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A no BS take on how to optimise your nutrition. Your diet doesn't need a name or a belief system, just enough nutrients.

We take an engineering approach and speak to the experts about their insights into weight loss, fasting, and nutrition as well as real-life people about their journey of nutritional optimisation.

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A no BS take on how to optimise your nutrition. Your diet doesn't need a name or a belief system, just enough nutrients.

We take an engineering approach and speak to the experts about their insights into weight loss, fasting, and nutrition as well as real-life people about their journey of nutritional optimisation.

    Regenerative Agriculture Q&A | Diana Rodgers

    Regenerative Agriculture Q&A | Diana Rodgers

    There is plenty of debate about how we can feed a rapidly growing population in a way that is healthy for us and our fragile planet with limited resources.

    Diana Rogers and Robb Wolf recently weighed into the debate.  Their book Scared Cow proposed that, rather than doubling down on an industrial, agricultural system that created the problems we are now facing, we should move towards a mix of old and new technologies to grow our food.

    Regenerative agriculture aims to create a food production system that brings plants and animals together with less reliance on external energy inputs from non-renewable fossil fuels to regenerate our natural resources.

    Diana has been a great supporter and friend, helping spread the word about a quantified approach to nutrient density.

    I was super excited to talk to her to cover some of the frequently asked questions around the intersection of regenerative agriculture and nutrient density, including:

    What is regenerative agriculture, and why are you so passionate about it?
    What is "greenwashing"?  How has the sustainability narrative been coopted?
    Why is regenerative agriculture so important?
    Why are plants and animals (together) critical to our health and the health of the planet?
    How are our modern industrial farming practices affecting the environment?
    How does the environment that your food is grown affect your health?
    What is needed for the widespread adoption of regenerative agriculture?
    What happens if we continue on our current trajectory of food production?
    What are the best measures of sustainability?
    How can we create a more vibrant ecosystem with our food choices?
    What would happen if we moved the farm subsidies to focus on more nutrients (rather than more calories)?
    What can we do to promote regenerative agriculture if we're not farmers?

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    Unlocking The Mysteries Of Female Hormones | Karen Martel

    Unlocking The Mysteries Of Female Hormones | Karen Martel

    Perhaps even more than weight loss, the transition women experience as they transition through middle age is one of the hottest topics in our Data-Driven Fasting Facebook Group.

    Not only do blood sugars, cravings and insulin sensitivity change across the month, but the changes that occur during menopause can make maintaining a healthy weight and vitality more challenging.

    Karen Martel, the host of the Other Side of Weight Loss Podcast, is a  powerhouse of knowledge, experience, and passion for these complex issues.

    It was an honour to talk to her about the common questions that come up around the intersection of fasting, nutrition and optimising hormonal balance, including:

    What is ‘hormonal weight loss resistance’?  How much do hormones affect weight and vice versa?
    What issues and risks do you see with extreme dietary approaches like fasting, keto, carnivore etc.?
    When does the ‘more is better’ approach go wrong?
    Why do we tend to see more elevated blood glucose leading up to that time of the month?
    When can carb cycling be beneficial?
    Why have hormones become such a big issue?  What’s changed in our environment?
    What should they be doing first before diving down the rabbit hole of hormonal manipulation?
    What testing can people do to understand their hormonal status?
    When should someone consider adding bioidentical hormones?
    What are the risks and benefits of adding exogenous hormones?
    Are there any unique considerations for women who have had a hysterectomy?
    What do the guys need to know about maintaining good hormonal status?
    What do you do to manage a healthy hormonal status these days?

    I also really enjoyed being a part of Karen’s podcast.  You can check it out here.

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    Intermittent Fasting Secrets for Women | Cynthia Thurlow

    Intermittent Fasting Secrets for Women | Cynthia Thurlow

    2xTED speaker and host of the popular Everyday Wellness Podcast Cynthia Thurlow had just finished writing the manuscript for her new book specifically on intermittent fasting for women when we recorded this chat.

    In a world where more often equals better, Cynthia delivered a ton of practical and pragmatic information to help women navigate this often challenging time while maintaining optimal health.

    Over the past few months, Cynthia has become a great friend and advocate for Data-Driven Fasting, helping spread the word about the insights your pre-meal blood sugars can provide!

