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The Naturist Living Show presents topics related to naturism and discusses issues of interest to naturists. (nudism and nudists to some) The podcast is produced by Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Ontario, Canada.

The Naturist Living Show Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

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The Naturist Living Show presents topics related to naturism and discusses issues of interest to naturists. (nudism and nudists to some) The podcast is produced by Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Ontario, Canada.

    Nude Beginnings

    Nude Beginnings

    For some people, naturism can be a form of therapy. It can be so transformative that it changes your life. Madeline shares her very personal story of being saved by her experience.

    Links to items mentioned in the show:

    * Working at Bare Oaks* Ethical Naturism

    Photo: Madeline and Stéphane at Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park

    Episode CXIV

    • 50 min
    Puppetry of the Penis

    Puppetry of the Penis

    Tim Chizmar and Kayla Rae attends the Puppetry of the Penis show, a.k.a. the “art of genital origami”, in Las Vegas and interview the performers: Jamie Morris and Robert Ryan.

    Links to items mentioned in the show:

    * Puppetry of the Penis International Site* Puppetry of the Penis Show in Las Vegas* Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas

    Photo: Publicity picture from the Erotic Heritage Museum

    Episode CXIII

    • 25 min
    Nude Photography

    Nude Photography

    We explore a variety of issues with artist and academic Matthew Hamon. There are many types of photography: casual, artistic, erotic, pornographic, artistic, clinical, commercial, scientific, etc… What is the difference? Is nude photography pornography? Is the image of a nude child indecent? What is consent? What if people misuse your image? What are the implications of a naked picture of yourself on the internet?

    Links to items mentioned in the show:

    * Bare Oaks’ Photo Policy* Blog post about Bare Oaks’ new lens cover policy* camJAMR* Jock Sturges* Sally Mann* Naked State Art Residency* Matt Hamon in 6 Mois Magazine* A comedian, Whitney Cummings, reclaims power over a person who tried to extort money over a nude picture* ESPN Body Issue* University of Montana* Matthew Hamon’s website

    Photo: by Matthew Hamon – Matt’s family, Jennifer, Emile and Lur, often bathe outside in a livestock tank even during Montana’s cold winters

    Episode CXII

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    • 1 hr 23 min
    Skeptical to Fanatical

    Skeptical to Fanatical

    An interview with a new naturist; a young man who approached with skeptical caution to quickly become a passionate advocate of naturism.

    Links to items mentioned in the show:

    * Interview copyright information* Apple Podcasts* Other places to subscribe to this show* Episode where Nicole talks about growing up in naturism* Brady’s Podcast: The Movie Men Podcast

    Photo: First Visit to Bare Oaks

    Episode CXI

    • 53 min
    Nude Play

    Nude Play

    Tim Chizmar interviews the director and cast of “Disrobed: Why So Clothes-Minded?” performed at the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

    Links to items mentioned in the show:

    * Rec.nude – the pre-web internet naturist social media* Southern California Naturist Association (SCNA)* Barely Proper play in the August 2011 episode of the Naturist Living Show* The Hollywood Fringe Festival* Reviews of “Disrobed” from the Hollywood Fringe Festival presentation* Encore Presentation selection of “Disrobed” at Hollywood Fringe* Nomination of “Disrobed” in the Immersive Theatre category* Information on how to get tickets to the second run of “Disrobed” which starts November 2, 2019

    Photo: The June 2019 cast of “Disrobed: Why So Clothes-Minded?”

    Episode CX

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    • 1 hr 16 min
    Textile Nudist Podcast

    Textile Nudist Podcast

    Bethany Denton tells us how she came to create an episode of “Here Be Monsters” titled “The Evangelists of Nudism” where she recounts the story of her first, and rather unusual, experience as a nudist.

    Links to items mentioned in the show:

    * Here Be Monsters – The podcast about the unknown* HBM071: The Evangelists of Nudism

    Photo: First time visitor to Bare Oaks by naked-club.org

    Episode CIX

    • 1 hr 7 min

Customer Reviews

Milourose ,

Fantastic information

I love listening to the Naturist Living Show. Stephane has the most calming smooth voice. He isn't afraid to speak on controversial subjects regarding naturism. He holds strongly to his ideals without being offensive to those who may disagree. I love hearing about the greater international Naturist community especially. Because of these shows I have joined a local club and have lost my inhibitions to meeting new people within the Naturist community. If you are an everyday Naturist, or just curious, listen to the podcast.


Awesome :o)

Full of useful information. Have visited Bareoaks and met Stéphane Deschênes and he runs a AWESOME campground with AWESOME staff. This is a must vist place when in Ontario. Look forward to my next visit.

Jan Peterknecht ,

Great podcast

Very interesting. Well spend time. Why isn't there more podcasts around like this.

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