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A podcast that highlights the importance of the life of the Christian mind

Straight Thinking Reasons To Believe

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A podcast that highlights the importance of the life of the Christian mind

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3.9 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

JoyCrusader ,

Excellent broadcasts.

Informative lectures. Despite some negative reviews, Christianity does cohere with a logical worldview and I have yet to see anything to the contrary. Christianity is an intellectually robust religion which can be appreciated as an intellect or as a simpleton.

sisterofkay ,


If someone starts with the presupposition that there is no such thing as the supernatural and that science and religion are at odds, they will write reviews such as the two above.

However, there is NO war between science and religion. There is only a war between the worldview of naturalism and the worldview of religion which asserts the existence of the spiritual as well as the physical.

Anyone who holds to the viewpoint that the Christian faith does not involve logic and reason doesn't understand the Christian faith at all and need to listen to this podcast and pay attention to what is being said. Christianity is NOT blind faith, but warranted faith based on evidence.

This podcast offers excellent discussions in the field of science, theology, philosophy, the Bible, literature and more. The experts involved are knowledgeable and personable. This is one of my favourite podcasts offered here at iTunes.

bornfree3 ,

Only for Christians who need more "reasons to believe".

First of all, I must say that I respect the intent and the sincerity of these guys. I like Kenneth Samples attitude and find that I can learn from his approach to discussion. I've enjoyed some episodes, like his book reviews and his "6 c's of argumentation". However, the thing I find odd, is how hard "Straight Thinking" will work to make the Bible in line with Science, but then throw logic out the window and say things like "I don't think a God who makes people suffer eternally in hell is unjust...". I may be appealing to human moral intuition and emotion, but seriously, it doesn't take much reasoning to see how that is absurd. That humans would suffer such a fate for "not believing" because god has an alien quality called "holiness" which ordinary humans cannot understand is the height of absurdity. Of course, this all makes sense to Ken and Joe because it's biblical. Really, at some point logic gets discarded and we're back to "the Bible tells me so...". Therefore, I cannot listen to this podcast on any consistent basis. Perhaps there would be more value to the podcast if there was some real open dialogue with atheists or agnostics who could offer higher criticism, but that's not likely to happen on this show.

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