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You mom like this. I mom like that. We all mom differently but all love our kids the same. Lets talk all things motherhood and finding our identity as women and moms in this podcast.

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You mom like this. I mom like that. We all mom differently but all love our kids the same. Lets talk all things motherhood and finding our identity as women and moms in this podcast.

    Silence is a Scary Sound, with Clint Edwards

    Silence is a Scary Sound, with Clint Edwards

    On this week's episode we are joined with author Clint Edwards to talk about his work as a writer with a blog, books and a great collection of relatable and witty memes and tweets. Most of our conversation on this episode was around his latest book: Silence is a Scary Sound (hence the title!). From a reader's perspective, this book is hilarious, witty, and relatable for any parent who's had toddlers or is going through the great phase of terrible twos and threes. We talk to Clint about the many experiences he shared in the book, how this book came into being and his personal experiences around raising kids. Some of the particular incidents he wrote about will have you laughing as you probably have been through them too - we talk to him about those experiences. We also talk about the response he's had online to his blog posts from different people and what advice he might have for dads today. We had fun getting to know Clint on this week's episode and hope you enjoy it too!
    Listen to the podcast and check out Clint on his website for blog posts, his other books and much more! - http://www.byclintedwards.com/ 

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    It's 2020, Stop Doing These Things!

    It's 2020, Stop Doing These Things!

    Happy New Year and a New Decade!!! Wow we are in the 2020s already! It definitely seemed like this was meant to be way in the future and my biggest disappointment is that the microwaveable mini pizza that turned into a large one in Back to The Future isn't real.
    As we move into this new decade, there are many things from this past year and decade in general (especially the latter half) that we really need to leave behind. And this episode is all about those things and my highly opinionated point of view on them (and yours as shared on my Instagram - thank you for that!).
    So what are the things we talk about in this episode that need to be left behind? Mom shaming, unsolicited parental advice, telling moms enjoy every minute of it, trolling people on social media, being flat out role in the name of "woke culture" - seriously so many negative people out there bringing others down - these things really need to be left behind in 2019.
    I also discuss some other trends that I think we need to get away from - such as recording everyone's bad moments and sharing them on social media to shame them. I give a detailed reason why this needs to be reduced and what the impact I see of this unhealthy habit being trickled down to our kids. 
    I also discuss some other things that have become super trendy on social media - aka thirst traps! - people talking about them for likes and follows - such as vulnerability and talking about anxiety for the sake of getting likes. The woman supporting woman movement? Mom supporting mom movement? Yeah these need to slow down to realness only as well. And can we please retire the use of letter boards and ridiculous filters on our images?! Why do we need to distort reality to such a high degree? I mean I'm still going to use the Paris filter on Instagram from time to time and definitely will use Lightroom for some images to correct the color - but we can all agree the air brushed photo look that reduces you to having no features and bone structure on your face can go?!? Right?
    There are some other things we talk about as well that you need to listen to this episode for. Check it out and subscribe to the podcast if you haven't already! Have a great week!

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    Tis the Season of Festivus

    Tis the Season of Festivus

    Happy Holidays Everyone! We are ramping up for Christmas and as excited as we are man the stuff that needs to get done can be a major PAIN! So today we are airing out our Christmas grievances on this episode celebrating Festivus. What is Festivus? It originates from Seinfeld (hey Seinfeld fans!!!) and according to yourdictionary.com this is the definition: Festivus is defined as a secular holiday celebrated on December 23 that is essentially anti-Christmas, a backlash to the commercialization of Christmas and involves the airing of grievances. The term was first used by Frank Costanza (father of principle character George Costanza) on the American comedy Seinfeld.
    So today we are focusing on airing out some of our Christmas grievances. This that we talk about today are advent calendars, Elf on the Shelf, traveling during the holidays, family time when you hate them or cant get along with them, lack of family time when its not by choice, gift giving and grievances around buying presents, giving presents out of obligation and getting weird AF gifts. We also talk about the pickle tradition, and the drama around Christmas political correctness (spoiler alert, no one cares if you say Merry Christmas! No one is mad! Just be kind!).
    Hope you enjoy this episode. After this, we will be off till the new year and be back on Jan 7 with another new episode! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

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    Doable Changes for Healthy Living