    In this whirlwind chat, we discuss:

    Why can fasting and/or weight loss be harder for postmenopausal women?
    What are the symptoms that women might experience when they push things too hard for too long?
    What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting vs extended fasting/ADF/OMAD, particularly for women?
    How do blood sugar, insulin and other hormones vary across the monthly cycle?
    Why does weight vary across the monthly cycle?
    How does what you eat affect your energy, food cravings and weight on an intermittent fasting lifestyle?
    What do you typically eat to ensure you maintain lean mass and metabolic health?
    What part of the cycle is the best or worst time to fast?
    How can women avoid sabotaging their health journey due to TOM cravings?
    Should a woman’s food choices vary across the month?  How much should they listen to their body vs fight the cravings?
    How can we support thyroid health when fasting?

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    The Future of Fasting and Life After Facebook | Gin Stephens

    The Future of Fasting and Life After Facebook | Gin Stephens

    Gin Stephens, author of Delay Don't Deny and Fast Feast Repeat, has been a powerhouse in the booming intermittent fasting movement!

    It’s also Gin’s support and promotion that has helped Data-Driven Fasting explode the way it has!  I am very grateful to her!

    It all started when she had Lori Leeke on her Intermittent Fasting Stories Podcast.  After Lori’s encouragement, I made an appearance on her podcast later on Melanie Avalon’s Biohacking Podcast.  They also said some very kind things about Big Fat Keto Lies on their Intermittent Fasting Podcast.  And the rest is now history.

    It was great to have her on to chat about her research for her new book, Clean(ish) and the importance of WHAT to eat (nutrient density) as well as WHEN to eat (intermittent fasting).

    We also covered the perils of extended fasting, what she's had to unlearn and what it's like to leave Facebook after nurturing several groups to more than half a million members!

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    The best and worst of biohacking | Melanie Avalon

    The best and worst of biohacking | Melanie Avalon

    I’ve been super impressed with Melanie Avalon’s ability to synthesise complex topics and bring them to life for her listeners.   All of her podcast episodes are a fascinating DEEP dive into the topic to elucidate the practical application.

    We had a ton of positive feedback from my interview on her podcast.  Our Data-Driven Fasting Facebook Group exploded after she and Gin Stephens started raving about it all the time on their Intermittent Fasting Podcast.

    After binge-listening to her podcast with a wide array of fantastic guests, I had a ton of questions for Melanie.

    It was great to get her on the other side of the interview mic for a rare video interview including:

    How did you get interested in biohacking?
    Why did you start the biohacking podcast?
    How did you deal with imposter syndrome?
    How long did it take to feel like you owned the role?
    You have experimented with a lot of different nutritional extremes.  What have you learned from each?
    What do you eat most often these days?  Do you identify with a particular dietary camp now?
    What is “biohacking”?  How do you define it?
    Is there any free lunch in biology?  Or are we just trying to align our modern environment to align with our evolutionary biology?
    How can technology help us live in line with our evolutionary roots?
    What biohacks have you found most helpful?
    What biohacks have you found least useful?
    Supplements vs nutrients from food - what are the pros and cons of each?
    What have you learned from tracking glucose and ketones?
    What eating routine have you found that works best for you?
    What biohacks are you most excited about in the future?
    How do you think big data and artificial intelligence will change the future of healthcare?
    What wisdom do you have when guiding someone to find the minimum effective dose of biohacking for them?
    What are the pitfalls that you have encountered on your biohacking journey that you would recommend others avoid?
    What is the most exciting thing you learned from one of your guests that changed your life?
    Who are your biggest inspirations in nutrition and biohacking?
    How does someone find the balance between biohacking to live a better life vs living their life without overcomplicating it?

    Watch now on YouTube at https://youtu.be/d5uSeKMH49E

    You can also check out my brain bending epic chat with Melanie on her podcast here.  Some people have told me they have listened to it three times!

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    Metabolic Flexibility Deep Dive | Dr Clark Connery

    Metabolic Flexibility Deep Dive | Dr Clark Connery

    Clark is a nutritionist, biohacker, and now medical doctor (and future endocrinologist).

    After achieving great results in our Data-Driven Fasting Challenge, Clark has become a moderator in the Data-Driven Fasting Challenges, offering some fantastic insights, troubleshooting some of the more challenging scenarios and bringing some fantastic content to the live Q&A sessions.

    We’ve also had some lengthy, nerdy chats over the past few months, and I’ve enjoyed the conversation, friendship and insights.  So I thought it would be fun to have him on the podcast to answer some frequently asked questions that we see in the challenges:

    How does exercise affect blood sugars?
    What are the pros and cons of CGMs?  How do you avoid the pitfalls of too much data and paralysis by analysis?
    What is metabolic flexibility, and how do you achieve it?
    What is the best exercise for managing blood sugars and fat loss?
    How do you avoid slowing your metabolism during fasting (or any weight loss)?
    How is weight loss different for people who are highly insulin sensitive?


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