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More than just green room stories, Punched Up is storytelling through the damaged lens of some of the world's best Stand Up Comedians. Created and Hosted By Michael Malone.

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More than just green room stories, Punched Up is storytelling through the damaged lens of some of the world's best Stand Up Comedians. Created and Hosted By Michael Malone.

    Killing vs Connecting

    Killing vs Connecting

    Today's episode of Punched Up is life-changing! This is another episode that I have dug up from my archives to share with you. It features comedian and life coach, Leo Flowers. Leo has a fantastic self-help podcast called "Before You Kill Yourself." He has also been seen on MTV, Last Call with Carson Daily, FOX, and the E Network. Leo shares the idea of "Killing vs Connecting" and it's something that has changed my life and my comedy career. I hope it helps you too. Enjoy! 

    • 17 min
    Let Them Eat Cake

    Let Them Eat Cake

    On this episode of Punched Up, I'm joined by comedian Jim Short. Jim shares a story about the unexpected things that happen during a live performance. Enjoy!

    • 6 min
    One Bad Trip

    One Bad Trip

    Comedian Ryan Hicks shares a story about his youth, chaos and psychedelic drugs. A truly unique story from one of my favorite new voices in stand up comedy. This episode is a rollercoaster ride filled with ups, downs and oh my God's you won't see coming. If you like hearing stories like you're about to hear today, please help me tell me more them by donating to our Patreon page and you can always follow along with us on twitter. More info www.PunchedUpPodcast.com - Thanks for listening. 

    • 29 min
    Kiss of Death - RAW CUT

    Kiss of Death - RAW CUT

    Kiss of Death - RAW Cut 
    Comedian Bill Blank’s first childhood kiss triggered a rush of anxiety attacks that still plague him as an adult. Bill talks about the peer pressure attached to hitting it off with girls, experiencing your first kiss and simply having a girlfriend even if the relationship is for a couple of days.
    Bill talks about the build up and the fascination associated with it all. He also opens up about his friends waiting for the ‘moment’ and when it finally happens, and how for Bill, it was the most disgusting thing he has ever experienced.
    Bill started battling severe anxiety attacks at the age of ten.  Once he was a teenager he started having irrational thoughts and a heavy fear of death.
    “I just thought, I’d rather commit suicide than live in fear of dying.”
    Bill slowly learns to accept and deal with his anxiety by treating it as a ‘person’ and talking himself out of fear every time it tries to overcome him. He makes the anxiety his strength. Then at the age twenty-one, Bill discovers standup comedy. This is a huge turning point in his life. That rush of the stage began to act as a vaccine for Bill’s anxiety.
    Bill isn’t 100% cured. But it does prove that laughter just might be the best medicine out there.

    • 37 min
    Something to Talk About

    Something to Talk About

    “I dunno what you’re going to call this, but we’re going to talk about how I became the monster I am today… which is just another name for ‘comedian’.” is how Lace started our conversation. 
    Lace Larrabee grew up like a lot of comedians do. Playing dress up in their mother’s clothes and charging relatives for tickets to an exclusive living room performance. 
    Lace spent her childhood in a trailer park in southern Georgia. Her parents worked multiple jobs to make ends meet to raise Lace and her younger sister. As she got older Lace not only recognized but admired her parents work ethic. 
    Lace wanted to give her parents a break. So she thought that becoming a bonafide movie star (in the eighties) would be the perfect career choice to allow Lace the opportunity to repay her parents for all their hard work. 
    “When I was a little kid, we had to fill out one of those forms that said ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ It’s just one little line and all the other kids wrote like, ‘Fireman’ and ‘Ballerina’ ‘Teacher’ ‘Hairdresser.’ I had to write real small and real close together, ‘Singer, Dancer, Actress, Model.” Lace said laughing. 
    Today we follow Lace down the many different paths that eventually led her to stand up comedy. The movie she ‘starred’ in when she was a child with Julia Roberts. Her mother’s undying blind faith in her and also the incredible work and support her mother put into Lace’s success. 
    You can find out more great stories like this on iTunes or Stitcher Radio, and you can join our ongoing conversation by following us on twitter, @PunchedUpPod. 
    Special shout out to Jake Beaver from the 4D Podcast Network. Jake has come on board as a story consultant and is absolutely killing it. Find more of Jake’s work at https://www.spreaker.com/user/the4dpodcastnetwork.

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    Nails in the Fence

    Nails in the Fence

    One of my favorite comedians to watch, Jenny Zigrino shares here story about what it was like being trapped in the middle of her parent's multi-culture divorce as a child. Those complications in the divorce actually got so bad they led Jenny to getting 'kidnapped' by her mother.
    One summer she was supposed to spend a few weeks with her in Boston when her mother just never arranged a plane ticket for her to return home. So she had to start over in a city she'd never been to and in a private religious school she knew nothing about. Jenny was considered to be a true outsider.
    All Jenny wanted to do was return back home to Minnesosta to live with her father, so under confusion and distress she started writng hate letters to mother pleading with her to send her back home. 
    Listen to Jenny's journey and find out what led to all this anger and division, some tales from her days as an outsider. And we find out if Jenny ever made back to Minnesota.
    All that and much much more on this episode of Punched Up.

    • 24 min

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Great Show!

I'm a huge comedy fan. I love this show. It has great guests and an inside track on what comedians think. My only complaint is that I wish the shows were longer!

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