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Every week on Manifest Your Amazing Life, psychic healer Alix Moore and the Archangels collaborate to help you understand what you really want, why you don’t already have it, and how to take inspired action to achieve your goals. Explore your soul purpose, work through life challenges, and fully embody the power and the beauty of your higher self. Alix’s podcast is divinely channeled, but always full of practical applications and action steps.

Manifest Your Amazing Life with Alix and the Archangels: The No BS Guide Alix Moore - Psychic healer

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Every week on Manifest Your Amazing Life, psychic healer Alix Moore and the Archangels collaborate to help you understand what you really want, why you don’t already have it, and how to take inspired action to achieve your goals. Explore your soul purpose, work through life challenges, and fully embody the power and the beauty of your higher self. Alix’s podcast is divinely channeled, but always full of practical applications and action steps.

    The Power of Self-Acceptance

    The Power of Self-Acceptance

    Hello! This is Alix, and I’m here with the archangels today for a new episode of Manifest Your Amazing Life with Alix and the Archangels. I’m so happy you’ve found us.

    It has been some time since I’ve been active on this channel. During the last year, I have been focused elsewhere—holding down two jobs, and submerging myself in all the delight and distraction of a new relationship. Here I am, almost exactly a year later, and I am rebalancing my life somewhat, refocusing on the passion of my work in addition to the passion of my relationship. I’m so happy to be back here, speaking with you today.

    Of course, I never just live my life. I live my life with consciousness. I connect with the soul journey beneath the day-to-day journey I am living. I observe my processes, take responsibility for my own growth and healing. As always, the angels have much to teach me along the way.

    I’d like to speak with you today about the power of acceptance. Acceptance has been front and center in my meditation space recently. Even more than gratitude, acceptance is a powerful, positive energy that has the ability to shift our lives for the better. But before I can speak to you about acceptance, I need to touch on its opposite—an energy that I am sure all of you are far too familiar with. 

    The opposite of acceptance is judgment. We humans tend to judge ourselves constantly—a never-ending loop of commentary inside our own heads that tells us all the ways we have failed, all the ways that we are unworthy. But that voice of judgment is wrong. We are worthy, and our worthiness is entirely independent of where we are on our healing journey.

    I know all of you listening are working on your own healing journeys. Just like I do, I know that you have identified the places where you have difficulty loving yourself. You can see the dysfunctional patterns you tend to reproduce in all your relationships. You know some of the triggers you have because of the lack of love you experienced or perceived in your childhood. But here’s the thing—you don’t have to wait until you are healed, until you are fixed, to claim the love and the life you want for yourself. You can step into that love and that life now, just as imperfect as you are. Your imperfection is no boundary to your happiness. Your judgment, however, is.

    Judgment is a state of being that is disconnected from Source. Source has zero judgment. Believe me, I know. I have channelled Spirit for hundreds of people, and not once have the angels ever said to anyone that they are worthless, damaged, or undeserving of love and happiness. Judgment is not a divine energy, no matter what religions may try to teach us. Judgment is a purely human energy. Judgment is the little—or not so little—voice inside our heads that tell us how stupid we are, what failures we are, how f****d up our behavior and our choices are.  And maybe we did make some poor choices, maybe we do have some hot unhealed places that cause us to overreact with the people and circumstances in our lives. Okay, so what? So what? So we’re human. We are all works in progress. We are all f****d. We are all worthy. The state of our fuckedupedness does not detract from our intrinsic worthiness. It can’t. We are all both human and holy, and the juxtaposition of those two energies do not challenge each other in any way.

    I invite you to sit down for a moment if you can—not if you  are driving, please!—and close your eyes. Feel the comfort of the chair or sofa that supports your body. Feel the strength of the floor, and the planet, beneath your feet. Close your eyes, and allow your energy and your chi to settle back within your body. Come home to yourself. And then, when you are ready, please begin to say to yourself, in your mind or out loud, “I’m okay. I’m okay. I’m okay.”

    Do your best to a

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    How to Change Your Life

    How to Change Your Life

    How can you work with the hidden energies of your life to manifest your goals?

    The first of a series of videos designed to teach you how to use the power of Source energy to cocreate the life and the abundance you desire.

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    Manifesting with the Archangels: How to Use the Power of Source to Change Your Life

    Hello and welcome to another episode of manifesting with the angels. My name is Alix. I'm an intuitive life coach, energy healer,  and channel for the wisdom and healing of the archangels. I help my clients get the answers they need so that they can manifest the life and the abundance they desire.

    I’m so blessed to be able to do this sacred work with the angels on behalf of my wonderful clients. The angels have taught me so much about how to work with Source energy. I learn something new every day. I created this channel to share with you the powerful information the angels have taught me about how to work with the power of Source energy to change our lives for the better.

