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Learn how to sell T-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and many other Print on Demand products online.

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Learn how to sell T-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and many other Print on Demand products online.

    E80 - Q4 has entered the Game

    E80 - Q4 has entered the Game

    It might not 'technically' be Quarter 4 (it starts October 1st), but the busiest selling time of the year is so close that you can smell it!
    In this episode, I lay out some of the very specific steps that I am taking to be successful this year, which include
     - Launching 100 customized listings on Etsy (and Amazon)
     - Building my FBA listings on Amazon to 50
     - Spend 10% of my time learning and growing personally and professionally.
    I also talk about the things I want to aim for in 2021 (assuming the government allows the calendar to roll past December 31st)
    There is a VERY short time left to take advantage of my newly launched training program!  It is currently on sale for a huge discount ($300 off), but the clock is ticking...
    Find out more at www.salesondemandshow.com/az
    Get your discount code to get that training at $197, and get a HUGE advantage over anyone else during the busiest time of year.
    I want to learn how to make money from home

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    E79 - Ecommerce is the future

    E79 - Ecommerce is the future

    Welcome to the year 2030!  Not much has changed, Trump is now on his 8th term in office, and every single city has been burned to the ground in riots.  The only people are roving bands of scavengers who run around infecting each other with covid.
    In all seriousness, we HAVE in fact moved into the future!  The slow decline of physical stores that sell goods to people has turned into a fast decline.  We are now 10 years ahead in terms of online shopping, which means that we are about to enter the Christmas shopping season, at a time when more people will be shopping for gifts online than EVER before!
    In this episode, I give some predictions about the next few years, and of course, I talk about the training I just released that will help you take advantage of the millions of people who will be staying home from the mall and shopping on Amazon and Etsy instead.
    Time is running out to get the INSANE $300 discount off the training using the discount code that I reveal in this episode.
    You can join the training here! www.salesondemandshow.com/az

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    E78 - Skin in the Game - Paying for Training

    E78 - Skin in the Game - Paying for Training

    This is it...the long awaited, and often promised training course that I have talked about for nearly a year, is now LIVE!
    If you already have your discount code, click here to redeem it and join the training!
    If you missed getting your $100 instant discount, click here to get it sent by email!
    Today's episode is all about commitment.  If you truly want to be successful in anything, and I mean literally ANYTHING, it has to cost you 'something'.  Nothing comes free, but some things certainly cost less than others.  
    Right now, the training I offer costs as little as it ever will.  It will never be this inexpensive ever again, for lifetime access to a massive training regimen that will take you through every step to create your own Amazon and Etsy store, and start making sales right before Christmas!

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    E77 - 3 Ways to crush Quarter 4 sales in 2020

    E77 - 3 Ways to crush Quarter 4 sales in 2020

    Get the most out of your 2020 Christmas season with 3 very predictions and pieces of advice for all of us who are hoping to make the best of what has turned out to be an "interesting" year.
    In this episode, I talk about one of my favorite applications, Mug Samurai.  This software, created by another Print on Demand seller Leonardo Schwartz, takes any text phrase and turns it into a design on a coffee mug.  You don't need anything else!
    You can find that application right here:
    https://app.mugsamurai.com/45 Don't forget to get onto the SOD Show email list, which you can find at

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    E76 - What's your Entrepreneur "Type"?

    E76 - What's your Entrepreneur "Type"?

    The Enneagram test is a (non-scientific) test that can help you figure out what really "motivates" you, how much risk you prefer, and some aspects of your personality.  Although it isn't perfect, it is quite interesting to see, and I certainly noticed that my results seemed to match up with the "real world" quite a bit!
    In this episode, I've broken down some of the different personalities of entrepreneurs, by risk tolerance, and by experience level, and I've given some specific advice for both.  The more you know about yourself, the better you can plan for the future, and the better you can build your business!
    Find the Enneagram test here - https://www.truity.com/test/enneagram-personality-test
    Join the email list here!  - www.salesondemandshow.com/start

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    E75 - 3 Ways to get More Sales in 2020

    E75 - 3 Ways to get More Sales in 2020

    Having success in 2020 with any business might seem to be like climbing a waterfall, but as many of us know, there has never been a better time to start selling Print on Demand products than this year!
    One of the most common complaints is a lack of sales, which is particularly frustrating when a seller has put a lot of effort into opening up accounts on Etsy and Amazon, creating new designs and listing them, and it seems like no one is interested.
    In today's episode I talk about the 3 basic ways that I create new designs, and one particularly excellent software program that I use (Mug Samurai) in my day to day work.
    Mug Samurai Link -https://app.mugsamurai.com/45
    Etsy Rank - www.etsyrank.com
    Get on my email list - www.salesondemandshow.com/start
    Join the Low Hanging System - www.salesondemandshow.com/lhs

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