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“A stream of consciousness that explodes with clouds of color and aural wit... with sticky aural cues that buy real estate in the back of your brain." — Vulture

Richard's Famous Food Podcast Richard Parks III

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“A stream of consciousness that explodes with clouds of color and aural wit... with sticky aural cues that buy real estate in the back of your brain." — Vulture

    #21: Ketchup Packet Mystery

    #21: Ketchup Packet Mystery

    How two tiny ketchup packets explain the universe.
    Richard's Famous Food Podcast is made by Richard Parks III. This episode was edited by Caitlin Esch. Artwork by James Braithwaite. Theme song by Bobby Halvorson. Original music in this episode by Jonathan Snipes. The epic closing monologue is based on Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot." Thanks to everybody who participated in this episode: Ian Chillag from Everything Is Alive, Allen Yellent from Goldburger, the people who pick up the phones at Kevidko, International Paper Company, and Heinz, and Eva, the high schooler from Houston. Special thanks to Jordan Bass, David Weinberg, Russell Quinn, Eli Horowitz, Avery Trufelman, Elizabeth Parks Kibbey, Lucas Ford, Thomas Gorman, Nick Lentz, and Gab Chabrán. And thank you to YOU!

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    #20: The Last Mojo

    #20: The Last Mojo

    A beloved cultural artifact has disappeared. The only way to find it, of course, is through podcasting. So Richard embarks on a journey to uncover the whereabouts of a long-lost pizzeria commercial from the 1990s known as “The Last Mojo.”
    Richard’s Famous Food Podcast is made by Richard Parks III.
    Voices in the episode, in order of appearance: Fernando Lopez, Oscar Rodriguez Zapata, Xitlalic Guijosa-Osuna, Patrick Lowry, Kenneth Gal, Alan Stamm, and Cindy Staats. Special thanks to Collette Brooks from Big Imagination Group, Dai from Shakey’s, and all at Univision and The University of Miami Cuban Heritage Collection.
    Our logo is by James Braithwaite. Most of the music and underscore in this episode is by Jonathan Snipes of clipping. The riff from “Enter Sandman” by Metallica is by Metallica. The Serial theme song is by Nick Thorburn. Orchestral cues, and ad music, by Van Dyke Parks. Our theme song is by Bobby Halvorson.
    The Peeklay would like to thank the following members of the RFFP Slow Crewe for their help with this episode: Caitlin Esch, David Weinberg, Ian Chillag, Eli Horowitz, Russell Quinn, Benjamin Riskin, Cesar Hernandez, Tom Gorman, and Gab Chabran.
    Richard’s Famous Food Podcast is supported by Podchaser, the IMDB of podcasting. You can check out Podchaser, and sign up to rate and review this episode, plus and others from Richard’s Famous Food Podcast and all your other favorite podcasts, at www.podchaser.com/rffp.
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    #19: Corporate Reshuffle

    #19: Corporate Reshuffle

    A new CEO takes over. Richard is replaced as host.
    Richard’s Famous Food Podcast is made by Richard Parks III.
    Most all of the music in this episode was composed and performed by Jonathan Snipes, with bizarre and unauthorized augmentations from Richard. Our theme song is by Bobby Halvorson. The Fresh Air theme song “Fresh Air” is by Joel Forrester. The beat is from Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” Our logo is by James Braithwaite.
    Voices in this episode include: Jay Acunzo (quoting Ian Chillag) from “3 Clips,” Landry Ayres from “Pop & Locke,” Rachael Greening King from “Tape Club,” Nick Quah from “Servant Of Pod,” A Martinez from KPCC’s “Take Two,” Richard Pek (CEO of Richard’s Famous Enterprises), Jimmy, Russell Quinn (Richard’s Manager), Joanna Kay (Jimmy’s Agent), Conan O’Brien from “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend,” Terry Gross from “Fresh Air,” Orson Welles, and others.
    This episode would not have happened if not for generous support from the following RFFP Slow Crewe Lifers: Caitlin Esch, Eli Horowitz, Ian Chillag, David Weinberg, Benjamin Riskin, Tom Gorman, Ben Moran, Elizabeth Parks Kibbey.
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    #18: American Michelada