    My clients often come to me with problems, with something that is not working in their lives. They are having relationship challenges, or money challenges, or they can’t seem to attract the significant other, the new job, or the healthy body they desire. Often, my clients know what they want to manifest, but they aren’t quite sure how to achieve their goals.

    How can you lose that extra twenty pounds?

    How can you step fully into your life’s work, your soul purpose?

    How can you step up to the next level of prosperity in your life?

    If you work with me in a private session, the angels and I can give you very specific information in answer to those questions. The angels and I are always happy to help, but we also want to empower you to work directly with Source.

    So here’s the big answer to that big question.

    How do you change your life?

    By changing the energy of your life.

    Beneath the solid, physical surface of our human lives, there is a whole energetic conversation. Do you often feel anxious or stressed? Anxiety has an energetic reality. You can’t necessarily see it or touch it, but it’s as real as the door of your refrigerator. Stress is another energy—and so is peace, so is joy, so is gratitude.

    I can hear you saying, “Those are emotions, Alix!”

    Sure they are—and they are also energies.

    When I work psychically with clients, I can see those energies. I can manipulate them—move them out of the way, clear them out of a client’s physical body or personal energy field. Just like you can clean your refrigerator or your bathtub, you can clean your energetic space.

    And not only can you clear out the energies you don’t want, you can invite in the energies you do want.

    You can clear out the fear, and invite in the acceptance.

    You can clear out the stress, and invite in gratitude.

    You can clear out the judgment, and invite in compassion.

    In order to change the energies that are operating beneath the surface of your life, however, you have to become energetically aware. You need to be able to tell which energies are active in your space so that you can, if needed, choose a different energy.

    Let me put it like this.

    If you are aware that you are feeling stressed, you can choose to feel peaceful instead.

    If you are aware that you are feeling distracted, you can choose to feel grounded instead.

    If you are aware that you are feeling anxious, you can choose to feel grateful instead.

    In order to change your energy, you must first become aware of what energies are operating in your space. Many humans, however, are used to living in a toxic soup of anxiety, stress, and judgment,

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    A Gratitude Meditation with Mother Mary

    A Gratitude Meditation with Mother Mary

    Gratitude helps us connect to Source so that we can manifest what we desire. Includes a channeled experience with Mother Mary.

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    Thank you, angels! Thank you, angels! Thank you, angels!

    No sooner do I close my eyes and start to settle into the meditation space than I feel that familiar opening sensation in my core. Part relief, part expansion, all relaxation—gratitude is a powerful cocreative energy. It is both an emotional soother and a way to connect with and embody the flow of Source.

    Gratitude is arriving home safely after driving through a bad storm. Gratitude is the unexpected payment that comes through just in the nick of time. Gratitude is a sticky situation that gets resolved in a positive manner. Gratitude can be as huge as finally landing that new job, or as minor as not getting a speeding ticket.

    For me, this morning, gratitude is about safety. After the trauma and drama of the last few years, my gratitude this morning is about stepping off the roller coaster of insecurity and change onto more stable ground. Oh sure, there will always be challenge and change, but for the moment, I can feel the energy of arrival, of respite, and that is huge—not only because it makes me feel better, but also because it means that what I am trying to manifest is much more likely to come through into the physical plane.

    Are you someone who sees the proverbial glass as half empty, or half full? There’s no judgment here, no right or wrong way to see your life, but if you tend to see what is missing from your life instead of what you have already accomplished, you might be missing out on the power of gratitude.

    I’m not suggesting that you practice an “attitude of gratitude” for any lofty spiritual reason. Quite the opposite, in fact. I work with the energy of gratitude myself—and suggest it to my clients—because of its practical metaphysical effectiveness. As human-divine beings, our lives work to the extent that we are connected to, and embodying, the flow of Source energy. When we are shut off from Source, when our channels are constricted and little Source is able to get through to us, then we invariably find ourselves struggling, because Source is the electricity that powers our lives.

    As I have discussed elsewhere, fear is a huge energy disconnector. It shuts down the flow of abundance into our lives. When we are afraid, it’s usually because we are not feeling safe. We may be feeling insecure about our physical health, our financial status, or our emotional wellbeing. Fear is a logical response to a threat to our safety and security, but when the fear becomes chronic and pervasive—when we spend months worrying about our cash flow, for example—then we tend to spiral in the wrong direction, as fear disconnects us from Source, which makes our situation worse, which disconnects us further, and so on.

    So, back to gratitude. If you can find that lovely, bone-deep embodiment of thankfulness for some aspect of your life, even just for a moment, it can help you to reconnect to Source and start to cycle in a more positive direction. At the very least, it will settle your blood pressure and help you feel better for a moment or two.

