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Equipping Digital Agencies to build businesses on recurring revenue
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Equipping Digital Agencies to build businesses on recurring revenue
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    RFM122 – Introducing Docket WP

    RFM122 – Introducing Docket WP

    Main talking points include:Kyle used to work in Print Design, and in learning web design he realised that there was a number of processes that he was having to repeat over and over again.
    Also, as an Agency of 1, Kyle doesn't have a team that he can rely on for quality control, therefore document his processes became a key to his success in his new business.
    The importance of systems in recurring revenue
    Docket WP allows you to keep all your processes in WordPress so there are no excuses not to use them!
    Docket also has pre-built lists from industry experts so that you can import and use the right on your websites!
    ShoutoutsAndre Gangon – Project Huddle
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    RFM121 – Including Trust Factors in your Marketing

    RFM121 – Including Trust Factors in your Marketing

    Main talking points include:
    Building Trust with a potential customer is the one piece of the jigsaw that can switch them from making that purchase, to moving on to a competitor. It's also the one thing that is the hardest to achieve as it forms the emotive part of the marketing funnel – which makes it difficult to measure or quantify.
    So how do you go about creating trust factors in your marketing or sales process, and what are the best trust building tactics to use?
    Why do we need trust factors in our marketing strategy?
    Back in the day, when people actually went to shops and services were found in the yellow pages, the majority of "everyday business" happened through referrals or word of mouth. Some of this was supported by print, radio and TV advertising, and that was that.
    But in todays world, we can buy almost anything we want from the comfort of our own home. We don't need to talk to people or do our due diligence and research. All of a sudden this responsibility has fallen to the marketer, rather than the consumer.
    Also, it has never been easier to compare products, services or even entire companies than it is today. And in doing so, potential customers often feel like armchair experts and don't necessarily realise that they might not be comparing things like for like.
    It is therefore of paramount importance that as businesses, we build trust factors into our marketing to reintroduce the personal and bring clarity back tot he potential customer that YOU are the right solution to them.
    Roger Edwards has a brilliant talk on this – explaining how essentially marketing is broken, expect when it's done with integrity and a deep understanding of this customer. https://youtu.be/LZO0uQgJiRA
    The 10 cornerstones to building trust in ANY relationship
    TruthCommunicationRespectConsistencyOpennessHonestHelpfulnessEmotionsMoralsCommon Experience 
    These are values you should carry through all of your marketing communications anyway, but HOW do you include them in your sales process.
    The Best Trust Building Tactics to use
    1/ If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
    People are armchair critics – outlining the scope of your products or services clearly, stating what they DO and DON'T do, is a great technique for setting these expectations and allowing the customer to make a properly informed decision.
    2/ Using the experience of others incites the fear of missing out
    If you're good at what you do, you will have done it well for someone else, right? Using case studies and testimonials shows that people have trusted you in the past, AND that you have delivered the results your potential customer expects. Case Studies are one of the most underused tactics in marketing today – you've already done the hard work once, now let it speak for itself!
    3/ Be open and honest about who, where and how you work
    For every positive result, there is a horror story somewhere else, and the ease of search makes them easy to find. Being open and honest about who you are, where and how you work, how many people are on your team etc, and linking that with the awesome results you deliver, circumnavigates any fears about dodgy outsourcing, or "profit and scarper" business deliverables.
    4/ Demonstrating an openness to communicate to answer questions and alleviate fears
    Allowing people to communicate with you in the way that feels most comfortable to them overcomes huge barriers really instantly. Maybe thats having a live chat function on your website, or a clear way to open a message in Facebook Messenger. Whatever you can do to allow people to feel comfortable and show that you're responsive is beneficial to them.
    5/ Remove distractions from the process of conversion
    Once you've lead a person to the point of making a purchase or an enquiry, allow them to do just that – don't then start bombarding th

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    RFM120 – Stopping Imposter Syndrome From Holding You Back

    RFM120 – Stopping Imposter Syndrome From Holding You Back

    Main talking points include:Latest book – Ditching Imposter Syndrome
    What Clare has seen during 2020 lockdown:
    Flight, flight, freeze mode – caused by stress.Increase of the 4 Ps 
    People who are doing the best with this are:
    Learning to say "no"Prepared to invest in each other in new waysAre seeing "what really matters" 
    Corporates – some positives will come out of this and the work:life balance will be better as a result
    Entrepreneurs – have had to pivot
    Saying no to work - having boundaries
    Setting your revenue priorities
    Ask yourself "what is your core genius?"Clare's offerings:Corporates – preparing to leadEntrepreneurs – making a differenceOther people like me (imposter syndrome mentors) – wanting to serve in a similar way to Clare 
    Imposter syndrome – the fear of someone finding out you're not as good as you actually are. This triggers a fear response (aka self-sabotage). The gap between who you see yourself as being and what you can achieve.
    Book: Todd Herman – The Alter Ego Affect
    There's two ways to deal with issues:
    Find an unstable "Quick fix"Remove the obstacle all together 
    FREE GIFT – Celebrating your micro wins! – http://www.clarejosa.com/retainfm/
    Let's Rock 2021 – http://www.clarejosa.com/rock/
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    RFM119 – Introducing RetainFM

    RFM119 – Introducing RetainFM

    It's time for a change and a bit of a mix up with the podcast.... Actually, honestly this is about redefining the scope of the podcast as times have moved on, and a reset in the direction of what the podcast is trying to achieve is good for everyone...
    So why the change?!
    The background of the Marketing Development Podcast
    For Marketers to development their skillsConsultantsFreelancersEmployeesAgencies
    Why them, I hear you ask?! As with any new project, you need to put a stake in the ground somewhere, and this was a "niche" (if you can call them that) that reasonated with my agency life, and provided some form of direction to get me started... fast forward nearly 120 episodes, and the world has moved on a bit... as has the offering of services I deliver and who I delivery them too.
    This has been a journey through just starting a podcast, to launching a course and more recently a productised service. All of a sudden the niche of "marketer" is far too broad, and I need to reign things in a little.
    Why RetainFM?
    Looking back over the history of my agency, the podcast and the services I now offer, one of the main themes is retained income. Infact, SEOHive is purely set up to help agency owners build recurring revenue into their businesses to help them rise above the uncertainty of project based work – a journey I undertook without external help a number of years ago...
    Thats not to say ALL the content will be 100% about retained income, etc... there still will be a great mix of guests, solo shows and the new YouTube channel! (which if you've been looking has been carrying the new branding for a couple of weeks).
    The purpose of ALL of this is that I can keep on creating valuable content, helping people succeed, and serving the community of agency owners worldwide that have helped me so much along the way.
    So here is RetainFM – I hope you join me on the next phase of the journey 🙂 

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    MDP118 – Introducing the Project Discovery Blueprint

    MDP118 – Introducing the Project Discovery Blueprint

    Main talking points include:Why a discovery process is important
    Ensuring you know the full scope of a project BEFORE you are committed to a price, a process and an outcome. 
    Things you need to fix: 
    Stop offering services you can’t deliverSetting client expectationsHaving a solid discovery process 
    The Project Discovery Blueprint will give you everything you need, from the theory, to the method and the delivery – including swipe files and processes you can use WITHOUT the need for really expensive software! Find out more: https://agencytrailblazer.com/pdb
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    MDP117 – How we talk "scaling" with clients

    MDP117 – How we talk "scaling" with clients

    Main talking points include:We have a responsibility when it comes to helping clients scale their businesses that they can cope with it! It's like our duty of care.
    In this episode, I talk through "The Circle of Truth" that we use to determine the right action plan to scale their businesses - you can download a copy below... 

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