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Podcast by Lisa Lynn Adams

Limitless Ladies Podcast Lisa Lynn Adams

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Podcast by Lisa Lynn Adams

    Limitless Ladies Podcast (feat. Cary Carbonaro)

    Limitless Ladies Podcast (feat. Cary Carbonaro)

    Cary Carbonaro aka “The Money Queen”TM is a Certified Financial Planner
    with an MBA in finance, and has over 25 years of experience in financial
    services. In 2014, she was named an Ambassador for the CFP® Board, one of
    only 50 in the United States. Cary’s latest book “The Money Queen’s Guide:
    For Women Who Want Build Wealth and Banish Fear” (Morgan James,
    October 2015) is an Amazon #1 Best Seller in the U.S. and several other
    countries. In March 2016, “The Money Queen’s Guide” was named one of
    the “10 Best Books to Make You Rich” by DailyWorth.
    Cary has been a guest on “Fox & Friends”, “The Today Show,” CNN, CNBC,
    CBS, Fox News, ABC, NPR, Fox 5 NY, NY1 and Good Morning Orlando. She is is
    a frequent guest on WPIX NY and PBS Nightly Business.
    Because of her credentials, Cary is frequently sought out for her expertise
    and has been quoted in a variety of well-known publications, including: The
    Wall Street Journal, Newsday, New York Post, USA Today, The Street.com,
    Bloomberg, Huffington Post, Bankrate, Time Magazine, Money Magazine,
    More Magazine, Kiplinger’s, US News & World Report and Investor’s
    Business Daily. She has also served as the Orlando Sentinel’s “Money Matters
    Hotline” Expert. For a full of Cary’s media appearances please visit:
    In addition to co-authoring the book TIPS from the TOP: Targeted Advice
    from America‘s Top Money Minds (Alpha, 2003), she was also a contributor
    to The Wealth Management Manual and Save Now or Die Trying.
    She is Vice President of the Long Island chapter of Ellevate (formerly 85
    Broads) a women’s professional networking organization, and President of
    the South Lake (Florida) Community Foundation, Women’s Giving Circle,
    which provides community based philanthropic support. Cary has also been
    a CFP® instructor at Fordham University in New York.
    Cary is currently a Managing Director with United Capital and divides her
    time between New York and Florida where she is a yoga instructor in her
    free time.

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    Limitless Ladies Podcast (feat. Kelly Ruta)

    Limitless Ladies Podcast (feat. Kelly Ruta)

    Kelly Ruta is the CEO and Founder of FierceChick Coaching where she teaches women worldwide how to master their leadership mindset so they can unlock massive personal power and create businesses and lives they are in LOVE with.
    Kelly has been involved in counseling/training/coaching/public speaking for nearly twenty years and has had the pleasure of helping people heal from a variety of challenges including addictions, eating disorders and mood issues. Today, Kelly focuses her efforts on coaching women through the process of fulfilling their potential by answering the calling to be leaders in all areas of life.
    Kelly is passionate about empowerment and often speaks to live audiences about becoming powerful leaders in business and life. Kelly's perspective is based on her own journey and the lessons learned from listening to sage mentors and her soul (and making lots of mistakes along the way!).

    Kelly is currently offering a FREE downloadable e-book titled:
    The FierceChick’s Guide to Empowerment: A Three Step Jumpstart to Living a Fierce and Fulfilling Life”.
    Grab your copy today at www.kellyruta.com/goyou

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    Storytelling Marketing with PollyAnna Brown

    Storytelling Marketing with PollyAnna Brown

    PollyAnna Brown is a marketing strategist + consultant and the creator of Storytelling Marketing™, a marketing system founded in professional storytelling, community building, and entertainment to create epic brand loyalty + intimate audience relationships. With two master’s degrees in psychology and creative writing, and a lifetime in the entertainment industry, she helps entrepreneurs align their message, purpose, and passion with their biz.

    When she’s not conducting her Biz Fairy Godmother™ duties, you can find her curled up on the couch with her handsome husband + their adorable pit bull fur babies, Franklin + Chloe, either watching something epic on Netflix, reading a book, designing something creative, or baking out-of-this-realm lemon bars.

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    Soulful Sales & Success with Heather Prestanski

    Soulful Sales & Success with Heather Prestanski

    Heather is a Business Performance Coach who helps visionary entrepreneurs shine brighter than the Vegas lights. Her business experience is varied and successful having built four large businesses in just four years and having worked with some of the most impactful mentors on the planet.
    Her clients achieve impossible goals like a small boutique securing massive joint venture partners for a red carpet launch with partners like Sony. Or a livingroom-based entrepreneur partnering with Youtube Beauty Gurus to launch her natural beauty line.

    Heather works with clients who are at any stage of their business but they all have these two things in common: a big, visionary, seemingly impossible dream and a strong affinity for action.

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    Money Mindset with Joanna Turner

    Money Mindset with Joanna Turner

    Originally from Scotland, now living in Sydney, Australia. Joanna is a leading Wealth & Success Coach, Advanced EFT & Master NLP Practitioner, (and former Chartered Accountant!) Joanna is a mentor to smart women entrepreneurs and has coached many women all over the world to gain momentum in their business by helping them create a winning mindset, earn desired income, gain confidence and have the freedom to travel. Joanna helps women overcome money blocks, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, procrastination, and fear of judgement. She coaches her clients to breakthrough their financial comfort zone and live the life they deserve. Author and Motivational Speaker. www.joannaturner.com

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