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Creativity is something we all use everyday whether we realize it or not. The Sustaining Creativity Podcast is an interview style podcast where different perspectives of creativity, tips, tools and creative experiences are shared, explored and digested.

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Creativity is something we all use everyday whether we realize it or not. The Sustaining Creativity Podcast is an interview style podcast where different perspectives of creativity, tips, tools and creative experiences are shared, explored and digested.

    RJ Sterling

    RJ Sterling

    Creativity through the lens of a vocational school teacher in a maximum security prison

    "Being creative to me is trying to find the solutions to problems that might work a little bit better than what's out there."

    R.J. works inside one of the largest maximum-security prisons in the north eastern part of the United States. He began his corrections career nearly 20 years ago as a corrections officer and has listened for thousands of hours to hundreds of incarcerated men's stories. Despite the darkness behind the walls of concrete, steel, and paint, R.J. has witnessed many stories of hope and transformation. 
    R.J. is the visionary behind www.GetFreeAndStayFree.com which shares stories of hope, information, and transformation told only by those who are or have been in prison. 
    R.J. believes that if these stories are made readily available to the prison populations nationwide, that many lives can be changed for the better. The purpose of this public-safety initiative is to encourage and empower those who are currently incarcerated to become honorable and productive returning citizens. 
    https://www.facebook.com/GetFreeStayFree https://www.instagram.com/getfreeandstayfree/

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    Reyna Marder Gentin

    Reyna Marder Gentin

    Creativity through the lens of an author

    "It's more important to not judge yourself on what it means to be creative."

    Reyna Marder Gentin grew up in Great Neck, New York. She attended college and law school at Yale. For many years, she practiced as an appellate attorney with a public defender's office before turning to writing full time. Reyna has studied at the Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College, and her work has been published widely online and in print. Her debut novel, UNREASONABLE DOUBTS, was named a finalist for the Women's Fiction Writers Association Star Award in 2019. Her first novel for children, MY NAME IS LAYLA,  came out in January, 2021. It’s the story of a young teen with undiagnosed dyslexia, but it’s really about empathy and resilience. Reyna's latest novel, BOTH ARE TRUE, will be published in October, 2021. Reyna lives with her family in Scarsdale, New York. To learn more, please visit reynamardergentin.com.

    Book: Bit.ly/Laylapaperback
    Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/reynamardergentin
    Twitter: @reynagentin
    Instagram: @reynamardergentin

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    Mike Acker

    Mike Acker

    Creativity through the lens of an executive and communication coach

    "Creativity means generating something new."

    Mike Acker is an executive and communication coach, a keynote speaker, and the author of four books including the bestselling Speak With No Fear, which has appeared on numerous booklists even getting designated as the #1 book on overcoming fear of speaking on Forbes.com.
    Mike passionately coaches business professionals to lead and speak with confidence. In presentations, he entertains and inspires audiences using stories of growing up as the son to drug smugglers who turned missionaries. He retells and relates lessons learned on how to overcome insecurity and exclusion in a crosscultural setting. And he unpacks the path from employee to manager to leader.
    Mike also enjoys rock-climbing, wake surfing, skiing, church, building Legos with his son, and going on dates with his wife, Taylor. Mike believes in the power of prayer, exercise, journaling, and real community to counter the stresses of everyday life. You can find out more at MikeAcker.com


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    Tim Ringgold

    Tim Ringgold

    Creativity through the lens of a music therapist, author and podcast host

    "For me creativity is not linked to being artistic. When I'm in creativity I"m not in the past or the future, I'm in the moment of creativity."

    Tim Ringgold is a board certified music therapist, columnist, author, host of the  Reduce Your Stress podcast and the Stress Elimination Summit. He has  provided music therapy to thousands of teens and adults to help them lower  anxiety and reduce pain. Tim is also an award winning international speaker,  having shared the stage with some of the top minds on music, the brain, and  personal development, including Tony Robbins. Tim was the first person to  give a TEDx talk on music therapy in 2012. Tim is also a former Regional  President of the American Music Therapy Association.

    Reduce Your Stress Summit: www.reduceyourstresssummit.com
    Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/tim.ringgold
    Twitter | https://twitter.com/timringgold
    Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/tim_ringgold/
    LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/in/timringgold/
    YouTube | https://www.youtube.com/c/TimRinggoldMTBC

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    Dr. Morissa Schwartz

    Dr. Morissa Schwartz

    Creativity through the lens of a best selling author and entrepreneur

    "It's important to recognize creativity is a process."

    Dr. Morissa Schwartz is the Founder and CEO of Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing and GenZ Publishing, LLC.
    DrRissysWriting.com is a marketing and writing company ranked #1 in PR and top ten in Social Media and SEO for New York and New Jersey on Thumbtack. GenZ Publishing is a publishing company that has produced six Amazon bestsellers.
    Dr. Rissy has been featured on Forbes, MTV, and is a bestselling author herself. She speaks professionally about inspiring others through words and entrepreneurship and was named the “Voice of Generation Z” by Community Magazine.
    She holds a doctorate in Literature from Drew University and has a Master’s in Communications.



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    Robert A. Belle

    Robert A. Belle

    Creativity through the lens of a champion or creativity, ambassador of wellness and a pursuer of excellence
    "Creativity is about searching for information and combining it"

    Robert A. Belle is a  transformational  speaker, mentor  and ACCA Qualified  Accountant. He helps  people who feel stuck  in their career or life  journey to break away  from the “norm” and  find new paths that  reveal their true value. He has shared his  secrets of creative  success at his  numerous speaking  engagements as well  as on Antigua and  Barbuda’s ABS TV and  Radio, Kenya’s NTV and  KUTV. He also spends  much of his time  mentoring and guiding  men of all ages to  have a strong, positive  impact on their families and  society as a whole. Robert is a winner of the  2019 Advocate of the Year  Award (Affiliate) by the ACCA  for his work assisting other accountants embrace their creativity and reach new  growth potentials both personally and professionally. He lives in Nairobi,  Kenya with his wife and two children where he enjoys hiking, scuba diving  and snorkeling. 

    Website: robertabelle.com 
    Facebook: @Robert Agufana Belle  
    LinkedIn: Robert Belle,  
    ACCA Creativity Speaker 
    Twitter: @Robert_A_Belle 
    Instagram: @Robert_A_Belle 
    TED Talk: https://go.ted.com/robertabelle

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