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Love him or hate him, Rex gives his take on topics in the news, from pop culture to politics.

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Love him or hate him, Rex gives his take on topics in the news, from pop culture to politics.

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4.1 out of 5
51 Ratings

51 Ratings

Michael Maslowski ,

This is a masterpiece of political journalism

Occasionally, speaking with a tone of derision and mockery, but in reality providing a great deal of insight into a realm of modern politics, painstakingly seeking reason in the current of plentiful events (both national & worldwide). Rex Murphy is one of its own kind. A world-class narrator and wordsmith. A must-have for those seeking reality check in the plethora of dubious affairs staged on the social and political scenes of our times. One may or may not agree with his opinion, but ignoring his voice is second to impossible. Simply riveting.

Thank you Rex. You're doing a great job.

kapputilism ,

Rex Murphy on Neil Young

Rex Murphy, tireless blowhard, and shameless shill for the oil and gas industry blathers away, totally uninformed, as per usual. He accuses Young of disregarding the deaths of Hiroshima victims (not what Neil's comment reflected) while comparative images of Ft. McMurray and Hiroshima flash over his shoulder, without the decency of even a shred of irony. But we weren't supposed to notice that - we are to be swept away by Rex's supercillious and specious reasoning, along with his preposterously phony 'down-home' bonhomie and eyebrow twitching. Give it a rest, Rex, you are shameless hack and slavishly obedient Petrocorp shill!

namernicker ,

Grain of salt

I find his rantings, with his apparent command on the english language, often non-sensical. However, I appreciate the time given so he can share his opinions. He is the host of the important program "Cross Country Check-up", and I often wonder if he hand picked his guests.

But its not all negative. I do have a respect for the man and his skills.

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