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An elixir of esoteric banter, astrology, real life & joking around. Hosted by astrologers Jasmine Richardson, Eliza Robertson and Kestrel Neathawk.

Kosmic Tonic Jasmine Richardson, Eliza Robertson, Kestrel Neathawk

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An elixir of esoteric banter, astrology, real life & joking around. Hosted by astrologers Jasmine Richardson, Eliza Robertson and Kestrel Neathawk.

    Astrology with CHANI NICHOLAS

    Astrology with CHANI NICHOLAS

    It is with serious delight and honour that we welcome renowned astrologer and NYT best-selling author Chani Nicholas to the show. In this episode, we ask Chani about her first pathway to this work, as well as why she focuses on traditional astrology. We talk about the creative process, writing as ritual (and service), birth charts as witnesses, and the healing power of myth. Thank you Chani, and thank you everyone for listening! We hope you enjoy this episode and spread it around furiously. 
    For more information:
    Download the CHANI app here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/chani-your-astrology-guide/id1532791252
    For more on Jasmine, Kestrel, and Eliza: www.kosmictonic.com 

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    Astrology and the Body with RENEE SILLS

    Astrology and the Body with RENEE SILLS

    In this episode, we welcome Renee Sills to the show to map astrology onto our bodies — and vice versa. Renee is a 2nd generation astrologer, somatic movement educator, yoga teacher, and artist. In this episode, we explore postural patterns in the body, somatic awareness, and astrology as a community art project and deconstruction practice. Renee shared so many pearls of wisdom in this episode — we can’t wait for you listen in. If you’re enjoying this podcast, remember to hit subscribe and leave a 5 star review. It means the world to us!
    For more on Renee: https://www.embodiedastrology.com/
    For more on Jasmine, Kestrel, and Eliza: www.kosmictonic.com
    For more information on the subjects covered in today’s episode:
    Relating: an Astrological Guide by Liz Greene
    Kadie Henderson — https://kadiehenderson.weebly.com/
    “Support precedes action” — quote by movement educator and artist, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
    Renee’s Dream Body workshop at Naropa — https://www.embodiedastrology.com/live-event-sales/dream-body 

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    Astrology and the Revolution with LOLI MOON

    Astrology and the Revolution with LOLI MOON

    Loli Moon is a diviner, healer, conjurer, astrologer, and 3rd generation medium. We met Loli on the Missing Witches panel for Imbolc (link below!). We appreciated Loli's wisdom so much we invited her on the show. In this episode, we talk about astrology and the revolution.
    Together, we explore: Pluto in Capricorn (entering Aquarius next year), as well as Jupiter entering Aries on May 10th. We also talk about Uranus in Taurus and women returning to the land — and returning to ancient / African practices. 
    Other topics include: natal revolutionary signatures, your place in the revolution if you’re a sensitive being, birth as a portal, being an “eclipse witch,” and dream as a way to connect with your ancestors. 
    AND SO MUCH MORE. Here’s a teaser: “Collective Spiritual ascension is the same as the apocalypse.”
    Are you ready?
    Thank you so much for tuning in. Remember to SUBSCRIBE, leave a 5-star rating, and share with all your friends! 
    For more on Loli Moon: https://mysticmoonmedicine.com/ IG @mysticmoonmedicine
    For more on Jasmine, Kestrel, and Eliza: https://kosmictonic.com 
    For the Missing Witches Imbolc panel: https://www.missingwitches.com/2022/01/24/missing-witches-imbolc-circle-we-are-still-here/ 

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Lunar Mansions Pt. 2 with THEA ANDERSON

    Lunar Mansions Pt. 2 with THEA ANDERSON

    Thea Anderson joins us back on the show! In this episode, we discuss how to modernize grimoire magic (need a lunar mansion to help braid your hair, anyone?), as well as how astrology can help us unearth the past. Together, we explore: the different ways to conceptualize (and work with) the lunar mansions, as well as Thea’s research on convict leasing, black codes, “pig laws," and the Imperial 95. 
    For more on Thea: http://theanichelle.com/astrologytarot
    For more on Jasmine, Kestrel, or Eliza: www.kosmictonic.com
    For more information:
    “Blood and Sugar” by Michael Hardy: https://www.texasmonthly.com/articles/sugar-land-slave-convict-labor-history/ 
    “What is the history of convict leasing in Sugar Land”: https://digitalprojects.rice.edu/wrc/convict-leasing/exhibits/show/sugarlandconvictleasing/history-of-convict-leasing/history
    “Tarry With Me” by Ashanté Reese (the article Thea mentions about the chef on sugar): https://www.oxfordamerican.org/magazine/issue-112-spring-2021/tarry-with-me 
    Mansions of the Moon by Christopher Warnock
    Nina Gryphon’s Magical Elation course: https://www.ninagryphon.com/magical-elections-course-kepler-college/
    Austin Coppock: https://austincoppock.com/

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    Sex & Astrology with KIRAH TABOURN

    Sex & Astrology with KIRAH TABOURN

    In this episode, we explore how to use your birth chart to reflect on your erotic relationships, as well as your sexual wants, tendencies, & needs. From timing your hook up texts to sex toys to self-worth to the ways sex can be sacred: we go there. 
    Kirah Tabourn is an astrologer, educator, host of The Strology Show and co-founder of the app CUSP.
    For more on Kirah: https://www.thestrology.com/
    For more on Jasmine, Kestrel, and Eliza: www.kosmictonic.com
    For more info and resources:
    CUSP app: https://www.cuspastrology.com/
    Kirah’s online community, The 11th House: https://www.thestrology.com/the-eleventh-house 

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    Uranus with ALICIA YOUSUF

    Uranus with ALICIA YOUSUF

    In this episode, we speak with Australian astrologer, Alicia Yusuf. The subject: Uranus, that boundary defying planet of disruption and chaos. One of the many cool things about Uranus is that it fits neatly into a human lifespan — Uranus takes 84 years to orbit that Sun.  Uranus’ cycle provides a helpful frame to understand our own lives as we pass through the thresholds of being human. One of the most famous “pitstops” on this journey occurs around age 42, when transiting Uranus opposes our natal placement, and any authenticity we’ve shied away from becomes impossible to ignore. 
    Together, we discuss: the myth of Uranus; the contests (and meeting points) between Uranus and Saturn; Uranus generations by sign; the famed Uranus opposition and its impact on midlife; cryptocurrency; and dreams. 
    For more on Alicia Yusuf: https://aliciayusuf.com/
    For more on Jasmine, Kestrel, and Eliza: www.kosmictonic.com
    For extra reading:
    -The youngest kids to mine crypto - https://www.cnbc.com/2021/08/31/kid-siblings-earn-thousands-per-month-mining-crypto-like-bitcoin-eth.html
    -The Midlife Unravelling by Brené Brown - https://brenebrown.com/articles/2018/05/24/the-midlife-unraveling/
    -Untamed by Glennon Doyle
    -A Life of Meaning by James Hollis
    -Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini by Barbara Hand Clow
    -Colette (French writer)
    -Alicia’s Wellbeing article on Uranus: https://www.wellbeing.com.au/mind-spirit/astrology/discover-wild-true-self-uranus.html 

    • 1 hr 19 min

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5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

AnouchkaLF ,


I’m relatively new to understanding how astrology runs through and tilts into the direction of my life and work and interests. I’m grateful for these themed and well researched podcasts, with fascinating guests to boot, and find myself taking notes all the time. Jasmine, Eliza and Kestrel are great. Sun, moon and rising sign.

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