    I close my eyes again, seeking to connect with an angel or ascended master to lead us through an experience of gratitude. The light being I get is Mother Mary. Her presence is huge, infinitely wise and loving, but with a core of sadness. She understands the pain of life.

    With goosebumps all over my body, I hear her speak to us.

    Dear Ones, she says. Life is pain. We cannot know the joy of unconditional love, the safe harbor of a ship arrived home from troubled seas, unless we also know the terror and the even the despair of the darker moments of our lives. The struggle illuminates the safety, and thus it is on this planet we all call home.

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    Power Energies, Challenge Energies, and Soothers

    Power Energies, Challenge Energies, and Soothers

    Trying to manifest your heart's desire? Understanding these three kinds of energy will help you stay connected to Source.

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    Hello, and welcome. My name is Alix, and I’m an intuitive life coach, energy healer,  and channel for the wisdom and healing of the archangels. I help my clients get the answers they need so that they can manifest the lives and the abundance they desire. I created this series to share with you the information the angels have taught me about how to work with the power of Source energy to cocreate your heart’s desire.

    In order to manifest what you want, what you are praying for, you need to understand how energy works in your life, and you need to be able to access and embody a wide range of energies. Think of energy like paint. A visual artist works with a palette of colors that he or she is able to choose, mix, and manipulate in order to create the image we see on the completed canvas.   In much the same way, highly conscious humans can choose and mix specific energies to align with the goal they are trying to manifest.

    Your manifestation palette can be divided into three categories—power energies, challenge energies, and soothers.

    Power energies empower us to work with Source. When we choose to work with power energies, we are actively aligning with Source—pulling Source down into our bodies where we can use it like a car uses gasoline.

    Source is our birthright. Each of us is here to learn to be both fully human and fully divine. The only problem is—our schools don’t teach metaphysics (yet), and most of us have little to no formal education in the language of Source, so we don’t always know what to do when we are trying to use our higher selves to help us manifest our goals and dreams.

    Luckily, the angels know how to work with Source energy, and they are here to teach you what you need to know—what you didn’t learn in kindergarten, but should have.

    So what are the power energies, exactly?

    Joy is a power energy. So are acceptance, gratitude, compassion, relief, and expansion, to name just a few.  In the coming weeks, I will unpack each of the power energies for you in separate episodes, and show you how to use them in your cocreative process. I have already done an episode on the power of acceptance—in case you missed it, I will put the link to it in the description box below this episode.

    OK, so power energies help us to connect with Source. Challenge energies, in contrast, show us where we are disconnected from Source. They slow us down, and, if we don’t deal with them, they may prevent us from reaching our goals.

    Challenge energies have only one purpose—they point the way to our inner healing, our soul growth. You see, the angels and the universe don’t send us troubles just to torture us. They send us life challenges so that we can grow—so that we can see and heal the wounded places that are limiting our lives.

    Challenge energies are never fun to live through. They are what send us running to self-medicate with food, exercise, or even alcohol. It is possible to avoid challenge energies up to a point, but eventually the avoidance will catch up with us and it’s not pretty. It’s kind of like not paying your taxes—by the time the IRS gets done piling on the interest and penalties, you will probably wish you had just paid the original amount on time.

    So what are the challenge energies, exactly? Fear is the most common one, followed by judgment, shame, ego, and many others. The angels and I will explore all of these energies in future episodes, and show you how to learn from them, work through them, and heal so that you expand your ability to access and embody Source.

    Remember how I said that challenge energies are never fun to live through? Soul growth is hard, just plain hard.

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    What to Do When You Are Afraid (Part One)

    What to Do When You Are Afraid (Part One)

    Fear and anxiety have physical consequences--and metaphysical ones! In Part One of this series on fear, learn the three steps to take when you find yourself feeling anxious or afraid.

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    I’m okay now.

    I might not be okay later today. I might not be okay tomorrow. I might not be okay next Thursday. I’m pretty certain I won’t be okay if this thing I’m worried about happens. It’s possible that I might not be okay by the end of the month. Even if I make it through this month, what about next month? I’m thinking things will be really difficult this summer, so I am concerned.

    Sounds kind of ludicrous when I write it out like that, doesn’t it? But this is the way fear—or it’s lesser relative, anxiety—often operates in our heads. The worry and the anxious thoughts go around and around in our heads. If the fear just stayed in our heads, it might be okay, but it doesn’t work like that. This kind of anxiety permeates our entire being. Our muscles get tense, our breathing gets shallow, there is a clenching, constricting energy in the pit of our stomachs. If the fear gets intense enough, it becomes a kind of panic attack—a wave of desperation that we just have to grit our teeth and breathe through until we come out the other side. And those are just the physical and emotional effects of fear.

