In this eye-opening episode, we delve into the importance of gold and silver, as a strategic hedge against a potential dollar crash.

    With many countries around the world suddenly leaving the US dollar, many experts are questioning the resilience of fiat currencies. What role can gold and silver play in this uncertain landscape?

    We uncover the truths behind gold and silver's enduring value and discuss practical steps for acquiring and storing these assets.

    Learn how these precious metals can live in a ‘Soundmoney Wallet' which allows simple, small transactions between people.

    This is what Kid is doing, and if you’d like more info, click HERE.

    • 19 min
    97 - Digital Dollar, Social Credit w/ Clay Clark

    97 - Digital Dollar, Social Credit w/ Clay Clark

    Kid goes deep with Clay Clark, a renowned entrepreneur, educator, and speaker, to dive into some of the most critical and contentious issues of our time.

    Clay gives us the straight goods on where the creeps are trying to push the world. The potential dangers of a 'Digital Dollar', and what this means for individual freedoms, privacy, and economic stability.

    We also delve into the concept of the 'Social Credit Score', a system which is gaining momentum in some parts of the world, raising serious questions about the balance between surveillance, social control, and personal liberty.

    check out Clay's events across the US: Re-Awaken America Tour

    connect with Kid: www.KIDCARSON.com

    • 51 min
    96 - Our Nervous System is Creating Our Reality! w/ Dr Sukhi Muker

    96 - Our Nervous System is Creating Our Reality! w/ Dr Sukhi Muker

    * ANNOUNCEMENT* "Kid Carson and Friends" will be LIVE STREAMED! Details @ www.KIDCARSON.com

    🎙️ Dr. Sukhi is our special guest on this episode! Get ready to dive deep into the incredible power of the nervous system and how it shapes our reality. 🧠✨

    🌍 Join us as we embark on an enlightening exploration of the profound influence our nervous system has on how we experience the world around us. Prepare to have your mind blown! 💥

    🔥 Don't miss out on this captivating conversation. Tune in now to uncover the secrets of the human nervous system and unlock a whole new understanding of our reality. 🌟


    Dr. Sukhi Muker is a renowned wellness doctor, global speaker, and author who has transformed countless lives through his innovative strategies and unwavering belief in the body's innate ability to heal. After overcoming personal struggles and dedicating himself to self-discovery, he has spent two decades in clinical practice, mentoring wellness professionals, and developing powerful techniques to rewire the nervous system for lifelong change. Dr. Sukhi's mission is to elevate human consciousness and bring more peace, authenticity, and love to the world. With his charismatic style and numerous achievements as an ultra marathoner, Ironman competitor, and bestselling author, he continues to inspire individuals worldwide to unlock their true potential.

    • 1 hr 30 min
    95 - Breaking Free: Corrie George on Being "Awake," Truth, Transformation, and Limitless Potential

    95 - Breaking Free: Corrie George on Being "Awake," Truth, Transformation, and Limitless Potential

    Corrie George is an entrepreneur, and business owner, established a direct sales business employing over 200 people and generating $31 million in commissions in just 3 years, while also operating two companies serving clients across Canada. A car enthusiast, natural health advocate, and influential educator, Corrie is committed to fostering the greatest surge of young businesspeople in history.

    In this illuminating episode, we delve into the realm of the truth community with our special guest, Corrie George.  Corrie shares his insights on what it means to be "Awake" and the journey that led him to this understanding.

    Corrie opens up about his personal experiences and the challenges he faced while navigating through the labyrinth of alternative perspectives.

    Finally, we touch on the potential pitfalls within the truth community and how to avoid falling into the trap of dogma and division.

    Join us for this thought-provoking and inspiring conversation, as we journey with Corrie George into the heart of what it means to be truly "Awake."

    Come see Corrie speak LIVE in Vancouver May 27th @ "Kid Carson and Friends" tickets available at www.KIDCARSON.com

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    94 - How to be Loving - Danielle LaPorte

    94 - How to be Loving - Danielle LaPorte

    Danielle LaPorte is a visionary author, speaker, and thought leader who has inspired countless individuals to embrace their authentic selves and lead lives driven by passion and purpose. With a unique blend of soulful wisdom and practical guidance, Danielle has emerged as a force in the world of personal development and self-help literature.

    Danielle’s new book (her first in 5 years) “How to be Loving, when your heart is breaking open and the world is waking up" is a guide that teaches individuals how to cultivate love and compassion in their daily lives. The book offers practical advice and actionable steps to foster genuine connections with others. It emphasizes the importance of self-love, empathy, and understanding in order to create healthier relationships and a more fulfilling life. By following LaPorte's advice, we can work towards becoming more open-hearted and receptive to love in all its forms.

    Find her book here

    See Danielle LaPorte LIVE at:

    In Bloom: A Love and Relationships Summit

    April 14 & 15, 2023

    Fairmont Waterfront Hotel

    Vancouver, BC.

    Hosted by: Real Love Ready


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    93 - Blindfolded Hugs, and a BILLION Views - Zachery Dereniowski aka "@MDmotivator"

    93 - Blindfolded Hugs, and a BILLION Views - Zachery Dereniowski aka "@MDmotivator"

    Discover the story behind @MDMotivator (Zachery Dereniowski) - (Over a BILLION views)  from his struggles with depression during medical school to his motivation for creating a supportive community on TikTok centred around vulnerability.

    Explore Zach's journey of feeling trapped in a cycle and recognizing that he was pursuing things in his life for external validation rather than personal fulfillment.

    Zach and Kid delve into his initial content, including the widely popular blindfolded hugging videos with a sign emphasizing the importance of unconditional love.

    Thanks for listening!

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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
292 Ratings

292 Ratings

Cameron Sense ,

Just found this podcast!

I am amazed I found a podcast that talks about these shadowy topics but from a Canadian perspective! Most podcast I hear that talk about these topics are from the US or UK. PLEASE CONTINUE TO RELEASE MORE! Can’t wait to hear more from Kid!

JojoAMP82 ,

My favorite podcast 👏🏻

Thank you Kid for standing on the right side of history with the rest of us! I look forward to listening to your podcast and I more often than not, share it with friends and family. Keep up the great work 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Gypsycubs ,

Keep spreading the light💛

“No one is more hated then he who speaks the truth” -Plato

Thank you for speaking the truth❤️

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