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Featuring masterminds with real estate leaders, coaches and influencers PLUS eye-opening strategy sessions with up-and-coming agents, you'll learn exactly how to go from Agent to Entrepreneur.

Level Up - From Agent to Entrepreneur Greg Harrelson - Real Estate Broker, Entrepreneur & Coach

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Featuring masterminds with real estate leaders, coaches and influencers PLUS eye-opening strategy sessions with up-and-coming agents, you'll learn exactly how to go from Agent to Entrepreneur.

    Creating a Perpetual Relationship-Driven Real Estate Machine w/Rett Harmon

    Creating a Perpetual Relationship-Driven Real Estate Machine w/Rett Harmon

    The pandemic changed multiple things about our lives and businesses. The real estate businesses that have thrived through this were prepared ahead of time and focused on the right things. 
    While some businesses have had to reinvent themselves completely, others only had to make small adjustments. The goal isn’t to focus on the shiny objects, it’s to create a scenario where we don’t have to stress about all the disruptors everyone is worried about. 
    That can only take place if we pour all our attention into the systems that keep the business running. 
    What is the main area we need to be focused on? How can we be more intentional with connecting with our communities? 
    In this episode, CEO and co-founder of Century 21 Novus Realty, Rett Harmon talks about how he led his business through 2020. 
    "Some of the basic things we learned when we first got into the business are so much more important now than they’ve ever been. We just have to bring them full circle and be intentional with what we’re doing." -Rett Harmon

    Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  

    How to build a perpetual real estate machine When we build a business on the right foundation, we won’t have to scramble when the industry or the world suddenly shifts. That way, when a disruption happens, all the right systems and relationships are baked in and fully functional. Instead of building from scratch, all that’s required are tweaks and adjustments. 
    Why we need to avoid chasing shiny objectsWe often try to grow by jumping onto the next big thing, but it’s better and less risky to control and experience growth by going deeper into what we already have. Not building deep relationships is a bigger risk than ignoring disruptors.
    The most important currency in our real estate business One of the most significant adjustments of the last year was doing business in a socially distanced world. This can be a huge blow to a real estate business. As leaders, we have to plug-in systems that maintain relationships, allow us to stay in front of people, and bring value and positivity to them. 

    Guest Bio- 
    Rett Harmon is an author, community advocate, and contributor to the real estate industry. He is both an active agent and co-owner of Century 21 Novus Realty. Rett began selling real estate in 2001 while attending the UWG where he earned his BBA in Real Estate. C21 Novus is currently growing with 40 agents, 11 staff, and over 700 properties under management. Rett along with his previous team closed 226 transactions in 2017. 
    To get in touch, call 678.520.6381
    LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/rettharmon/. 
    Random to Real Estate YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdZlLBXnu4p9rlKoV-TslHQ

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    A Guide to Success As a Newbie Agent w/Robert Skeels

    A Guide to Success As a Newbie Agent w/Robert Skeels

    Many young agents see their age as a barrier to success, but it doesn’t need to be. We can achieve anything we put our minds to, regardless of our level of experience.
    Still, getting started in real estate comes with its challenges. How can we navigate those and go on to make our dreams a reality?
    What are the objections commonly faced by younger agents, and what can be done to overcome them? 
    In this episode, Robert Skeels of The Quintin Group shares how he’s made his mark on the industry at just 25 years old. 
    "As a new agent, It’s so important to be surrounded by good leadership, whether you team up with them or you’re just in the same environment." -Greg Harrelson

    Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  

    How to boost credibility as a newbie agent: Counter any perceptions of being inexperienced by accumulating as much knowledge as possible. Simply knowing the area we serve goes a long way in establishing authority. 
    How to stay accountable to the goals we set: Find a way to make not doing a particular task or reaching a goal more difficult than getting it done. If we know we’ll pay a fine for not executing, we’ll put in more effort. 
    Why it’s so important to maintain healthy habits: It’s easy to quit a routine, but the same can’t be said for getting back into it. Keep the momentum going!

    Guest Bio- 
    Robert Skeels is an agent at The Quintin Group Keller Williams. Since starting his career interning as an ISA, Robert has gone on to earn his license and consistently deliver great results. Robert is a Buyer Specialist. 
    To find out more, go to:
    Or contact him at:
    Books mentioned in this episode:
    You'll See It When You Believe It: The Way to Your Personal Transformation by Wayne W. Dyer https://www.amazon.com/Youll-See-When-Believe-Transformation/dp/0060937335

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    Easy Video Ideas that Guarantee Success

    Easy Video Ideas that Guarantee Success

    By now, most agents are aware of the benefits of using video. However, far too many are still shying away from implementing it in their businesses.
    Recording a video for the first time is a simple step, but if we’re not sure how to do it, it can be daunting. What kind of content should we be creating, and who should we be sharing it with? 
    How can we overcome our fears of the unknown and take the plunge?
    In this episode, we’re sharing easy, copy-and-paste ideas guaranteed to get any first-timer started with successful video. 
    "Just get started with basic video ideas and you’ll become more creative over time." -Greg Harrelson

    Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  

    How to use video to keep clients informed: Our clients don’t always know what’s happening with their transactions outside of our meetings, so keep them in the know by sending regular video updates. 
    How to build deeper connections with hot leads through video: Sending video in place of a text or email is a great way to build real relationships with leads, but take it a step further by mentioning their name. Letting our leads know we’re talking directly to them is a small touch that makes all the difference. 
    How to use video as a starting point for deep engagement: When sending a video of a home or a market update, be sure to send a text with it asking for the recipients’ thoughts. This is a great way to start a conversation and occupy their mind for a few minutes.

