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One for the Weekend. The best football podcast that you've never heard of.

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One for the Weekend. The best football podcast that you've never heard of.

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The Only Footy Podcast Worth Listening Too

#CalmTake OFTW probably shouldn’t be free...it’s that good! Too many times have I laughed out loud at work to the point where I’ve had to explain to my coworkers about #FootballersWangs

Do yourself a favour and #JustCheckIn , #DontMove and #GetYourBitsOutForThelads

Go on Flav...tell me how I’ve gone and over done it with hashtags.

Sxkenxhxuwjw ,

OFTW Review

You know when you read a book and you start to imagine what the characters look like? I've done this with Tanveer a couple weeks ago. I reckon he looks similar to Wasim Khan.

Stephen in Windsor, ON ,

Perfect balance of cleverness and silliness

A free flowing football podcast under the control of two obviously passionate and clever football fans, wonderfully littered with ridiculous asides and tangents. The majority of talk surrounds the Premier League, luckily James' QPR support sets him up as a neutral while Flav seems to have suitably low expectations of his Spurs, saving the pod from spiarling into "my club is better than yours" biased nonsense, . For me, a Brit living in Canada, OFTW is weekly audio trip back to the post match pub where inevitably you'd talk about football but you'd talk about relationships, life, and tell stories even with the most tenuous conection to the game.

Keep up the good work!

PS: Does Tanveer know who Terry Venables is?

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