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Tom Barbalet hosts the first live internet radio show devoted to the model rail hobby

Model Rail Radio Tom Barbalet

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Tom Barbalet hosts the first live internet radio show devoted to the model rail hobby

    Model Rail Radio #212: Tight Three and Half [June 25, 2022]

    Model Rail Radio #212: Tight Three and Half [June 25, 2022]

    Nigel Gartshore calls in and has a few updates about his space and what he plans to run in the area. No-lix is the central theme. Ron Klaiss discusses his latest kit and what happens after COVID. Clark Kooning is going to be a snow goose. Clark wants to talk about local politics. Dave Falkenburg calls in and gives a Silicon Valley Lines update after some time away from the club. Martin Jenkins has a quick chance to talk about automated cars, both end sounds and how his work has taken over his hobby time. http://www.modelrailradio.com/archive.html#212

    • 1 hr 13 min
    Model Rail Radio #211: The Right Height For Both Worlds [May 28, 2022]

    Model Rail Radio #211: The Right Height For Both Worlds [May 28, 2022]

    Dave Barazza has finished his layout sufficient to get on remote operators with live operators. John Szymanski has been experimenting with something similar on his own layout. Tom asks about tower cameras and combining those images with moving train cameras. John Garaty gives a few updates including on the Professor who is still building micro-layouts. Tyler Reabe has found what he wanted in the wild in terms of new model rail roaders. Mike Slater provides a much anticipated layout update and talks about his Summer show plans. http://www.modelrailradio.com/archive.html#211

    • 1 hr 15 min
    Model Rail Radio #210: No Regrets [February 12, 2022]

    Model Rail Radio #210: No Regrets [February 12, 2022]

    Tyler Reabe kicks off the show introducing his model railroading interests. Ted Roy has been working through the model railroading hobby - and has a number of locos that are now reprogrammed. Robert Thomas re-introduces his model railroading interests and offers some insight into the hobby in Texas as well as how difficult it turned out to model more than a hundred years ago. Linton Towell calls back in to talk O scale in Australia and Tom asks about the Model Rail Radio Australian O Scale Fraternity. Mike Slater has been bugged by snow on his powerhouse hot tub layout. Dazzy J. provides some updates on his perspective with 3d printing as a business. Ron Klaiss entered the blizzard of Springfield. Seth Gartner has been working towards an operating session in the near-term. Bruce Wilson has done a lot since he last called in. He covers the interesting topic of World War One rail. http://www.modelrailradio.com/archive.html#210

    • 1 hr 57 min
    Model Rail Radio #209: Variable Temperature Soldering Iron [January 29, 2022]

    Model Rail Radio #209: Variable Temperature Soldering Iron [January 29, 2022]

    John Szymanski (aka John Z) has been exploring remote operations. What has been happening in Kent with Simon Hill and Martin Coombs? Martin has a kit to build that came through unusual circumstances. Chris Adams isn't at Springfield but he thinks it will continue. Peter Stempel has a whole lot of updates now he's a new place with so much potential. Brian Dougherty calls in quickly to say hi and provide a brief update. http://www.modelrailradio.com/archive.html#209

    • 1 hr 51 min
    Special: Terry Terrance

    Special: Terry Terrance

    Tom talks with Terry about his subway origins, how he ended up in two rail O-scale and what advice he has to model rail roaders planning a basement empire. Tom also wonders if there are folks around Terry's new location who coul offer some model train fun.

    • 34 min
    Model Rail Radio #208: Surprise Guest [January 15, 2022]

    Model Rail Radio #208: Surprise Guest [January 15, 2022]

    Terry Terrance surprises Tom with a call into Model Rail Radio. Clark Kooning and Mike Slater have memories to share with Terry. Mike Deverell has been exploring LCC while he lone wolfs his new layout. Speaking of new layouts Gordy Robinson explains how he acquired his new layout and maintains fatherhood and the NMRA with equal vigor. Linton Towell provides a brief update. Where Mike Slater formerly had a hot tub, he now has a model railroad. John Dohering doesn't stand a chance with Clark Kooning on his tail - modules are the topic but also the new affordability of the first train set. Jeff Schockley provides a Del Mar Var update from strength to strength although they've moved from Delmar, DE. Martyn Jenkins is running for the NMRA Board but his layout is way more interesting. Mike O'Dorney and Tom talk, where possible, about modules. http://www.modelrailradio.com/archive.html#208

    • 2 hrs 35 min

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

Brian Goings ,

Well worth the time!

This podcast is a fantastic source of well rounded information. I'm new to the hobby, and subscribe to a number of different podcasts. This one has a format that is similar to a call in live radio show, is very relaxed, and very informative, and always open to new callers. Great job!

sambear63 ,

A must for the model railway enthusiast

I started late to listen to this podcast. I'm worked my way forward from episode one. I have really enjoyed the show. Tom and Chris give listeners a lot to think about and show’s regulars and guests are simply awesome. Tom deserves massive credit for doing all the behind-the scenes effort to keep this podcast thriving. For a model railroader this is a must podcast. You’ll have to pay attention; there is so much to be gleaned you might need a notebook for anecdotal references to podcasts. I am thrilled this podcast is available!

MorDread ,

The best

I find that this show you offer is in my mind the best I have heard and I listen to it over and over again. If you need a model railroad podcast this would be it. Also the people that are on it have great information on all subjects period. Great job well done and keep it coming and thanks.

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