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A show about the environment, the climate crisis and what everyday folk are doing about it. Based from a small town in regional Victoria, Australia. On Jarra Country. Find out more at saltgrasspodcast.com

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A show about the environment, the climate crisis and what everyday folk are doing about it. Based from a small town in regional Victoria, Australia. On Jarra Country. Find out more at saltgrasspodcast.com

    S4E10 Mildura Part 2: the Eco Village

    S4E10 Mildura Part 2: the Eco Village

    Today’s episode is a series of interviews collected in Mildura at the local eco village.  We had heard they were having a working bee and thought we might get a sense of the site and what goes on there. Interestingly the site is managed by council, so I wasn’t sure how community driven it was. However, as you will hear, every person there that day was volunteering their time to help out, and also involved in other local action groups.



    The Mildura Eco Village

    The Christie Centre

    Ceres (Melbourne)

    Greening Mildura

    Out of the Box Sunraysia

    Plastic Free Sunraysia

    Organisations and groups mentioned with no links available:

    Sunraysia Sustainability Network


    • 31 min
    REPEAT: Adani Coal Mine

    REPEAT: Adani Coal Mine

    This episode was recorded and first released in May 2020.

    This is an updated version with a new intro. The interview remains exactly the same.

    In this episode we speak with a family of activists and we take a closer look at what is going on with the Adani Coal mine.  A hotly contested mine that is still in construction in Queensland. 

    Long term residents of Castlemaine Ben and Jacinta have spent a lifetime living with the earth in mind, from building a sustainable house to participating in protests and activism. 

    Ben travelled on the Adani convoy a couple of years ago, as lead by renowned greens leader and activist, Bob Brown.  Ben is a visual artist and is known locally as something of an agitator, often providing cheeky and provocative takes on the current political issues.

    Jacinta has studied a masters in social ecology, trained in facilitation and participated in the transition towns movement.

    At the time of recording Rilka, their daughter, was heavily involved in the activist groups trying to disrupt the Adani coal mine from going ahead.  

    The reason I have chosen this one to replay right now is that Jacinta has, in the last week, moved from being the proud parent of an activist to taking action herself.



    The Traditional Owners in the Galillee Basin where the Adani mine is happening and what they have been doing to stop the mine.

    Protest groups mentioned in the show:

    Blockade Australia

    FLAC – Frontline Action on Coal

    Stop Adani

    Galilee Rising

    Extinction Rebellion

    Galilee Blockade


    Climate for Change

    Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance (WACA)

    Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET)

    Knitting Nanas

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    S4E09 COP26 with Cam Walker

    S4E09 COP26 with Cam Walker

    The climate related news media has been saturated over the last few weeks in reactions, reflections and commentary about COP26.

    For a show about grassroots climate action it has been hard to know what to say about it all.

    Enter Cam Walker, who you might remember from a past episode about Friends of the Earth, he has just released an article with reflections about COP26 and what it means for Australia. 

    So I popped over to his place to have a chat about what the hell it's all about. 



    This is the article Cam wrote that inspired this episode

    The COP26 website

    Info about COP26 from Australia's Climate Council

    Australia wins ‘colossal fossil’ award

    Info about Aussie political donations and the fossil fuel industry and the Big Deal series on ABC


    • 42 min
    S4E08 Mildura Part 1: The Mallee, the Murray and the Mayor

    S4E08 Mildura Part 1: The Mallee, the Murray and the Mayor

    Following on from our last episode with Rob Law we head up to Mildura, over 400km to the north of Castlemaine.

    My interest in Mildura has been growing lately. It is a regional city sitting right on the mighty Murray River, and at the heart of a region called the Mallee.

    I have been up to Mildura twice this year and have collected interviews each time.

    Why Mildura?

    According to climate projections my town may have a climate more like Mildura’s within decades.

    I’d also heard about the huge solar farms going in up there and was curious about these developments.

    This interview was conducted in March 2021, with Mildura’s mayor, Jason Modica and councillor for environment and sustainability Jodi Reynolds. We talk about the environmental and social issues specific to the region, with water and solar power obviously up the top of the list.


    Find links and more at saltgrasspodcast.com


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    S4 E07 Charging the Regions with Rob Law

    S4 E07 Charging the Regions with Rob Law

    Rob Law, Executive Officer of the CVGA – or the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance – joins us to talk about alliances and collaborations between local councils, its not as boring as it sounds, I promise.

    After years of careful and persistent efforts the CVGA has been instrumental in helping numerous councils in Victoria come together and commit to 10 years worth of renewable energy AND install electric vehicle charging stations to connect small towns to the ever increasing cohort of EV drivers.


    Find out more at saltgrasspodcast.com


    • 54 min
    S4 E06 Healthy Soil with Dr Jess Drake

    S4 E06 Healthy Soil with Dr Jess Drake

    'Don't treat your soil like dirt' is a motto today's guest Dr Jess Drake lives by. Soil scientist and science educator Jess tells us how soil plays a vital part in healthy ecosystems, carbon sequestration and life itself.

    • 56 min

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