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Conversations with people discovering and doing what they're made for.

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Conversations with people discovering and doing what they're made for.

    Made for More

    Made for More

    As soon as you ask for more, it says you’re done with what you have and you don’t have enough. So you look out there for something else to satisfy you.

    But there is nothing out there that will satisfy the desires deep within here.

    Are you made for more? More than what you are? More than who you are at this moment?

    I would say, no. You don’t need any more than you already have.

    If you’re always longing for more, it won’t be long before you find yourself wishing for less. 

    At the end of this conversation, I hope you choose to use the word ‘more’ a whole lot ‘less’ in your life. 

    • 28 min
    Tomas Street is Still Made for Storytelling

    Tomas Street is Still Made for Storytelling

    How do you make the most of any job opportunity?
    Does what you do make a difference to the rest of the world?
    How does the film industry really work?
    Obviously there’s some brotherly banter in this conversation, along with a few stories about our past; and the conversation brings with it a vulnerable insight to the life of a creative. Tomas has by all accounts lived his dream - to direct his own movie - but what has life been like since that experience? He brings us into the journey of failure and finding new hope while hitting hard on the point that whatever you do you have to understand who you are more than anything. And who you are, is important to the rest of us.
    The last time Tomas was on the show was way back in episode 2, he was just starting out on a new film crew, he was excited and passionate about his budding career and seeing this dream finally begin to take off. Since then, he’s seen nothing but big, bold, and beautiful new experiences; from getting married to directing his own feature film, to living off the grid, Tomas is simply trying to be true to who he is.

    • 1 hr 13 min
    Jordan Schellenberg is Still Made to Be a Youth Worker

    Jordan Schellenberg is Still Made to Be a Youth Worker

    “A dream will remain a dream unless there’s a plan around it.”
    How do you make the shift from doing it all to leading the team?
    What’s it really like to run an organization focused on an ever-changing demographic?
    And what is the most important aspect to focus on as a leader?
    The last time Jordan was on the show was all the way back on Episode 8. He was one of my first guests because I knew him as a friend and I knew he was stepping into a call bigger than himself. At that point, we talked about how Youth One moved from dream to reality, and the wild ride of finding the funds, location, and team necessary to launch a Youth Centre. Since then Youth One has only been growing. Now Jordan is learning how to lead a team, how to manage a vision for the future of an organization, and how to keep helping young people find a place of belonging.
    You’re going to love this conversation if you are passionate about helping the next generation, or you are in a role you didn’t necessarily expect to be in a few years ago, or if you’re struggling with finding the main focus again for the dreams and goals you once saw so clearly.

    • 38 min
    Natalie Hicken is Still Made to Be a Midwife

    Natalie Hicken is Still Made to Be a Midwife

    ““If you need it, there will be people in your corner.”
    What happens when the thing you do becomes who you think you are?
    Is burnout something we should be ashamed of?
    How do you start to actually speak up when you’re simply not okay with where you’re at?
    Natalie gives us a real gift of vulnerability in this catch-up conversation. She knows that someone will need to hear her story and her encouragement to share your journey with others. We get deep into the feelings, expectations, and difficult practices of working through burnout to find what is waiting on the other side. This is a journey of sustainable life rhythms, being honest with yourself, and leaning on your community.
    The last time Natalie was on the show was way back in episode 13. We talked about the ups and downs of being a Midwife, how she discovered this was what she was made for, and the budding idea of opening her own practice. A few years later, now she has been through significant trauma, burnout, and has had to hold this career with an open hand as she separates her identity from her job.

    • 53 min
    Jordan Taylor is Made to Enjoy the Process

    Jordan Taylor is Made to Enjoy the Process

    “The process is the destination, because all you ever get is process."
    Are you ever going to slow down or actually land in a long term career?
    Is THIS difficult experience really going to be beneficial in any way?
    What is the real usefulness of the Myers Briggs personality test?
    We talk about his journey, the joy of discovery, and what Jordan would say to his 20 year old self. This episode is all about the story, this is a story you’re going to find your story somewhere within. Jordan, as a life coach, has a gift in calling out what’s real in this life, and we have a fun back and forth chat. Jordan is a certified Myers-Briggs coach (MBTI Practitioner), so I took a good chunk of time in this conversation to get him to explain this personality assessment on an expert level and help us all understand ourselves a little bit better.
    He’s been all around the world, through all kinds of jobs, and through it all has learned to enjoy the process.
    His journey is bumpy, unexpected, and full of small adventures, and a ton of different work opportunities. Through it all, his faith in God and his own purpose in this world has carried him and his family to this place of doing what he’s made for.

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Growing Up

    Growing Up

    I used to think that by 36, I would be more than settled and secure in who I am, and what I’m doing in this world. But now I’m learning, that this is only the beginning of a new chapter on an ever-changing and growing story.

    This is a story of growing up. But not growing old. Or maybe it’s the other way around, I’m not sure.

    See, I’ve been fighting this idea of growing up for years - I’m Peter Pan, ya know. Never grow up. No matter how old I get, I’ll always live with an imagination and wonder and joy like that of a child. And I think that’s possible, but unlike Peter Pan, I don’t want to stay in Neverland. I want to get older as well. Getting older is one of the great gifts of this life, so don’t fight that.

    So yes, I’m growing old, and I’m going to enjoy it. I’m going to enjoy the ride while its here. I’m going to learn and change and reflect, and the truth of it all is that I will also grow up. Otherwise, I’m just getting old and staying in the same mindset as before - and that’s no good to anyone either.

    So this, then is a story of growing up and growing old.

    Are you fighting one of those?

    Are you fighting against the idea of a higher number to your age? Or more responsibility? Or less opportunity to play?

    I invite you today, to stop fighting it. Step into the next chapter, whatever that is. As soon as you do, that’s when the ride really begins.

    • 18 min

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hayl stove ,

Thank you!

I love the insight you provide in peoples lives! These podcasts are so inspiring for me.

lowdan ,


Quality and interesting guests who are doing so many unique things! Always encouraged by the idea to just start doing something. Take a step in a direction and see what happens! Keep it up Alex!

Sargeypoo ,


This podcast is one of the most inspiring podcasts I’ve listened to. Every episode encourages me and challenges me to do something to improve myself and to grab life by the horns and go after my dreams! Thanks so much for doing this Alex! This is what you’re made for!

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