    Doable Changes for Healthy Living

    This week on the podcast we are tackling a topic most of us think about often - how to incorporate healthy habits in our life. Social media is full of perfection when it comes to fitness and as busy moms its hard sometimes to create those healthy habits when we've been out of it for so long! Enter Julia Hickman - an online fitness coach who's not here to sell any rigorous programs. Julia does part some great tips and wisdom on making small incremental changes to a healthier lifestyle. There are no diets or rigorous workouts she's recommending which I love. Julia is all about finding a healthy balance and talking to her was great because her tips are truly do-able for anyone - even at this time of the year -- ESPECIALLY at this time of the year. Listen now and hear from Julia!
    Julia Hickman is a wife, mom and lifestyle and online fitness coach helping time-crunched working women avoid the overwhelm of squeezing in a healthy lifestyle by providing quick and effective workouts and nutrition guidance with 1:1 support in a private Facebook community. 
    Her philosophy lies in making fitness something that improves, not consumes, women's lives so they can focus on their families.
    Julia left her corporate job to stay home with her son and eventually launched her online business that now allows her to help women all over the country.
    FB page: http://www.facebook.com/thepetitefastinista
    FB group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/fitfemmes101
    IG: www.instagram.com/thepetitefastinista

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    Making The Holidays Easier

    Making The Holidays Easier

    This week on the podcast I am going solo and kicking off the holiday season with our first holiday episode of this year. We're diving straight into the holidays and I'm sharing some great tips on making the holidays as stress free as possible. Some of the topics we cover are setting priorities and expectations up front and having conversations around what is important to you and your family. We talk about how scheduling can make a positive difference towards everything you have to get done from now to the end of the season - from events to decor. We talk about what to do when everyone wants to get toys for the kids and helping kids set realistic expectations around gift giving especially with Santa Claus. I share my one strong opinion about Santa Claus and why I want others to adopt it and lastly share some great tips on being cost effective and organized with your holiday shopping. 
    Tune in and check out all the great tips! Blog to follow this on Friday. Make sure you subscribe, rate and review the podcast - and share with someone you know! 

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    Living in the Era of Social Media

    Living in the Era of Social Media

    The screen time and technology debate. How much is too much screen time? Join us for a conversation between Terri and Gila: Two women’s opinions not backed by studies (for the most part). The impact of technology on our lives is big and often millennials (and the kids being raised in this technology era) are given a bad rep for their “overuse” of technology and how much we rely on it. We talk about numerous things surrounding technology: The app culture and communicating on numerous apps. Social media and how much time we spend on it. How much time our kids spend on apps and in front of screens and establishing boundaries that work for us.
    We talk about the many benefits of technology: keeping families and friends connected around the world. For moms especially, we found making mom friends through social media has had a positive impact. Our lives are better with the people we have connected with online – who we can talk to about our lives and struggles – someone who knows us but doesn’t know us in the day to day – that’s something technology has allowed us to do – enabling a supportive online mom community that would not have been possible without the social media apps we are on.
    We also discuss rules and setting boundaries at home with technology use. Gila shares with us how her family unplugs from technology completely once a week for 25 hours on the weekend due to religious reasons and the discipline and benefits that come with it are powerful.
    Listen to the podcast and check out Gila’s blog over at https://the-mom-who-knew-too-much.com/ she has a lot of great articles that you would find valuable and relatable. And follow her on social media – she hangs out a lot on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the.mom.who.knew.too.much/
    Follow us on social media – we are active on Instagram and Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/momlikethatpod
    Check out our website – more coming on it soon! https://www.momlikethat.ca/

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5.0 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

_rebelmom ,


The most real podcast for mommy’s and parents in general
I can relate to everything shes creates! My latest fav is the trends we need to get rid off and the calliou one! Haha

GlitterMommy ,


I love her podcast ❤️❤️❤️❤️It’s a must listen podcast if you are a mom or about to be a mom. Terri keeps it so real and her choice of guests is always amazing! She’s hilarious, she definitely makes motherhood sound fun but at the same time gives you all the struggles, embarrassing moments, holy crap moments and more. Give it a try and you will never disappoint!

Teefxry ,

Raw, Real and Relatable.

Girl keeps it raw and real. You definitely get to hear from moms from all walks of life. I love that both serious and light topics are featured. You will laugh, maybe cry, learn so much and pick up tools to help you in your own journey.

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