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3 friends get together to talk about their favorite subjects: Murder, Myth & Mystery

Murder, Myth & Mystery Murder, Myth & Mystery

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    • 4.5, 20 Ratings

3 friends get together to talk about their favorite subjects: Murder, Myth & Mystery

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4.5 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

Ehdanother ,

Personal and fun. Sometimes even reflective.

Set around what I imagine to be the couple’s kitchen table, Erik and Mary converse all things mysterious and deadly with their friend Janene. Alcohol and a close relationship with each other feed a natural and spontaneous discussion reinforced by research and forethought.

Each individual’s personality, foibles, propensity towards giggling, and enthusiasm makes for great listening on topics such as mass murderers, cannibalism, skin walkers, and even the snallygaster. Janene’s sardonic approach (without derision) matches well with Mary’s open- hearted irreverent insights. They are both balanced out by Erik’s thoughtful and knowledgeable narrative laden with humour and passion for the subject matter. Occasionally a guest host will join the group and bring a new perspective on specific topics.

I listen on my long commute and often laugh out loud while gleefully cringing at the subject matter. Who knew death could be so thoughtful, educational, and funny?

If Jeffrey Dahmer were alive today he’d say “I was talked about on Murder, Myth, and Mystery and boy am I hungry!”

Keep up the great work, folks.

crafty-pixels ,

Almost perfect

It’s very interesting, super fun and I love this podcast so much. There is lots of interesting info and they work so hard on their research and I love that. However I would love this more if they weren’t drunk and would stay on track. It should NOT take an hour to get through three short story’s. I also find myself having to go back and listen to a sentence again , because they don’t stay on track and can be very unorganized sometimes. Other than that I think it’s a great podcast, and have recommended it to all my friends. Even though it can take awhile to get through, I listen to at least three episodes a day. 💕 ❤️ (keep up the great work)

thankyiu ,

Well ...

This would be so much better without drunk hosts. Awful.

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