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    The Art of Conversion: How to Have Profitable Conversations w/Dale Archdekin

    The Art of Conversion: How to Have Profitable Conversations w/Dale Archdekin

    Most agents are more focused on generating new leads than getting more out of the leads already sitting in their databases. 
    This is an expensive mistake. 
    As buying leads becomes more costly and pressure from industry disruptors mounts, dialing in our conversion is the low hanging fruit for growing our businesses and making more money.  
    Effective conversion doesn’t just happen, it’s a systematic process for having conversations. When we dial that in, we can turn more strangers into advocates, and improve the flow of our database. 
    What do we need to be thinking about in order to move the needle on our conversion ratios? How do we improve the quality of conversations we have with leads? 
    In this episode, we’re joined by coach, trainer, and founder of Smart Inside Sales, Dale Archdekin. He talks about the immeasurable impact of improving our conversion, and the metrics we need to be paying attention to.
    If you increase your conversion percentage on leads that you have purchased and stop them from sitting and rotting in your database, your profits will multiply. -Dale Archdekin

    Three Things You'll Learn In This Episode

    The true purpose of lead conversion: When you have a lead and you communicate with them properly, they go from a stranger into an acquaintance. Through follow up and rapport, we can turn them into advocates. Advocates are the people who will do business with us and send us business.


    The one factor that moves the needle in lead conversion: The one factor we need to dial in to increase our conversions is the quality of the conversations we have. How we approach people, and how we talk to them and phrase things makes it easier to stay in conversation with them and build up trust.  


    Why we need to tailor our approach for different personalities:  Different personality types initially engage with strangers differently. Instead of trying to get a lead to communicate according to our personality type, our communication has to honor them and how they respond to being approached. If we adjust the way we initially approach based on the lead’s personality, we’re able to knock down their walls, put them at ease, and take the conversation further.

    Guest Bio- 
    Dale Archdekin is the founder of Smart Inside Sales, a coaching and training company serving residential real estate agents and brokers. As former Director of Lead Generation for a top-5 Keller Williams Realty mega team, Dale was instrumental in more than doubling the team’s sales to over $200 million in just 3 years. Dale has been a residential real estate salesperson for close to 10 years now. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, who is also a residential real estate agent with close to 10 years of experience, and their two amazing kids. Dale and his wife invest in real estate as well and real estate is their main vehicle for their retirement planning.
    Learn more about Dale’s course Conversion University here.

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    Bill Lublin on Why You Should be Investing NOW!

    Bill Lublin on Why You Should be Investing NOW!

    Most experienced real estate investors agree that their only regret is not holding onto their properties for longer, and for good reason. Investing is one of the best ways to build wealth, so as agents with industry expertise, we should be diving in head first!
    However, many agents are holding back. What’s causing them to hesitate, and how can they work through their concerns?
    Many times, it all comes down to finances. It’s all very well to tell agents to invest in property, but where will they find the cash to get started? 
    In this episode, CEO of Century 21 Advantage Gold, Bill Lublin shares how to break into real estate investing.

    Retiring without drastically changing your lifestyle is unlikely, unless you’re buying properties and building an investment portfolio. -Bill Lublin
    Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  

    Why investing is a great way to set ourselves up for retirement: For most people, retiring requires an adjustment to their lifestyles, but that doesn’t have to happen. If we start building investment portfolios today, we’ll earn the means to not only retire, but live the lives of our dreams while doing so.
    What makes investing such a good IDEA: When getting started, it’s helpful to think of investing in terms of the IDEA acronym: Income, Depreciation, Equity, and Appreciation. 
    How to invest when we don’t have cash: Financial limitations shouldn’t stop us from investing, because when it comes to good deals, finding money is never a challenge. Partner up with another investor and take the plunge. 

    Guest Bio- 
    Bill Lublin is the CEO of Century 21 Advantage Gold, Pennsylvania’s number One Century 21 firm. Also CEO of Social Media Education Provider SMMI, he has spoken on real estate, social media, and technology to numerous organizations across the US, Canada, Dubai, and the UK. As an expert in the field of Organizational REO, Bill represents several large national lenders including Fannie Mae, Homesteps (Freddie Mac), and others. The recipient of numerous awards from professional real estate organizations, Bill has been inducted to the REALTORS Hall of Fame and has trained and spoken Nationally on Foreclosures and Short Sales. Bill leads the Short Sales Working Group for the National Association of REALTORS.
    To find out more, go to:
    You can also contact him directly on:
    215 280 4114

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    Monetize Your Day, Every Day

    Monetize Your Day, Every Day

    The best way to thrive in a reactionary business like the one we’re in is by taking control wherever we can, and the first place to get started is with our days.
    Far too often, real estate professionals fail to meet their goals because while they’re busy round the clock, they’re not always doing the activities that count. 
    Focusing our energies on high dollar-producing tasks is vital for success, but is it really possible to do them every single day? Where do we find the time to do both the activities guaranteed to make us money and the more exciting, outside the box ones?
    In this episode, we’re sharing how to structure and monetize each day for maximum results.

    When building your business, you don't have control over results, but you do have control over your actions. -Brendon Payne
    Three Things You’ll Learn In This Episode  

    Why our businesses need to have a checklist: Think about 5 foundational activities guaranteed to grow a business and put them on a checklist. These are the things that have to get done every day, no matter what.


    The importance of keeping our checklists short and manageable: Consistency at a lower number is more beneficial to a business than inconsistency at a higher number, so don’t write pages of to-do lists. Keep it simple, realistic, and reasonable.


    How to ensure our checklists don’t detract from other obligations: Ticking tasks off the to-do list doesn’t need to take all day. In fact, it should only take 3-4 hours, which gives us ample opportunity to get to everything else on our agendas. 

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