    #18: American Michelada

    It's hot, the world is nuts — but inside RFFP, we're mixing up a refreshing, delicious, ice-cold beer cocktail from Mexico: the michelada.
    So leave the dog days of summer behind, and join us on a journey in search of the definition of the American Michelada — from its origins in Mexico, to its present as an emerging player in American big beer, to its possible future — through the lens of some LA miche hitters who know the drink best.
    Featuring: Fernando Lopez and Kristene Garcia from I Love Micheladas, Cesar Hernandez and Memo Torres (a.k.a. "El Tragon de Los Angeles") from LA Taco, and a whole lot of michelada fun.
    Richard's Famous Food Podcast is made by Richard Parks III.
    The lion's share of the music in this episode is by Jonathan Snipes. Thank you so much, Jonathan. Our theme song is by Bobby Halvorson. Our logo is by James Braithwaite. The cumbia is "Como Se Arma una Cumbia" by Chucho Ponce Los Daddys de Chinantla. The rap at the end of the episode is an RFFP-ified version of "Indo Smoke" by Mista Grimm, featuring Warren G and Nate Dogg. (Originally. This one features Richard.)
    Thank you Caitlin Esch, Javier Cabral, Gab Chabran, Russell Quinn, and David Weinberg.
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    You know the vibes, man.

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    #17: Duck Hunt

    #17: Duck Hunt

    A super-short “small plate” boutique hand-crafted free-associative duck-themed episode specially designed to amouse your bouche, featuring Wolfgang Puck, Johnny Carson, and Richard's mom.
    Richard's Famous Food Podcast is made by Richard Parks III.
    Our logo is by James Braithwaite. Our theme song is by Bobby Halvorson.
    Music in this episode includes the underscore to the Nintendo game Duck Hunt, a march by John Philip Sousa performed by the John Philip Sousa Orchestra, and the Tonight Show theme song, from the Johnny Carson days.
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    #16: The Case Of The Cucumber Song

    #16: The Case Of The Cucumber Song

    The first installment of "Peeklay Private Eye"! In an effort to subsidize his highly-produced passion-project food podcast, former newsman and podcast personality Peeklay Brinestein accepts work-for-hire cases from the public. (Expenses paid, of course.) His first case? Investigating the meaning of an old British tune about a cucumber called "A Little Bit Of Cucumber," performed over 100 years ago, by a singer named Harry Champion. But WHO was Harry Champion? And WHY a cucumber? A classic mystery. He couldn't have realized when he took it on, he was entering a cross-cultural double-entendre multiverse! From the "music hall" genre, to the Beatles, and beyond — join Peeklay Brinestein on this cuke-caper and his first investigation as a budding PI.
    Richard’s Famous Food Podcast is made by Richard Parks III. Our theme song is by Bobby Halvorson. All mustachio'd pickle logos are by James Braithwaite.
    Do you have an investigation for the mustachio’d pickle? Just call our tipster’s hotline at 323-813-6634. If your tip makes the mustachio’d pickle twirl his little mustache with intrigue, Peeklay Brinestein will investigate your mystery on a future episode. That’s 323-81-FOOD-4. Call today.
    "Peeklay Private Eye" is a Richard's Famous production. Richard Parks III and the mustachio'd pickle logo appear courtesy of Richard's Famous Food Podcast.
    Appearing in this episode: Richard (as Peeklay Brinestein), Russell Quinn (The Manager), Peter Charlton (historian for the British Music Hall Society), and Paul DuNoyer (author and music journalist).
    Music in this episode includes "A Little Bit Of Cucumber" and "Timothy Let's Have A Look," performed by Harry Champion, "Going Down On Love," written by Dr. Winston O'Ghurkin and performed by John Lennon, and "Hey Bulldog" by the Beatles. Our lush underscore was provided by an anonymous benefactor.
    Special thanks to Ian Chillag, Caitlin Esch, Elizabeth Parks Kibbey, David Weinberg, Nick White, Sally Rightor Parks, Tom Gorman, Bennett Barbakow, and Tien Nguyen.
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5.0 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

Marie-Vicki ,

Party Time!

So good it made me burn some nuts

Thebeefwater ,

This ain't your grandma's gastrocomedy podcast.

Subscribe immediately and luxuriate in the sweet audio brine.

princessofpoutine ,

100% Worth Listening To

The amount of time and energy put into this podcast by Richard and the other sound engineers on his team should be enough reason on it’s own to listen to this podcast. The effort is obvious, as is the attention to detail, and only a fool wouldn’t give Richard’s Famous Food Podcast a chance. It is funny, insightful, and always worth listening to.

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