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Join professional voice actor, audiobook narrator, and author Mike Lenz as he shares stories from some of the most amazing and inspiring people from all areas of the voice-over industry to help you achieve your dream of becoming a professional voice actor.

Mike Lenz Voice - A Journey Into Voice Acting Mike Lenz interviews Bob Souer, Harlan Hogan and other amazing voice-over p

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Join professional voice actor, audiobook narrator, and author Mike Lenz as he shares stories from some of the most amazing and inspiring people from all areas of the voice-over industry to help you achieve your dream of becoming a professional voice actor.

    110 - Mike Lenz Update

    110 - Mike Lenz Update

    Do you know your "why?" 
    On this episode I update you on my journey in the VO world and cover some topics that are critically important to focus on in your journey:
    1.  Understanding your "why."
    2.  Having perseverance.
    3.  Not falling into the comparison trap.
    4.  Defining what success means for you.

    • 24 min
    109 - Jocqueline Protho Interview

    109 - Jocqueline Protho Interview

    Jocqueline Protho is the Founder of The Audio Flow and Three One Six Audio - an audiobook production and publishing company serving indie authors. She has always loved audiobooks and with over 20 years of experience in talent acquisition, it was only a matter of time before she combined both of her passions. Jocqueline prides herself in helping indie authors bring their stories to life with a new way to do audio that is making its mark in the industry.

    • 39 min
    108 - Shannon Parks Interview

    108 - Shannon Parks Interview

    Marguerite Gavin (Shannon Parks) has been a professional audiobook narrator for over twenty years with over 500+ titles, numerous Audie nominations and Earphones awards, and a devoted fan following. She has been described as a “genre-defining narrator” by Audible.com; having a “sonorous voice, rich and full of emotion”and as having the “coveted ability to disappear as the narrator, letting the story take the limelight it deserves”in Audiofile Magazine. 
    Her narration spans nearly every genre from mystery, science fiction and fantasy; romance; and children’s fiction to a huge variety of nonfiction and documentary work. She is also a seasoned theater veteran, acting and directing in hundreds of productions.
    As a highly respected acting teacher, she was on the graduate acting faculty at Catholic University of America; directed children of all ages in Shakespeare for many years; and now coaches narrators in the art of acting the audiobook. 
    She is the lucky mom of two (almost grown -up!) children. Marguerite is blessed to live at the Delaware seashore where she can usually be found in her recording studio; at the theater or frolicking in the ocean. 
    Proud member of SAG/AFTRA/AEA

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    107 - Mike Lenz Update

    107 - Mike Lenz Update

    On this episode I provide an update on my journey. I discuss the voiceover consulting I'm now doing as well as provide a discount on my friend Tim Tippet's Audition Ready Audio Course. I also talk about my journey into the audiobook narration world and how and why my audiobook work has increased dramatically. Lots of fun stuff on this episode.
    Here are some links:
    Voice Over Consulting - https://mikelenzvoice.com/consulting/
    Audition Ready Audio Course - https://votechguru.thinkific.com/courses/audition-ready-audio-course?ref=6e5f9e

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    106 - Laila Berzins Interview

    106 - Laila Berzins Interview

    Laila Berzins is a Voice Arts Awards nominated LA Based American voice actor with a decade of experience, comedian, and songwriter extraordinaire, providing a wide variety of accents and delivery styles. Her deep & resonant voice works well with Commercial, Corporate and Promo reads, while Laila's experience and personality in Animation and Video games will leave you with VIBRANT audio and a smile on your face! Broadcast Quality Vocal Booth, Source Connect, IdPTL, Phone Patch Capabilities, happy to work under tight deadlines and with various time zones.

    A big kid at heart, Laila has oodles of fun with every project she joyfully undertakes. She works in numerous cartoons for clients like Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, YouTube and Funimation, in games like God of War 4, Final Fantasy Explorers, World of Warcraft,  Star Trek Online, State of Decay 2, Atlus Fenrir for Sega, and Smite.  She also lent her voice to various narrations for Microsoft, Lyft, Nike, Motorola, Weight Watchers, Toyota, and Intel, and commercials for Target, SoCal Gas, Google, Nature Valley, and Hidden Figures.
    ​LA Based female voiceover artist Laila Berzins vocals are warm, smooth, silky, young, seductive and professional. Her numerous male/female character voices range from young to old, and sweet to sassy. Musically she is a natural Alto, with both the upper resonances of a younger woman, and the diction and lower range of a more mature woman.


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    105 - Tony Pasquale Interview

    105 - Tony Pasquale Interview

    Growing up, I was always the entertainment in the family. I could be found recording radio programs (just to hear the announcer) or making voices and sounds with my mouth. After a while, my mother would get a little fed up with all the noise, and yell, "Tony, quit exploding all over the house!"  Deep down I know she loved all those sounds I made...pew pew...

    Fast forward through high school and working overnight at a "traditional country", AM radio station (yeah that's a thing). Afterward, I moved on to college where I interned for promotions at Radio Disney, Providence. Promotions was fun, and that's where I discovered the pure, raw energy of live events.

    For 15 years, I worked up the ranks in the live event industry with my core being a creative director, producer, and show director. I produced shows all over the US, Puerto Rico, Asia, and Europe. The entire time working in production, one thing always stuck with me...voice over work.  

    Being a voice talent never left me. Whether I was being cast for commercials, a video narration; or even being a live announcer in the Georgia Dome! I recorded in studios while on the road, or MacGyver'd a studio in my hotel room.

    Now, as a full time voice talent, I get to be part of brands like Pedigree, UPS, GQ Magazine, Deloitte, and many more! This is what I was built to do. I'm fortunate to be that final piece for a production team; adding the "voice" to all their hard work.

    Let's connect! Drop me a line and let's put a voice to your project (see what I did there with "voice"? It's a pun.)

    Project credits: Walmart, Liberty Mutual, Subway, Comcast, Marriott, Cox, Intel, Suzuki, Yellow Tail, MetroPCS, Pearle Vision, and Stonyfield Organic.

    Specialties: voice acting, voiceovers, live event, live announcing, show production, theme development, radio, explainer videos, elearning, video production, audio production, product launch, brand launch, technical director, producer, creative direction, presentations. 

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JodiKrangle ,

A great show!

Mike always has the best interviews. (And I don’t say that just because I was one. ;) ) He asks very insightful questions and his guests are always really interesting people that I want to know more about. A lot of these folks are friends of mine - and I didn’t know half of the stuff he pulls from them! Well done, Mike! I look forward to every episode.

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