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A podcast about myths we think are history and history that might be hidden in myths! Awesome stories that really (maybe) happened!

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A podcast about myths we think are history and history that might be hidden in myths! Awesome stories that really (maybe) happened!

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4.5 out of 5
836 Ratings

836 Ratings



Podcast listeners often have two major problems when finding a good history podcast. One, they have to find a podcast that can relate information factually. Two, they have to find a podcast host that doesn’t lull them to sleep with a mono-tone transcribing of past events. Luckily for history lovers, there is a podcast that can fulfill our narrating needs while also creating an interesting and exciting platform to showcase gripping facts and events.
Our Fake History is a podcast that is produced and hosted by Sebastian Major. Major is a teacher living in Toronto, Canada with his wife Beth Lorimer. Our Fake History was created around myths we think are history and history that might be hidden in myths. With the title Our Fake History, listeners might assume that the show is focused on conspiracy theories and stories told in the dark, but that is untrue. Major has built a reputation as a reputable history podcaster over the past four years and due to his perseverance, he now has an award winning podcast that is currently featured on the iTunes list of New and Noteworthy podcasts.
Major summed up his show well by saying that it was “somewhere between Dan Carlin and Alex Jones… leaning a little more toward Dan Carlin.” In Episode #93, #94, and #95, Major delves into conspiracies theories about the Moon landing. For three, roughly one hour episodes, Major goes into great detail disproving some of the most widely known fake Moon landing theories. Major admits that he was initially biased toward believing the moon landing actually happened, but the information offered to dispute the Moon landing conspiracy theories were explained well and were often refuted by simple explanations.
My favorite thing about the podcast is the host. Major is able to present information enthusiastically and in a humorous manor. Being a fan of Dan Carlin’s podcast, Hardcore History, I am used to zoning out of the conversation due to drawn out, monotoned stretches of heavy information. Fortunately for Our Fake History fans, this is rarely an issue. It is clear that Major is interested in the topics he is discussing and presents the information simply which makes it easy to digest.
Most of Major's topics are focused on a single subject. The episodes are divided into parts that generally range from one to three episodes and those episodes are generally fifty minutes to an hour in length. Major does a good job of presenting a base of information about the episode early and then continues to dissect the topic in further detail as the podcast continues.
The only advertisements I came across when listening to the podcast was a promotion for a separate podcast titled History of the 90’s hosted by Kathy Kenzora. Major gives personal anecdotes on his experiences through the 90’s and shares his previous thoughts about the future of rock music and JNCO Jeans. I did not hear any other advertisements during the episodes but Major does encourage his listeners to show support by buying Our Fake History merchandise that is sold through his website.
I would rate this podcast four out of five stars. The podcast host picks interesting topics that history lovers and non-history lovers can find enjoyable from start to finish. I think the podcast may be more enjoyable with specialists or guests who can recount events, but I understand that Major has a lot of information to cover in an hour episode and hosting guests can take up a great deal of time.
I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking for a good story and a different outlook on what many people would consider “common knowledge.” Major has an interesting outlook on the world and does a phenomenal job of helping his listeners gain a different perspective.

Miron.Charles ,

Incredible podcast!

This Podcast is just about perfect!!

Subscribe to his Patreon if you can, it really worth support this guy work :)

Thank you Major!!

London_the_hobo ,

What Does Chris Think About This Podcast?

I have loved learning about history since I was a child. There is something indescribable about that feeling of wonder, when seeking, and finding, not only an answer, but so many more questions! It doesn’t really matter the when or where, I just love a good story, almost as much as I love asking questions. I listen to a lot of history podcasts, and while I don’t mind wading through facts, dates, people and places to find those stories, my partner doesn’t, so I can’t listen to them with her.

Or at least I couldn’t!

This podcast combines my love of history with her love of true crime and mystery, and both of our love for a damn good story. Sebastion delivers thoroughly researched facts with highly entertaining narration. It’s also kind of perfect for those, like me, who absolutely love a good conspiracy theory, while not really believing any of them (except Bigfoot. He is 100% real.)

Are you simultaneously sceptical and open minded? Do you like expanding your understanding of the world you live in, and how it came to be so? Are you sick of being disappointed by the giant leaps in logic, sketchy “facts”, and pseudoscience that ruin every historical conspiracy doc? Then, my friend, tune in, because you have found what you’ve been seeking.

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