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Station to Station the podcast revisits radio news stories I covered, the people I interviewed and other behind the scene stories of my adventures in radio.

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Station to Station the podcast revisits radio news stories I covered, the people I interviewed and other behind the scene stories of my adventures in radio.

    Episode 27 Robert Munsch storyteller

    Episode 27 Robert Munsch storyteller

    Author and storyteller Robert Munsch released what would become his multi-million selling children’s book Love You Forever in 1986.
    It was the 11th book Munsch had published, and it was a drastic change from his silly stories that made kids and their parents laugh.
    I was a first year college student when I conducted the interview with Munsch at his home in Guelph. Visit my website www.joepavia.com to read more about this interview and check out the photo.

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    Ep 26: Abbie Hoffman, American political activist

    Ep 26: Abbie Hoffman, American political activist

    The flu and serious injuries from a car accident didn't stop Abbie Hoffman from talking for two-and-a-half-hours to an audience at the University of Guelph in September of 1988. The co-founder of the 1960s counter-culture group the Youth International Party, or Yippies as they were commonly known, had a lot to say.Abbie Hoffman was in southern Ontario that year for the Festival of Festivals in Toronto, now known as the Toronto International Film Festival. I was given 10 minutes backstage for an interview. Read the story on www.joepavia.com

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    Episode 25: Sid Sedunary, Titanic orphan

    Episode 25: Sid Sedunary, Titanic orphan

    Sid Sedunary, who lived all of his life in England, had known the story of the sinking of the Titanic from a very young age.
    His mother had told him about the ship and of his father Sid Sedunary Senior.
    He was a third class steward on the Titanic, and one of 1,500 passengers and crew who died on the ocean liner’s maiden voyage in April, 1912.

    Read more about Sid on my website: www.joepavia.com

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    Episode 24 Jean Little

    Episode 24 Jean Little

    Canadian children's author Jean Little passed away on April 6, 2020 at the age of 88.
    She had published over 50 books since her 1962 novel Mine for Keeps.
    This interview with Jean Little was conducted in November of 1986 when she had released her 13th novel Different Dragons.
    There's more information about Jean Little on my website www.joepavia.com

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    Episode 23-Celia McBride

    Episode 23-Celia McBride

    Celia McBride is a Canadian playwright born in the Yukon and currently living in Port Hope, Ontario.

    She was the only female playwright to have her one-act play, Walk Right Up, performed at the inaugural season of the Stratford Festival’s newest venue, the Studio Theatre, in 2002.

    That play tells the story of the three adult children from the fictional Ruskin family, who need to make decisions about caring for their elderly parents.

    I first interviewed Celia McBride in the summer of 2002 after seeing the play. We catch up 17 years later and discuss other artistic projects she’s undertaken in the interim, as well as her latest writing project, a spiritual memoir.

    Photos, programs and the 2002 interview can be seen and hear at my website: www.joepavia.com

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    Episode 22-Panic/Anxiety/Agoraphobia

    Episode 22-Panic/Anxiety/Agoraphobia

    My friend needed to talk!  They needed to explain the reasons why we hadn’t seen much of each other and why, when we did agree to get together for drinks or dinner, there would be a cancellation at the last minute.

     For years, they explained they experienced panic and anxiety attacks which would physically paralyze them.

    Their story inspired me to do my own research and  produce a radio feature on the topic for a news magazine show I contributed to called CJEZ Newsweek.

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