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Weekly Sunday sermons and midweek recordings from the Ottawa Church of Christ

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Weekly Sunday sermons and midweek recordings from the Ottawa Church of Christ

    See To It

    See To It

    When you consider your walk with Christ, do you only consider the surface matters and/or sell out for moments of worldly “pleasures”? As Christians, we should see to it that our walk with Christ shares the gospel without us saying a word (but rather through how we conduct ourselves). In this, our biggest weapons are prayer and relationships with others in the church.

    God is directing our paths, we are not alone.

    Hebrews 12:14-17

    We are going through a challenging time with the pandemic. We had friends and family who has died and we are faced with emotional and financial challenges. When we don’t see challenges with the right perspective we become bitter, and bitter with God. We believe that our spiritual lives are between us and God, yet we go and get help from others, to lose weight, getting help with illnesses… How open are we to go and get help? Are we willing to get involved and help others?

    James 5:16-20

    We are not only to confess our sins to God but to each other. Who do you have in your life that is helping you? Who are you helping to be more like Jesus?

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    Never Forget

    Never Forget

    Twenty years ago, a single moment changed the world and brought fear to many. We need to remember thatfear comes when we take our eyes from God. The answer to fear, therefore, is to never forget how powerful God is; a power that is continually shown in the signs and wonders revealed to us in the Bible (and in our daily lives) if we only have the eyes to see it.


    It allows us not to fear

    How many of us have forgotten 911? We were asked never to forget.

    Duet. 7: 17-20

    The Israelites were in captivity and fear has overcome them. God reminded them not to forget and reminded them about the power of God and how he delivered them from Egypt. Sometimes we forget how God rescued the Israelites from Egypt. We need to always remember that we serve a mighty God.

    Duet. 8: 2-5

    For forty years they wore the same clothes and shoes and they never wore out. God wanted the Israelites to feel like what it meant to depend on God. We don’t survive from the food that we eat but from the Word that comes from the Lord.

    * It allows us to have the right perspective

    We cannot claim everything we have is ours because God allowed us to have them. Sometimes we are so caught up with our material blessings and forget God . The more we acquire is the more we want as a people. When we get a raise we think of increasing our standard of living but not our standard of giving.

    * It helps us with humility

    Duet. 8: 18-19

    2 Peter 1:5- 13

    We should never forget that we have been cleansing from our past sins.

    We are challenged to have a time of reflection and never forget that we have been cleansed from past sins.

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    When it Rains it Pours

    When it Rains it Pours

    Do you feel like your sufferings are neverending and wonder why God is punishing you? The Book of Job teaches that Satan needs permission to challenge us. God allows this because challenges purify our lives and refine our faith and faithfulness is about more than how many “blessings” we have.

    Job 1: 1-12

    If we are God’s people Satan needs permission to come and challenge us. Whatever we go through in life God thinks that we can handle it.

    Job 2: 1-10

    How did Job deal with all these challenges?

    God will not allow us to go through changes that we cannot stand up to.

    God allows us to go through challenges so that we can learn and grow from it

    Job 3:7-8

    Job 4:8

    Job 32:6-9

    Job 34:10-17

    We all can ponder the question of why we go through so many challenges when God is good and powerful? We must never think that God does any wrong. As people, we try to prevent our children from getting hurt. The reality is that they will get hurt. We’ve got to learn to thank God for the challenges that we go through in life. Satan does not have the last word on God’s people. The trials that we go through are purifying our faith.

    When we go through challenges it’s hard to believe that any good is coming out of them. We cannot live our lives questioning God, we need to remember that despite what is going on in our lives or the world- God is absolutely in control. God will always bless our faithfulness. We do not go through trials because we are in sin. We need to trust God and not give up no matter what we may be going through. The only way we lose is if we give up.

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    That Was Not The Plan

    That Was Not The Plan

    When your life plans go awry, how do you respond? In these moments, it is important to remember that there is a spiritual battle happening and our walk with Christ is more important than any earthly plans. In Christ, when things go wrong, they may actually be going right, in better ways than you could ever have imagined, or in preparing you for something harder down the road. Trust him.

    1 Thesalonnians 2:17-20

    2 Corinthians 1:12-19

    Paul had some plans but things did not go as he had planned.

    How do we respond when things don’t go as planned? Paul uses that opportunity to talk about who we are in Christ when things don’t go as plan. There are several things we planned in life that didn’t work out. Where we live, where we worked, the school that we wanted to get into, and who we got married to.

    Daniel 10:1-14

    When things don’t happen as planned we’ve got to understand that we are in a spiritual battle.

    2 Corinthians 1:3-9

    Sometimes we are wondering why our child or husband not responding to the gospel. These things happen to us so that we can rely on God and trust him. How do we know that we are not being trained for something when we go through hurts and disappointments? In Christ it’s always yes, it’s just sometimes the timing is different. Use our challenges to help others.


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    Hebrews 6:11-15

    Hebrews 6:16-20

    We need to have faith and patience in order to receive what has been promised. There are going to be times in our lives when we are going to stumble. We should not define ourselves in our worst moments, that is what Satan likes to do to us.

    What are the two unchangeable things that God is trying for us to understand?

    How do we drop an anchor? Firm and secure

    The anchor allows us not to drift off in the boat. When God makes a promise he does not change, he always fulfilled his promise

    God took an oath. God promised Abraham that he will have children as numerous as the stars in the skies and the sand on the seashore.

    Matthew 14:22-23

    The safest place we can be is in the hands of God when we are afraid. When we are going through the storm of lives put our anchor in God.

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