    Fear and anxiety have well known physical and physiological side effects, but fear has significant energetic impacts as well. Fear is an energy constrictor. Just as fear tightens your muscles and raises your blood pressure, it also constricts the energy channels that allow your chi, or life force energy, to run through your body. That life force energy is actually Source energy. Those of us who are highly conscious are aware that we can pull Source energy down from the heavens and into our bodies, where we can use it to manifest what we need and desire. Source energy is the gasoline we use to power the engines of our lives—our lives work well when we are open to and able to embody the flow of Source, and our lives start to get rocky or sticky when we can’t fully and freely receive the flow of Source.

    This energetic constriction can produce a downward spiral. We are tense and anxious because something is not working in our lives. It could be a relationship issue, a health issue, or a money issue—it doesn’t matter what is making us anxious, the effect is the same. Because we are anxious, the flow of Source into our bodies and our energies fields gets constricted—partially shut down. So we are trying to cocreate the solution to our problem, but our fear isn’t allowing us to do that— our cosmic fuel lines are clogged, and not enough Source is getting through. When we don’t get the results we need, we get more anxious, and that shuts down the flow of Source even further, so we are even less able to manifest the solution we need. If the cycle goes on long enough, we can get really stuck in this negative feedback loop, and our life circumstances can go from bad to worse.

    Luckily, it is possible to learn to work through your fear, to change your energetic channel to a different energy that allows you to find relief and once more open to receiving the flow of Source. In a recent episode, I talked about the energies of empowerment, disconnection, and soothing. As a reminder, power energies help us to connect to and embody Source energy, challenge energies show us where are are disconnected from Source, and soothers help us to manage the anxiety and intensity of the soul growth process.

    When faced with fear, therefore, you can reach for a power energy that allows you to reconnect to Source, and/or you can reach for a soother that will enable you to calm down and breathe through the panic. Either way, once you are relaxed, regrounded, and reconnected to Source, you can then tackle the p

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    The Truth About Manifesting

    The Truth About Manifesting

    We are human-divine beings—how does that work, exactly?

    Have you ever tried to manifest something you desire and been frustrated with the results? 

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    Hello, and welcome. My name is Alix, and I am an intuitive life coach, energy healer, and channel for the wisdom and healing of the archangels. I help my clients get the answers they need so that they can manifest the lives and the abundance they desire.

    Thank you for joining me today. In this episode of Manifesting with the Archangels, I’m going to share with you the truth about manifesting as I understand it from my work with the archangels. If you’ve ever tried to manifest something and been frustrated with the results you got, then this episode is for you.

    We are human-divine beings. We are capable of working with Source energy, our higher selves, and our human bodies and minds to cocreate the lives and the abundance we desire.

    The new age, positive thinking movement and its teachers have opened up a world of possibilities to us. We know that we humans have the power to partner with the divine to manifest love, wealth, and happiness. The only problem is, there is no clear curriculum, no precise road map for exactly how to cocreate the things we want.

    In fact, there are many misconceptions circulating about how manifestation works, and those misconceptions can prevent us from getting the results we want.

    I often hear my clients say, “But I did the work! I did everything I was supposed to do, and nothing happened. I still didn’t get the raise, or the boyfriend, or the new job.”

    The truth is, it’s not enough to meditate and pray, to ask the divine for what we want, and then to sit back and wait for it to arrive—although you may have been taught that it is. There is also no predetermined amount of work required to manifest our goals. Instead, there’s actually a set of skills and a lifelong process of practicing those skills.

    Think of a contractor. He or she might initially learn from more experienced contractors how to use all of the tools and materials of the trade—sawzalls and levels and nail guns and paint sprayers. Over time, the young contractor gains in experience, and he or she may begin to tackle more complicated products. Eventually, the contractor will have a huge repertoire of wisdom, skill, and tools, and he or she can produce exemplary results even when faced with a very complex and challenging restoration or design-build project.

    Learning to use our innate divine abilities is at least as difficult as learning to build a house from the foundation up, and there is an additionally complicating factor. Living as fully-empowered, fully integrated human-divine beings is actually a fairly new thing on the planet. We have had lots of practice living as unconscious humans, disconnected from our divine natures. We have also had many spiritual teachers and practitioners who renounced many aspects of their human flesh in order to connect more deeply with the world of Spirit. But the middle ground—the place where we chose to live as fully human and simultaneously fully divine—that is relatively uncharted territory.

    During the last few decades, more and more humans have been stepping into that territory—choosing to be fully human and also fully divine. Spiritual teachers from a variety of wisdom traditions are finding a platform and an audience for their information about how humans can work with their divine natures. But in some ways, we’re still in the early stages of our collective awakening. Unlike that young contractor, we don’t have a communally accepted set of tools and procedures for using those tools. We don’t have a widely agreed-upon skill set and knowledge base, yet, for understanding our divine nature.

    It’s been my experience that each of us finds the teachers we need ...

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